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High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 59 – Head-on confrontation


The monster started groaning.

I felt something similar to what one would feel when a building was collapsing right in front of them.

I had to directly confront my instinctive desire to run away first and foremost.

Thinking about it, humans would probably be forgiven for doing most things if it meant that it would save their lives.

For example, abandoning a younger girl that you just befriended.

No one would see it. No one would blame me if I turned back my back on the monster and ran.

Though of course, whether or not I’d be able to escape from my conscience would be another story altogether.

“… Steel Clothes.” I used the skill, then raised my enchanted sword.

The monster roared and rushed forward with enough strength to blow anything that stood in its way.

It stretched out its right front leg with a speed that could hardly be seen.

I was able to react to it though, so I stopped his attack with my sword.

An unpleasant noise resounded, and both sword and claw bounced away from each other.

The monster groaned… It was an unusual situation. Something that clearly defied the laws of physics.

The difference between our volumes is far bigger than just double or triple. I was supposed to be a small mouse who was facing a giant cat.

But the small mouse’s fang was able to deflect the cat’s claws, which were supposed to surely kill it.

There’s no doubt that this is the power of Defense IV.

Also, once I looked at it, it seems like the tiger’s claws took more damage from the collision than me. Part of its nails had melted into a muddy mess.

In that case… Is there a possibility of… Me actually succeeding?

I clang to the sliver of hope in front of me and raised my sword again.

The monster seemed to no longer underestimate me, so it calmly kept its distance.

“Iroha! Wake up! Do you want to die here!?” I exclaimed, trying to get her to get up before it was too late.

“Uh, uuuh, mu…” Iroha just groaned something incomprehensible in return though.

It doesn’t seem like she’ll be able to stand up any time soon.

Also… It was probably a bad idea for me to show an opening, even if it was just for one moment.

With its sharp claws and superhuman strength, the monster destroyed a part of the building next to it, showering us with a pile of rubble.

I’ll become a cat’s snack!

That’s hard to dodge… It’s basically a shotgun of bullets coming my way.

The rubble was pouring down like a hail that was way beyond the level that a sword could deflect.

So, minimize the hit area and defend yourself!

… If I could, I’d be happy to do that, but all I could do right now was to take it head on.

“U-ugh…” I fell to my knees as the debris rained down on me.

Just like that, I dropped my sword besides me, and of course, the tiger monster did not miss it.

With a roar, the monster started running towards me.

It was probably going to pierce my head with its nails.

Exhausted, I had no choice but to take the blow…

Just kidding!

In one swift motion, I picked up my sword again and moved towards the running monster, which seemed to be quite surprised by my sudden movement.

Defense IV is truly amazing! Nicely done, Steel Clothes!

That attack would surely be enough to kill me five times over if I didn’t have those skills, but it seems like it wasn’t powerful enough to threaten me in my current situation.

Also, while the monsters do seem to be somewhat intelligent, it wasn’t able to see through my acting abilities.

No wonder. After all, ever since I watched the Tiger and Bunny anime back when I was in middle school, I have wanted to be an actress… For at least three months that is, but I still wanted to be an actress back then!

I brandished my flaming sword and slashed the left front leg of the tiger monster.

It roared loudly in response, loudly enough to make me feel like the whole world was shaking.

And then, the half-cut leg of the monster started squirting an unbelievable amount of blood, turning the city red.

Of course, I can’t afford to let it escape with those injuries. I cannot forgive it.

I don’t know what caused such a creature to be born, but all monsters that attack humans must be exterminated.

I moved around the injured monster’s leg and slashed the place that would correspond to a human’s Achilles tendon… Though I don’t really know if feline creatures actually have it.

Nonetheless, a terrifyingly bad smell of a beast and its blood reached my nostrils.

My jersey was already in a state where I wasn’t sure if it was red from its original color or from monster blood. 

Still, I grabbed the fur of the monster, which was incredibly hard and prickly, and jumped on its back.

The monster was so big that it looked almost like a mountain.

But its life was now on the palm of my hand.

The monster started groaning and twisting its body around as a form of making a last resistance.

How troublesome. It would be much easier to kill it if it has just begged for its life.

However, this last resistance is going to buy time at the very minimum, as I desperately had to grab onto the back of the struggling monster to not be thrown away.

After all, one of my hands was holding my sword, so it was hard to finish it off when it was moving this much.

But at that moment, “Explosive Hundred Fists!”

From the direction of the monster’s head, I heard Iroha’s voice.

At the same time, the rampaging monster slowed down.

“Now, sis!” Iroha exclaimed.

Roger that.

I ran with all my strength through the back of the monster and reached its head.

Aiming at the back of its head, I thrusted my enchanted sword, “Die monster, die!” I screamed out all the violent urges that were inside me.

And surely enough, I felt my sword go through its skull and reach the brain.

I felt like a huge life had just been taken away by my own two hands.

Farewell, tiger monster, may you rest in peace.

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