The problem was power.  They only fought to figure out who was the owner of the crown.  The holy war that broke out due to the difference in principles and racial conflicts between the humans and demons had already ended many hundreds of years ago.  What was important within the empire was livelihood, and even more important than that was power.


If this had been a simple game, like one where you simply have to destroy demon kings, then it would have given out the good ending already.


“Correct.  This matter was very complicated due to its political nature.  It’s like a wick is burning up, racing towards the warehouse holding explosives.  Valer, you must act with the utmost care if and when you do make your moves.”


In fact, even the most excellent schemer would have a tough time coming up with a plan for this complicated situation.  However, I was different.



Although such situation like this one has never been encountered, it did not prevent me from coming up with a solution.


It was because, all that needed to be done was to uncover the secrets of the involved characters, and basically think about the events that had taken place during this time, in the past.


“Countess Walpurgis.”





“Do not fear this fight.  Do not even worry.”


She appeared to be rather impressed by my resoluteness.


“I feel very good, now that you speak in such a way.  As a matter of fact, I was feeling rather despondent before your coming.  I am confident in sword fights, but I found fights like this very difficult.”


I held her beautiful hand.  As I held her bare hand, not the hand wearing the gauntlet, Walpurgis was startled.  She might have felt embarrassed as her fingers shrank a bit, but she did not pull them away.


“I promised you now.  The ultimate victors of this fight, in the end, will be the two of us who are in this room.”


“Are you sure?”


“Trust me.  I’ll make it so.”



“I got it.”


Having replied in that way, Walpurgis began to grab onto my hand as well.  It felt warm.  Perhaps, trust is transmitted through the heat from the palm of one’s hand.


“From now on, I will help you with all I can.  Tell me whatever it is that you may need.  What can I do to help you?”


“First of all, please demonstrate your attitude that you are fully open to negotiations.  You just need to put on an act that you are willing to end the current situation even by agreeing to their demands.”


“Are you telling me to buy time?”



Certainly, she was very perceptive.  Even in the past, Walpurgis was the hero character who had always been most compatible with me.  As our steps were completely in sync like this, I looked forward to the battle that I will be fighting with her.


“That’s right.  Do continue to pretend to consent to their demands, but delay a day, another day, and so on in order to buy time.  By nature, aren’t the lawsuits designed to go on forever if delay was the tactic?”


“I can definitely do that.  I’ve hired a lot of excellent lawyers for this matter.  As far as legal maneuvers are concerned, they will come second to none.”



“Great.  If you would just buy time like that, I’ll move to resolve one problem at a time.”



“What exactly is your plan?”


No matter how complicated an issue may be, if the core reasons were known, a solution can be easily obtained.  This matter was definitely in line with such a situation.


If issues can be resolved one at a time, it will come to an end even without the so called emperor, feudal lords, or aristocrats having the chances to interject.


“In cases like this, it is critical to uncover the underlying core issues of the problem.”



“Hm… Are you referring to Rajter knight family?”



“That’s correct.  This matter, don’t you think it a bit strange?  Even if the knight family is going crazy with the attack and seizure order, it was strange that they had their hand in transactions which had taken place prior to the embargo order.  Furthermore, the merchants were just returning only with the proceeds from the sale.  They overplayed their hands in this matter.”


Walpurgis rubbed the helmet’s chin area with her bare hand.


“That is definitely strange.  Even if the Rajter bastards are very audacious, they probably knew that I would not let it pass should they encroach on the Ignis merchants…..”


It was a great gamble for the Rajter knight family.  On top of that, even if this matter was to close favorably, there wouldn’t be anything positive for them in the long term.


Why?  That’s because Walpurgis was the future feudal lord of Bayern.  How could they get any good night’s sleep if the future successor of the great Bayern would be eyeing them with abhorrence?


No matter how well known a warrior family they were, they were still no more than a knight family.  They would be obliterated with a single snap of a finger by the feudal lord.


That was, Rajter knight family was being driven into a corner by something.  As I pointed that out, I asked Walpurgis.



“Why did they overplay their hands?  The solution to this matter lies in knowing that.”


“Valer, then do you know what that is?”


I nodded my head.


“Certainly.  Countess Walpurgis.”


“I promise you.  In three months, I will make the head of the Rajter knight family to kneel at your feet.

Not just to kneel in formality.  I’ll make him crawl like a dog.”


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