[28] They ran off with it. (2)



First of all, this security magic was too strong for my skill level.  However, I knew a place where there was someone who could help me with this problem.


It was none other than the Walpurga Sisters Society.


Walpurgas are like guardian goddesses.  Therefore, they were the experts in seals, security, and barriers which are used for protection.  Margarita or Angela would certainly be able to unlock it, no matter how powerful it is.


This magic zipper must contain something very important.  However, what I am after isn’t some extravagant equipment.


What I wanted was some letters or documents which will show who Philip talked with during his lifetime or what objectives he might have had.


Since the appearance of the 7 guardians, the empire’s political landscape has changed from what I had known from before.  Finding out the identities of Philip’s allies has become a necessity.


But before leaving, a separate mission was given to the vampires.


“You will be in charge of an important task for me.”


“Please give us your order!”


My plan was to dispatch these 35 vampires to the empire’s south-west region for the purpose of intelligence.  As a starter, I made a decision to send 20 vamps to Heidelberg, the capitol of Pfalz Electorate of Brunswick-Luneburg.


“Although Friedrich has come into power, Philip’s masters have not been completely obliterated.  There must certainly be some signs of struggle in Heidelberg, so keep your eyes open.”


“Yes, my lord!”



Next, 15 vamps were dispatched to Wittenbaier which had become the frontline during the battle of Harpheim.



“You will watch Pajemut’s military.  If you see any irregularities, you will immediately report back.”


“Yes, my lord!”


Pappenheim was placed in charge of these two groups.  A number of crystal balls, along with treasures that were obtained from Hejacks were given to him.


“Use the crystal ball for communication.  And these treasures and gold are about 2,000 Florins for you to use to finance your activities.”


“I will not fail you, my lord!”


“Good.  I will expect good results.  I shall leave before you.  You are to clean up every trace from this ruined city before departing for your mission.”


“Yes, my lord.  We bid you safe journey!  My lord!”


I headed to Rhinepelden where Walpurga Sisters Society was located.









It took four days to reach the Monastery of Walpurga Sisters Society after leaving the ruined city.


“You’ve come back sooner than I expected!  I don’t believe you are ready yet to attack Pajemut?”


“Of course not.”


Margarita welcomed me with a smile.  Like an excited child, she chattered while helping me unload my bag.  And she ran quickly to pour a glass of wine and offered it.


“Drink, drink.  Come on.”



“Thank you.  I’m glad to see you doing well.  Marie.”


“Thanks to you.  My complexion has certainly improved.  Even my back has become flexible having wielded a sword for the first time in a long while.  Hahaha!”


Margarita shook her head and looked at me after laughing.


“That’s that, now Valler.  You’ve changed a lot in a few days.  Hmm… I can sense deep magic, at a grand sorcerer’s level?!”


After realizing that I had achieved a grand sorcerer’s level magic, Margarita could not help but be astonished.


“What the heck having you been doing in the past few days!”


Her eyes were wide open as she seemed very surprised.  I suppose, even I would be surprised if someone, who I have not seen for a few days, was to appear with a grand sorcerer’s level of magic.


“Well, some things happened.  Marie, I’ll explain everything, could you hear me out?”


What was important was the next step.  She had to know that I’ve killed Philip.  Seeing my seriousness, she quietly sat into a chair.



“I’ll listen.”


“Thank you.  Actually in the past few days…”


I explained everything that has happened in the past few days carefully.  The parts like summoning the undead was mentioned ambiguously since the clergy rarely takes Necromancy well.  So, I changed the story and told her that I hired some mercenaries I knew in the killing of Philip.


“You’ve killed Philip…..”



“Yes.  Do you believe I’ve made a mistake?”


“No.  If Philip was alive, the political confusion would have been much worse in Pfalz.  The devil kings are in it up to their necks.  At times like this, it would be catastrophic to let them incite internal strife.”


It was a response that did not fit well with a holy person.  However, that was the exact character trait that allowed her to lead the Walpurga Sisters Society.


“Besides, he was the villain who had betrayed our sister and shot her.  Our society has no reason to be compassionate.”


“I am relieved to hear your thoughts.”


“Valler, you have not come all the way here just to report that, you must have something you want?”


“You’re correct.  Could you be able to unlock this?”

I held out the magic zipper.


“I got this from Philip.  An unusually powerful security spell has been placed on it.  I want to find out what’s inside of it, with your help.”


Walpurga Sisters Society was a partner that I would need to keep going forward.  I wanted to strengthen the trust by sharing secrets.  Certainly, she has taken this gesture positively.


“Alright.  I am also curious as to what Philip was hiding.”


After examining the magic zipper for a while, Margarita concluded.


“It is very strong.  But, you’ve come to the right place.  Our society is the best in the empire when it comes to this.  Give me one week’s time and I’ll open it for you.”


She insisted I stay at the monastery a while, but I got up saying that I had other places to go to.


“I’ll make a trip to Bittenbaier.  My injured comrades are there.  I should go pay them a visit and see how they are doing.”


“I see.  Then return back in a week.  We’ll open the magic zipper after you are back, Valler.”


Nothing to worry about now that the magic zipper was left in the hands of the Sisters Society.  In the mean time, I planned to meet with Sergeant Schultz and the fellows.

It has been only nine days since we parted our ways, but it felt like many months since so many things have happened in that time.  This time around, I will buy the drinks.






Along with Sergeant Shultz  and my fellow comrades, there were also the 15 vampires which I had dispatched.  The sun had already set when I arrived at the city, so I decided to see the vampires first.

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