High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 19 – Sorry for the wait!


There were a lot of zombie corpses near the truck, yet there were even more zombies surrounding it. Even though the member of the self-defense forces certainly did a lot, it didn’t seem to have been enough.

Right now, the zombies weren’t able to reach them, but there were also some zombies trying to push down the truck… Normally this would be a fool’s endeavor, but considering the zombies’ strength, it was only a matter of time before it was turned over.

Or rather, I could already see the truck shaking a bit. The member of the self-defense forces was shooting the zombies that seemed to be pushing the truck the most, so it’s probably why it didn’t fall yet… But he probably doesn’t have enough bullets for them all.

The three people hiding behind the member of the self-defense forces looked terrified right now. They all had some resemblance to Kousuke, so I guess they must really be his family… And they’re visibly exhausted. All four of them were clearly exhausted actually.

I suppose even trained people have their limits… And this current situation must have pushed even the member of the self-defense forces to it. Not surprising though, I guess nobody would have expected the world to take this kind of shift in a single week.

It’s honestly a lot easier to just shoot yourself with a pistol than to live in this kind of world. It’s admirable that even in those circumstances they all kept on trying to live though.

Well… It’s my turn now, right?

I took a deep breath. I’ve always tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, but today I must do the exact opposite… Let’s do this.

“Everyone! Crouch down and stay out of the zombies’ sight!” I shouted as loudly as I could.

The four of them instantly looked at me as I said that. A handful of zombies also looked my way, but that was not important right now, “Do as I say! Hurry up!” I shouted again.

Our rescue targets ended up complying this time and tried their best to get out of the zombies’ line of sight. They surely can still be smelled at this point, but this is fine, because zombies aren’t smart, if they don’t have a specific target, they’ll just go for whoever is calling the most attention.

… Which is my job now. As long as I can grab their attention, they’ll go my way and let the Hibiya family escape in peace.

I took another deep breath. I couldn’t scream anymore or I could end up hurting my throat, so instead, I was going to rely on the portable radio with speakers that I borrowed from Rintarou.

I turned it on, and a loud western music started playing. I had asked him for a song that was as loud and conspicuous as possible, and he certainly didn’t fail to deliver. It was a very flashy song with extremely noisy vocals that I doubt even English speakers would understand.

Almost all the nearby zombies had turned towards me by now. A shiver ran down my spine… Is this what it feels like to be a rabbit being stared at by its predator?

I stabbed the head of the first zombie that came near me. Then, I took my sword out of its head and beheaded the next one.

Its head flew away, and fell right in the middle of the zombie horde… It felt like they saw this as a signal, as the entire group started moving my way at once… They prioritize those that harm them after all.

“Yeah, come here, you monsters.” I murmured to myself. My voice was certainly drowned out by the song chosen by Rintarou, but that was fine. Nobody needed to hear it.

I turned around and started moving. Slowly getting away from the zombies. Fast enough to not get hit, slow enough to not lose them. I slowly walked around to make sure that the horde was after me and not after the Hibiyas.

I then started moving through the shopping district, making sure that I was always at the main street.

I couldn’t take the shortest route back to school, as that was the path that Asuka, Rintarou and our rescue targets would take, so I was taking a long detour instead. I could try taking some shortcuts, but that involved moving through narrow roads with too much of a risk of being surrounded… It was way too dangerous, so I had to stay at the main street.

And so, I kept on walking. Slowly enough to keep the zombies near me. For enough time so as to let everyone evacuate safely to the school before I went back myself… Until then, I must keep on drawing the attention of the zombies.

… This is gonna be a long day.

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