Chapter 3: Selecting skills


“Congratulations! Your level has been raised!”

It certainly sounded like it.


–Choose a skill to acquire.

–1 Sword Technique (Weak)

–2 Martial Arts (Weak)

–3 Hunger Resistance (Weak)

–4 Natural Healing (Weak)

I utter the simplest of lines that someone in the same situation would probably say.

“What is happening…?”

–Choose a skill to acquire.

–1 Sword Technique (Weak)

–2 Martial Arts …

“No, no, no! I understand that, but! What’s with this all of a sudden! Sword Technique (Weak)? Skill?”

The auditory hallucination (?) continues in a flat tone, as if it were a mechanical woman on an automated telephone desk.

—  <Sword Technique (Weak)> is a skill that immediately allows you to acquire skills that one would gain after about three years of training in an average Japanese Kendo dojo.

I tapped my temple with my index finger and tried to regain my composure.

“Then, how about… <Martial Arts (Weak)>?

— <Martial Arts (Weak)> is a skill that immediately allows you to acquire skills that one would gain after about five years of training in an average Japanese Karate dojo.

“ <Hunger Resistance(Weak)>?”

—  <Hunger Resistance (Weak)> will allow you to go more than a week without eating or drinking.

“And the last one?”

—  <Natural Healing (Weak)> allows you to recover from minor injuries within a day.


Well, I guess that’s about it.

Wiping the bloody end of the katana with a curtain, I accepted the situation easily.

This is what a maiden’s tolerance is all about. Maybe.

What the hell, though.

I thought to myself, “Was I chosen or something?”

I don’t know what it is, but it’s a supernatural being.

Or maybe the world has completely changed while I’ve been holed up playing games, and a similar phenomenon is happening to all the people around the world.

Well, I guess it’s up to me how I see the situation.

This is the world we live in. In any case, wouldn’t you like to think of yourself as the hero of your own story?

— Choose a skill acquire…

“Well then, please give me the <Sword Technique (Weak)>.

I was given this Japanese katana by my grandfather.

This is the only thing that my evil relatives (excuse the pun) left for me and I didn’t get a penny of the rest of my inheritance, but it is a memento. I could sell it to gain a little money.

Well, I’ve used it (in a meaningful way), so it won’t sell it anymore.

A female swordswoman who slays zombies with her grandfather’s memento.

What do you think?

Don’t you long for it?

— Affirmative. Assimilating skill effect.

At the same time.

From within my body, I instantly felt that I had changed.


An unaccustomed whistle leaked out from my mouth.

Apart from that, nothing else change. My arms are same without any muscles. It is a typical gamer’s thin arm.

It’s already, how can I put it… amazing.

It’s an odd feeling.

It’s so amazing (sudden loss of vocabulary).

I swung the sword to test it, and the blade flashed through the air with such speed that I could not believe was my own.

I guess this is the “three years worth” of skills.

The girl who was holding the sword with a hefty hand is nowhere to be seen.


With that thought, I regained my composure.

So what am I supposed to do?

Since I was given mysterious powers, there must be a purpose.

At least that’s what it seemed like to me.

“Hey, Ms. Auditory Hallucination. What should I do next?”

That’s why I asked the question to the sky. From a distance, I may have looked like a dangerous girl.

A moment later, nothing happened.

I was wondering if I wouldn’t get a response because I called her a hallucination.

  • You are free to do as you please. Though, increasing level by helping people or defeating enemies is recommended.

I was not expecting such an answer.

In short, it was easy to see that it was just like a video game.

This is a common type of role-playing game.

You can raise your level by defeating demons and completing quests.


I want to stay indoors somewhere and play games all the time.

However, it is certain that I will be plagued by power shortages everywhere I go until this fiasco is over. In fact, there is a possibility that no new games will be released at this time. I have to avoid such a situation.

“Well, let’s give it a try, shall we? To save the world.”

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