High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 38 – Under Attack


After that troubling talk, the rest of what we needed to do during the day, was organizing and cataloguing all supplies that we had collected.

“Sorry for asking sis to help me with such a troubling thing.” Rika told me.

“Ah, it’s alright… Though please stop calling me ‘sis’.” I replied.

“Your embarrassment is so cute!” She poked my forehead with her index finger as she said that.

… I feel like the conversation at ‘Captain’ made she lose a lot of respect for my personal space.


Later, in the evening, we had a small banquet to celebrate the successful completion of the scavenging work. We closed the blackout curtains of the audiovisual room, then lit a candle there to set up a nice mood.

“This might be the smallest toast in history, but cheers!” As Mr. Sasaki said that, everyone raised their favorite drinks, then the dinner started.

Soon after, I sneaked out of the audiovisual room and went back to my usual classroom.

Well, time to raise my level and collect my achievement rewards. I had one level from what I did in the early morning, and another from when we finished the job at Captain, so let’s see what I can get now.

–Please choose the skill you want to acquire.

–Sword Technique (Advanced)

–Perfect Maintenance

–Martial Arts (Beginner)

–Hunger Resistance (Medium)

–Select a Magic Skill

–Natural Healing (Strong)

–Skin Strengthening

Let’s check the effect of ‘Hunger Resistance (Medium)’ for now.

–Hunger Resistance (Medium) allows you to work for over a month without eating nor drinking anything. Also increases the ratio at which you recover energy, and reduces the amount of energy you consume by using magic or skills.

Oh? So not only magic, but skills too make me hungrier. That does explain a lot.

“Then, ‘Hunger Resistance (Medium)’ please.” I told the Auditory Hallucination. After this morning’s sermon, there is no way I can keep going without this skill… Otherwise I’ll just be a bother to everyone, “Also, tell me the effects of ‘Hunger Resistance (Strong)’, please.”

–Hunger Resistance (Strong) will make it so that you no longer need to eat, except for when the energy consumption is caused by the use of magic or skills.

So… No needing to eat at all on normal circumstances? That’s so strange. Does this mean that I’ll never need to go to the toilet again? Wouldn’t that be the dream of any idol?

… Well, I’m no idol, but this is still a very useful skill, so, “Please give me ‘Hunger Resistance (Strong)’.”

–Skill effect is being applied.

–Choose the reward for the ‘Armed Group’ achievement.

–Iron Armor

–Ninja Outfit

–Dancer Costume

So this time they’re armor-like items? What do they do?

–Iron Armor is a sturdy armor made of iron.

–Ninja Outfit is a black outfit that is easy to move in.

–Dancer Costume are clothes that expose a lot of skin.

So… All three of them are cosplay? It would be nice if they had nice effects, but since they seem to just be clothes… Well, I don’t want to fight in a heavy armor, nor do I want to expose too much skin, so, “Ninja Outfit, please.”

–Item is being supplied.

A black costume appeared in my hands… I don’t know what to do with this.

–Choose the reward for the ‘Things more important than life’ achievement.

–Strength Seed

–Magical Seed

–Charisma Seed

They’re seeds now? I guess they will improve my abilities in some way when consumed? Let’s check the effects.

–Strength Seed slightly strengthens your muscles when eaten.

–Magical Seed slightly increases your magical power when eaten.

–Charisma Seed makes others have a slightly better impression of you when eaten.

Well, they’re fairly simple… I guess I’ll go with, “Strength Seed, please.” because it seems like the easiest one to make use of.

–Item is being supplied.

A small seed fell from the air, and I caught it with my mouth… It was actually quite tasty. It was a nice sweet that would probably go well with green tea.

Although… I don’t really feel any stronger?

Well, let’s just trust the words of the Auditory Hallucination.

With this out of the way, just as I finished putting the things away at the classroom and left it, I met up with Kousuke, who looked a little pale.

“Senpai, are you not going to participate on the banquet?” He asked me.

“Ah, I will. I just wanted to put something in my room first.” I replied, which wasn’t exactly a lie.

“I see…” Kousuke seemed to be a bit troubled by something. I’m not sure if he even heard my answer, “Say, senpai, can I consult with you about something?”

“… What is it?” I asked. Though it most likely was going to be about how he wanted Rika’s chastity… This hungry wolf, I’m not sure I can forgive him for that.

“It’s just… Isao seems to be a bit…” He started talking about a topic that I didn’t expect to hear about.

“What’s wrong with Takenaka?” I asked him.

“You see, he…” But as Kousuke started trying to make his point, Takenaka ran down the stairs.

“Everyone! Trouble!” Takenaka shouted as he ran.

“Hey, Isao, you need to rest.” Kousuke tried to stop Isao on his tracks.

“I know, but there’s big trouble!” Isao exclaimed.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Mr Norio’s… The pig that Kousuke’s father talked about! The pig monster is coming!” Takenaka exclaimed.

“What!?” Both me and Kousuke exclaimed together.

“It’s not a hallucination! Both me and Ms. Asaka saw it! Warn everyone, because he is almost here!” Takenaka told us.

And almost immediately after he finished saying that, the fence that surrounded the school was torn apart by a roaring sound that would change our world forever.

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