Chapter 37:  Only Death (1)




“Take your positions before your master, oh, you soldiers who come as death fighters!”


As there were many dead bodies in the village, I summoned them back as undead.




Although I checked the status window, the experience level did not increase at all.  Certainly, something like hobgoblins was no longer effective.  The undead summoning at experience level 4 was requesting me to turn the undead into stronger monsters.


Stronger monster…


It wasn’t that there wasn’t a way.  In fact, there was something very usable.  That was, by practicing summoning undead on the body of the Demon Dragon Schwarzertoyel, I felt that there would be a surging up with respect to the experience level.


That wasn’t the end of it.


The dragon heart.


A treasure like no other.


An enormous amount of experience.


It was like a comprehensive gift set, and it could also be described as a deluxe edition for a future hero.  If the task at hand could be completed successfully, I felt that I would achieve great accomplishments.



“Oh, Kurulark.”


“Yes, my master.”


“From now on, address me as your lord.”


“Yes, my lord.”


The reason was that 2 syllables were more practical than 3 syllables.


“Explain to me the powers of this mountain region.”


“Yes.  Many monster races live here, but they are largely separated into two factions.”


They were called the Wild Hog Rock Faction and Thunderbolt Tree Faction.


“Why were they named that way?”


“That’s simple.  They were named after where each faction held their meeting.”


Where the Wild Hog Rock Faction met, there was a large rock that looked like a wild hog, and where the Thunderbolt Tree Faction met, there was an old, dead tree that was hit by lightning.



Most of the hobgoblins like Krulark were said to belong to the Wild Hog Rock Faction.


“What are the situations like between them?”


“It does not look good.  It won’t be all that strange should there be a head on clash soon.”


“Do you usually get into fights in this mountain?  I would think that the demon dragon might not have let those things happen?”


“That was certainly true.  When the demon dragon was alive, no one dared to cause such incidents.  However, it has already been 10 years since we were in contact with the demon dragon last.”


“Huh?  That long?


The demon tribes tried all that they could to get in touch with the demon dragon since he no longer issued any commands or made demands.


“Following the specified protocol, they made offerings, or even petitioned with their lives.  However, the demon dragon did not respond.”


It has been 10 years already, not just a few.  No matter how fearful they were of the demon dragon, the demon tribes began to have different attitudes.  Ten years may not even be a consequential period of time for dragons, but the meaning was different for the demon tribes.  There was no way that Schwarzertoyel did not know that.  So the fact that he did not show up could be a proof that something had happened.


“So, are you saying that the two factions are now about to get into a fight?”


“Yes.  Although they are holding themselves back, still fearing the demon dragon, it is only a matter of time until things blow up.”


I nodded my head, listening to Krulark’s explanation.


“In that case, I should free them from their agonies.”


“Are you saying?”


“It is also the king’s duty to gently push the citizens’ backs when they attempt to take a step forward.”


That’s right.


Let me go there and encourage them.





Accompanied by Krulark, the hobgoblin vampire, I set out in the late evening.   It wasn’t necessary to worry about not being able to run into the demon tribes in the mountain lands.  That was because they were nocturnal, by nature.


“My lord, where would you like to go?”


“Let’s first go to the Thunderbolt Tree.”


After three hours of traveling on the mountain trail, a dark old tree came in to view in the distance.  And there were several camp fires below that.  There were quite a few, perhaps, over 50 orcs around the campfires.  They were drinking and talking loudly.



“My lord.  Do you want to have a chat with them?  Then I’ll go there first and…”




I shook my head.


“No chatting.  I despise those who only talk.  Everything must be demonstrated with action.”


I walked towards them, after leaving Philly in Krulark’s care.


Crunch.  Crunch.


The sound and the feeling of snow with each step felt good.   As every one of the orcs was rowdy, having a blast, they were quite surprised when they saw me.


Tapping on the fellows next to each other, they pointed my way.  They must have felt weird.  That was a natural reaction if a human approached them in the middle of the night, all alone.  Furthermore, if the human’s spirit seemed unusually high then it would certainly add to that.  Ordinarily, they would rush and attack at once, but they must have felt something strange as they stayed put.




They were only fiercely staring at my direction.  Despite the many eyes that stared at me, I calmly walked into the center of the crowd.  Then picking up a skewered meat that was cooking over the campfire, I devoured it without asking.


“Um, no good.”


I threw the skewered food to the ground and stamped on it.  At that moment, as if pre-synchronized, they all picked up weapons and rushed me.




When the orcs were about to hack me with the large axes, I used shadow explosion.





As the camp fire was caught up with the black explosion, the fire woods and fire scattered all over the place.






The large sized orcs went rolling on the ground.  Then a battle ensued shortly.





Taking out my sword, I hit away an axe that someone threw.  Then stretching out my left hand, I used absorb blood and tear.

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