High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 102 – Misunderstandings


Okita Rinne was, by far, the most beautiful girl in our class.

How beautiful was she…? 

She was the kind of person that people naturally turned around to watch whenever she passed near them.

Basically, she was akin to models and their altered photos that portrayed an unrealistic beauty.

Moreover, on top of being extremely beautiful, she was also a very nice and sociable person.

In other words, the shady me and the bright her stayed in directly opposite positions within our class.


“Then, tomorrow, after sunrise, we will repair the truck, then start working towards transferring everyone to Miyabigaoka High School.” Mr. Gouzou stated.

“Ah, I’m sorry for the trouble… And thank you for your help. We’ll be in your care.” Mr. Okita Takashi answered, on behalf of this community.

From his expression, it was clear that he was completely out of energy.

Well, it’s understandable. He did attempt to end his life not too long ago.

It would be strange if he was energetic right now.

“By the way, do you have any spare beds…?” Mr. Gouzou asked.

“There should be a surplus of tents from those who left this community. You can use whichever ones you want.” Mr. Takashi replied.

“Then, it’s settled.” Mr. Gouzou nodded.

Like this, we decided to spend the night in this community.

We received a modest welcoming party.

Now that they know they’ll be leaving the community after tonight, the people here seemed to have decided to make good use of the food they have been saving up until now.

“Hey… You really don’t mind if I drink?” Mr. Norio asked Mr. Gouzou.

“Yes, go ahead. If something happens, I’ll take care of it.” Mr. Gouzou replied.

“But…” Mr. Norio started replying.

“It’s alright.” Mr. Gouzou stated.

Mr. Norio seemed to really want to have a drink, but he was showing restraint.

“Then, my thanks to the goddess!” Mr. Norio exclaimed.

This was… An unusual attempt to flatter me?

Either way, I already finished replenishing my magical power, so I don’t really need to eat.

So, I was planning to leisurely spend the night looking around the barricades.

“… Wow, did you see it? The chest of that Rinne person is huge.” I heard Rintarou’s voice.

“She looks like the kind of person you’d see on TV.” I heard Kousuke reply.

Just as I approached the barricades, I heard those two boys talking as they stood guard around the crumbling barricades.

“Will she let me rub her chest if I ask her kindly?” Rintarou asked an absurd thing.

“Of course not, stupid.” Kousuke replied.

“I mean, we’re the heroes, aren’t we? I have a feeling I’d be forgiven if I tried asking that at least once.” Rintarou said some nonsense.

“I don’t get what’s going on in your head, but… That’s no good.” Kousuke told him.

“But think about it. Why can’t we touch girl’s chests?” Rintarou asked another absurd question.

“Why…? Well, it’s just…” Kousuke started replying.

“Hands, shoulders and things like it are fine, but when it comes to the butt and the chest, it’s immediately no good. Why?” Rintarou asked something with an obvious answer.

“Isn’t it because it feels like something sexual?” Kousuke replied.

“But it’s not like I would be asking to have sex or anything like it.” Rintarou said something irrelevant.

“I guess women just don’t like being looked at in this kind of manner.” Kousuke shrugged.

“Is that how it is? But girls admire idols, don’t they? And idols are people who are looked at by an unspecified number of people.” Rintarou commented.

“Well, I guess?” Kousuke replied.

“… Sometimes I wish I was a woman.” Rintarou mused.

“… I suppose most men must have imagined what it must be like at least once.” Kousuke said.

“If I was one, then maybe, if a friend asked me if they could rub my chest, I think I’d allow them to.” Rintarou said more nonsense.

“Mmmm… Well, sure. I guess in this kind of situation, I would be able to volunteer to let someone feel mine.” Kousuke now joined up on the nonsense.

“I know, right? Though well, I wouldn’t want to have sex.” Rintarou commented.

“Ah, it’s different when we are talking about lewd things.” Kousuke nodded.

“So, fundamentally speaking, I think girls are too stingy with their chests.” Rintarou said some nonsense.

“Oh…?” Kousuke tilted his head.

“They shouldn’t mind having them be rubbed.” Rintarou spouted another absurdity.

“I guess?” Kousuke shrugged.

“Then it would be okay if I could touch them a bit.” Rintarou kept on saying nonsense.

“Mmm…” Kousuke seemed to have given up on making replies.

“Instead of a handshake, to greet a girl by rubbing her chest… I think it would be nice to live in such a world where this was natural, don’t you think so, Kousuke?” Rintarou asked another absurd question.

“Even if you ask what I think, I don’t really know how to reply to that…” Kousuke muttered.

… Just what is this conversation?

Because they had their backs turned to me, they were unaware of my presence.

Now, how should I approach those two…?

… Ah.

At this moment, I could notice someone running under the moonlit night.

The face I saw for a moment was familiar.

It was Okita Rinne.

I started moving.

“I think chests are… W-whoa! Senpai…!” Rintarou exclaimed as I passed by him.

I ignored both him and Kousuke as I ran after Rinne.

There was something off about her, even if I couldn’t say what exactly it was.


When I caught up to her, Rinne was puking out her dinner.

“Good evening. Are you alright?” I asked her.

Rinne panted for a few seconds without replying.

Then, with tears in her eyes, she looked at me and responded, “Do you think I look alright…?”

Well, she certainly doesn’t hold back with her words.

“I brought you some water. Please rinse your mouth.” I offered her a bottle of water.

Rinne shook her head, “I don’t need your help.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“I cannot trust a straw that I had to grab while I was drowning.” Rinne replied.

I tilted my head to that response. I really have no idea about what she meant with that.

“Don’t play dumb with me… You all can’t play heroes without getting something in return.” Rinne told me.

“Even if you say that…” I started replying.

“Just what do you want? Tell me.” Rinne cut me off.


I see.

I suppose it can’t be helped if she thinks of us like that. It’s not strange when considering the circumstances.

“You’re well aware of the fact that the only people left in this community are children, women and the elderly. There are very few benefits to making us become your comrades.” Rinne stated.

“So, what do you think our goal is?” I asked her.

“You want a woman that your men can hold.” She said.

“… Huh!?” I doubted my ears for a second.

“I’m not stupid. I know what my appearance makes men feel.” Rinne told me.

Her expression was dark. She did not seem to be joking.

I could hardly believe that the person saying this was the same Rinne who treated everyone in class without discrimination.

Unless… “Did you overhear Rintarou and Kousuke’s conversation?” I asked.

“That’s not relevant.” She replied.

Seems like she did.

Then, she probably misunderstood something.

They, most likely, didn’t mean anything bad with that conversation. It just wasn’t an appropriate topic to discuss while near people who have been under extreme stress for quite a while.

“I’m sure you’re feeling really good about those mysterious powers that God gave you. You are thinking that you can do whatever you want to ordinary people, aren’t you?” Rinne asked me.

It seems like there are many misunderstandings that must be solved here.

I let out a deep sigh.

“… I promise you. Our goal is to help people. We won’t do anything to hurt you.” I told her.

“As if I can believe that!” She exclaimed, “Besides, Haku… You must hate me.” She continued.

“Eh?” I said.

“Do not dare to try telling me that you forgot… Tsk.” Rinne clicked her tongue.

“… Mmm?” I muttered.

I couldn’t figure out a way to make a reply.

… Because I really had no idea what Rinne was talking about.

While I was trying to dig through my memories, Rinne got up and turned her back on me.

“Ah, wait a minute…” I said.

Rinne did not reply, and instead walked away, towards the bicycle store.

“Ah, uhn… Senpai, what was…?” Kousuke, who seemed to have chased me, finally arrived and muttered that.

Rintarou was also with him, and the two of them had very awkward expressions on their faces.

I remained silent, but I flicked the forehead of them both.

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