MC – ??? (Name wasn’t listed yet) – Most students just refer to her as “senpai” – Third Grader 

Hibiyas (日比谷) – Kousuke’s Family 

  • Hibiya Kousuke (日比谷康介) – Student (1st year) – Rika’s Boyfriend 
  • Hibiya Norio (日比谷紀夫) – Kousuke’s father. Very grumpy. Feels like the school isn’t safe and wants to leave, taking Kousuke with him. Saw a Giant Pig attack a military camp. 

Asadas (麻田) – Rika’s Family 

  • Asada Rika (麻田梨花) – Student – Hibiya’s Girlfriend – Hamster Girl (ハムスター) – Refers to MC as “sis”. 
  • Asada Gouzou (麻田剛三) – Male Police Officer – Rika’s Dad – Leader-like 

MC’s friends from the school that can fight 

  • Konno Rintarou (今野林太郎) – Male 1st year Student – laughs a lot – good natured 
  • Tada Ritsuko (多田理津子) – Female 2nd year Student – Track and field Club – Very capable 
  • Kimino Asuka (君野明日香) – Female 3rd year Student – Smiles a lot, kills zombies easily – nerd – Calls MC as Senpai even if they’re the same age 


  • Sasaki Yousuke (佐々木葉介) – Male English Teacher – Acts as an advisor 
  • Suzuki Asaka (鈴木朝香) – Female PE Teacher – helps out the children/teens – Kansai dialect 


Minor Characters 


Nakata Hidetoshi (中田日出利) – A guy that was kinda bullied by some girls and needed Kousuke’s help to get rid of some troublesome nickname and the like – Is kinda handsome 


Dead characters 


Mizutanis (水谷) – Family of the two people (man and old man) that became zombies. 

  • Mizutani Ichirou (水谷一郎) – The grandfather that became a zombie first. 
  • Mizutani Kounosuke (水谷幸之助) – The father that became a zombie second. 
  • Mizutani Tadako (水谷忠子) – The mother that tried to hide that the grandpa was bitten. 
  • Mizutani Rui (水谷瑠依) – The daughter that asked if the MC was strong (is alive) 

Tanaka (田中) – Next-door Neighbour – Turned into a zombie with only 1 bite and got killed by MC 

Kobayakawa (小早川) – Man from the self-defense forces that died saving the MC from a zombie horde. 

Takenaka Isao (竹中勇雄) – Male Student – Skinny – Wears Glasses – Stays on Rooftop as lookout – Died to the giant boar – Was a player for a short while – Childhood friend of Kousuke – Liked MC 




Miyabigaoka High (雅ヶ丘高校) 




First Safe Area (はじめての安全地帯) 




Antidote (どくけし) 

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