High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 14 – Executioner


From what I have heard. Humans are usually unable to kill other people. Even during World War II the firing rate was lower than 15%, and even less of those shots were actually aimed toward enemy soldiers.

Most people are simply unable to do such extreme acts of violence. And it was easy to notice it here, with the fact that nobody else that evacuated to this school has killed zombies yet.

However, zombies are not people. They are dead, they have no personalities, there is no humanity left in them… They can be seen as an ‘enemy of mankind’ of sorts. There is no other option on how to deal with them. We have to get rid of every zombie that is a danger to us.

… Perhaps I am a weirdo for being able to separate things this cleanly.

“Senpai… I heard of it.” Rika said. She seemed to be very worried.

Kousuke was right next to her and said, “It doesn’t feel right… Why is it that you are the one that has to do all the killing?” He seemed to be indignant.

“Well, it’s alright. This might have never happened if I had noticed the situation a bit earlier anyways, so I was planning on taking responsibility regardless.” I told them.

“T-that’s not your fault at all! None of us noticed anything until it was too late! It makes no sense for you to take responsibility!” Kousuke exclaimed. His point made sense in a vacuum, but I did have the antidote in my pocket… If I had paid more attention, nobody would have died.

I don’t get why I have this mysterious power, but with it I can save not only myself, but also the people near me… and I made a mistake on the way I exercised this power, therefore, I am fully responsible for this outcome.

I didn’t tell them about it though, it would just confuse them more if I did.


I could hear the noises from the two zombies hitting the door. From the old man, and from his son that was bitten by him.

In front of the door, Mr. Asada and Mr. Gozou were both positioned in a way that they could open the door for me as soon as I was ready.

Almost all remaining survivors were watching us. I’m not used to being the center of attention, so I was quite nervous right now… However, everyone felt like they had to see what is it that, in the future, they may need to do themselves. I had no right to deny them this.

As I held my sword up high, I started hearing an old woman reciting some Buddhist prayers. I figured I shouldn’t pay attention to that.

“Are you sure you’re alright? I can replace you if needed.” Ms. Asaka told me.

I was happy to hear her offer, but, “You’re not good with grotesque things though?” I told her, to which she shook her head… Besides, I think it wouldn’t be a good idea to ask someone else to do it this late down the line. It’s better if I do it.

“Well… I guess… We’ll open this then…” Mr. Sasaki said as he unlocked the door.

“You ready…?” Mr. Asada asked me.

“Ready when you are.” I answered.

Then, he opened the sliding door in one go.

As soon as he did that, a zombie fell down the floor. Mr. Sasaki screamed on the spot as he saw the old man fall on the ground in front of everyone… This was Mizutani Ichirou.

I quickly pierced the back of his head. He was an easy target that wasn’t moving much, so this was quick. As soon as the sword pierced his head, he immediately ceased to move. First one down.

Then, without giving me any room to breathe, the other one jumped at me, the middle-aged man who had a red thing popping out of his abdomen… This was Mizutani Kounosuke. Husband of Mizutani Tadako, who basically looked soulless right now, and father of Mizutani Rui, who is currently holding her knees while shivering in a classroom that is far from here.

I jumped away from Kounosuke’s attack while taking the sword out of Ichirou’s head, and after taking a moment to catch my breath, I beheaded Kounosuke.

His head flew off and rolled around the corridor… For a moment, there was silence.

Then, the Buddhist prayers became louder and faster, not to mention the sounds of some people hitting the ground as they fainted at the sight.

And then, Mr. Sasaki screamed as he looked at the head that had stopped rolling by now. Everyone looked at it too, and then noticed that… It was still moving. His mouth keeps opening and closing, trying to bite something, yet being unable to reach anyone… Seems like they don’t stop moving until the brain is properly destroyed.

“Please excuse me.” I said as I pierced Kounosuke’s head with my sword, who now stopped moving for good… Good night, Mr. Kounosuke, may your soul rest in peace.

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