High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 29 – New Rules


As we ate dinner, I learned something new about magic… It makes me hungry. Very hungry.

I understood now why the ‘Hunger Resistance’ skill was a pre-requisite for magic, it’s because magic makes me need far more food than I ever needed before.

I was already eating a lot when compared to everyone else, but this was on a whole new level. Even after eating three times more than what everyone got for dinner, I was still hungry… I wanted more.

I’d rather avoid standing out by eating this much, but I couldn’t help it right now, for I simply needed too much food to fulfill my body’s needs.

However, the food supply is limited. I just couldn’t eat as much as I wanted in the current situation.

To think that there was such a demerit to acquiring magic… This night, for the first time in my life, I cried due to hunger.


In the next morning, we were told that a serious meeting would be held, so everyone gathered on the usual place. The 3rd class of the 2nd year.

Mr. Asada Gozou, who called the meeting, told everyone with a heavy expression, “The convenience store behind the school…” He started saying. It seemed like it was really hard for him to continue speaking, that saying those words hurt him… And yet, he continued, “I’m going there to gather supplies.”

Most people seemed to be surprised at this statement. Ms. Suzuki Asaka, the PE teacher, ended up speaking what was probably on most people’s minds, “Are you serious…? Did we really fall that far?”

“I don’t think falling is the right word…” Mr. Asada started saying, but he was cut by Ms. Suzuki.

“I understand that we’re on an emergency situation, but isn’t that even more of a reason for us to follow the law? Isn’t this exactly what we teach our students? Isn’t this our duty as educators!?” She exclaimed.

“I understand your point, but…” Mr. Asada tried to make a counterpoint, but she stopped him again.

“I get that there are laws for emergency evacuations that allow us to do this kind of thing in desperate situations, but we didn’t reach that point yet. We have enough food to last, so if we wait for rescue, we may-” As Ms. Suzuki said this, Mr. Asada tried to interrupt to make his point.

“But…” This was the only word that Mr. Asada was able to say before she continued.

“I don’t want to be surrounded by stolen goods while waiting for rescue…” Ms. Suzuki said.

“Listen, Ms. Suzuki…” Mr. Asada once more tried to make a point, but this time he was cut by someone else.

“Naive!” It was Hibiya Norio, Kousuke’s father, who exclaimed this, “Ms. Suzuki, you are too soft! Help is not on its way! It might take them half a year, a whole year, or maybe forever to come! We can’t wait! We cannot let the law constrain our actions in this situation!”

The room went silent. For a small while nobody spoke, but eventually, Ms Suzuki said, “But…”

However, I figured I should intervene, so I cut her off this time, “You know… Yesterday, when I was being chased by a large flock of zombies, I ran inside a drugstore in the shopping district.”

Everyone’s eyes were turned towards me. I immediately regretted opening my mouth, because I’m really bad at speaking in front of everyone… No use worrying about it now though.

I took a deep breath and continued, “The one who invited me inside was an old man. I had known him for quite a while, and he must have been over fifty years old.”

Ms. Suzuki seemed to be confused by what I wanted to get at, so after one more deep breath, I said, “I desperately ran to the store, hoping for relief and safety when I was in a seemingly doomed situation… However, once I got inside and the shutters were closed… The old man tried to assault me.”

Ms. Suzuki opened her eyes wide and let out a gasp.

Kousuke and Rintarou stood up with a loud noise. They were so angry that even I flinched when looking at them, “Where is that guy!?” Kousuke asked.

“I’m gonna kill that man!” Rintarou exclaimed.

“Ah… That man is no longer in this world…” I told them.

They seemed to get an idea of what might have happened there, so they calmed down a bit and slowly returned to their seats.

And so, I concluded my line of thought by saying, “Ms. Suzuki, I understand your point, and I think it’s very noble, but… From now on, I believe we might need new rules that are different from what we followed so far… Or at least, that’s how I feel about things right now.”

As I finished my speech, Ms. Suzuki lightly rubbed her eyes, exhaled a sigh, moved closer to me, then embraced me in a hug.

Ah… This is… I wasn’t asking for this kind of comfort, you know? I actually got some good memories from that drugstore, like eating delicious food, taking a bath, sleeping well, and watching beautiful fireworks…

Still… It seemed like my words had an effect, as the new policy was apparently agreed upon by everyone.

“Let’s eat food as close to the expiration date as possible.” One person said.

“We should try getting a truck or a bus into the school grounds, so that we can evacuate everyone in an emergency.” Another said.

“Let’s also put buckets on the roof, so as to store rain water.” A third person said.

“We might also need water filters and purifiers then. There are probably some in the neighboring town’s supermarket.” A fourth person said.

Everyone seemed to be thinking about whatever might be needed to stay here for as long as possible.

“We should also strengthen the barricades in case the gates are broken.” One person said.

“Yeah, we can disassemble the desks and reinforce the first floor’s windows too.” Another one said.

“Can’t we find a place to grow vegetables as well?” A third one asked.

Once people warmed up to the new policy, lots of constructive ideas started appearing.

“Then… Who will go get supplies from the convenience store?” Mr. Sasaki asked, as nobody seemed to be against the idea anymore.

“I suggested it, so, of course, I’ll go.” Mr. Asada said.

“I’ll go too.” Mr. HIbiya said.

“Me too! Me too!” Rintarou excitedly exclaimed.

Following him, Asuka, Ritsuko and Kousuke all said that they were going too.

And then, all eyes were turned to me… This isn’t really a place where I may say ‘no’, is it?

I sighed, then said, “Fine, I’ll go too.”

To think that I used to be more of an indoors person…

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