High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 21 – Death approaches


Well, this is a crisis alright.

The plan was going well at first. I had escaped from the surroundings of ‘Captain’ while attracting as many zombies as I could. I didn’t have an opportunity to confirm how many were left, but I’m sure Asuka and Rintarou didn’t have to deal with many of them.

However… I might have overdone it a bit. I didn’t attract only the zombies near ‘Captain’ but also other zombies in the vicinity, and now, I’m surrounded.

I was supposed to go through the main street and eventually go back to the school’s gate, but there are zombies in front of me, on the main street, right now… Nonetheless, facing those was better than trying to go through the horde that came from ‘Captain‘.

I took a deep breath and threw the radio with speakers that Rintarou lent me to the middle of the ‘Captain’ horde. It should hopefully distract them for a while and buy me a bit of time.

Then, I ran on the opposite direction, towards the path that would eventually lead me to the school. I tried killing the minimum amount of zombies possible in order to save time, and kept on running through. One zombie held my sides for a second, but I was able to shrug it off before it did anything… That was scary. I started trembling.

Somehow though, I was able to pass through this group… Only to find another group of over a dozen zombies in front of me.

This is bad… Zombies in front, zombies in the back… Can I really do this?

… I can’t. I can’t run through this many.

I had no place to escape to though, so I climbed on top of an abandoned wagon that was nearby… The zombies quickly surrounded it. They couldn’t reach me, but the wagon was shaking a lot, they’ll soon turn it over.

… Is this it? Is this how it ends?

Just as I thought that, I heard a shout, “Bow down, monsters!”

The voice came from behind me. It was the exemplary member of the self-defense forces who came to save me… So cool! Can I fall in love with this amazing hero!?

As he shot his rifle, many zombies ended up losing their heads… A gun is so incredible!

… Or so I thought for a second, before I saw that many of the zombies that were hit were still moving… I guess it’s hard to aim at the head when faced with this many enemies, there were quite a few shots that ended up hitting their bodies, which wasn’t enough to stop the zombies… At most it will buy some time.

“Come on! Try and eat me!” He shouted. This… This is bad. I have a really bad feeling about this.

This man… Is he planning on dying here? He is shooting non-stop without aiming properly, he is shouting to grab their attention… He is not stepping back to gain distance from them even as the zombies move closer to him.

The zombies that were surrounding my wagon are now going on his direction. He tried shooting at those too, but his rifle didn’t shoot… Probably out of ammo.

He threw the rifle away and took out a pistol. Now he was aiming more carefully and each of his shots were hitting the heads. He is truly skilled at this, but… Still, there are too many. There is no way he can handle all those.

“Please run away! I’m fine now!” I shouted as I slashed a nearby zombie that hadn’t gone after him yet.

However, he did not do what I hoped he would.

Instead, with a face filled with resolution, he kept on shooting as the zombies started closing in…

The zombies reached him. They started biting him, there were so many that I soon couldn’t even see him anymore… And yet, I could still hear him laughing as he desperately fought them off when faced with his inevitable death.

… Damn it.

I jumped off the wagon. The way was clear now… Because of him, the way was clear.

I won’t waste his sacrifice. I have to go… Run.

But just as I took my first step the world was turned upside down. I thought I had tripped on something, but then I sharp pain ran through my calf.

I looked at my leg, and was horrified to see… A female zombie, who was crawling out from under the wagon, had just bitten my leg.

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