High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 76 – Wretch


“Here we are.” Akechi said.

We were currently at a space that was originally used by the higher ups of the university.

Me and Akechi were the only people in this room.

“We can talk privately here.” Akechi told me.

So, Oda stayed outside.

We sat while facing one another.

Once I sat down on the sofa, two elegant women came inside, brought some snacks on plates, as well as alcohol and apple juice. Then, they left.

“You cool with sake?” Akechi asked me.

“No.” I replied.

After my honest answer, Akechi nodded and poured apple juice in my cup.

Now how to start this conversation…

Before I could say anything, Akechi chuckled and smiled at me.

“What?” I asked.

“You look calm. It’s almost as if you weren’t facing the boss of this place.” Akechi told me.

“I’m still inwardly nervous.” I replied.

“Is that so…?” Akechi muttered, then ate some snacks before continuing, “I called you here because I think you might have some questions for me.”

“Questions?” I asked.

“Yes. I’m sure you heard a lot of stuff before you arrived. If there is any misunderstanding, I’d like to clear it up now. After all, according to Oda, you’re a great killer, so you’re worth the trouble.” Akechi told me.

“I’m not that great.” I replied to the compliment and decided to not comment on the rest for now.

I instinctively understood that careless remarks would be dangerous here.

“Still, you should have one or two things you want to say, don’t you?” Akechi asked.

“Well…” I decided to try using a tone that made it look like I wasn’t criticizing him, “It’s not a big deal, but if I have to choose something… Is it really true that you’re kidnapping women?”

Akechi quickly drank down his whiskey, then replied, “Of course it’s true.”

“Young girls too?” I asked.

“Sometimes.” He replied.

“Why?” I asked next.

I knew that the women who brought the drinks must have been some of them.

The scent of women was extremely strong in this room. It almost made me choke.

“There are many reasons. The personal one are my own tastes.

“A few years back I witnessed my wife sleeping with another man, and since then I’ve never been satisfied with just one woman.” Unapologetically, he continued, “And also, this is an attempt to bring back polygamy by having myself being an example.”

“Polygamy…?” I asked.

“You might be thinking of how it’s a male dominance structure, but that’s not what this is. Polygamy is a rational rule to handle a harsh environment.” Akechi told me.

“Huh?” Was all that I could say as a reply. It felt like I was listening to a history class.

“This is already happening in this community, and it’s only going to keep going… In the future, the mortality rate for men is gonna be many times higher than that of women, due to the fight against the monsters.” Akechi’s tone made he feel like a prophet, “In such a world, the conventional monogamy system is disadvantageous.

“Think about it, if men keep on dying in battle, what will happen to all the women left behind? They’ll have to raise their children alone in a society where workers are lost all the time and where they may be discriminated against.”

It didn’t feel like he was simply arguing for the sake of justifying his own preferences. He seemed to genuinely be thinking that this world would change like that.

“The idea of polygamy is not about women being subservient to men, but about a system where society can withstand its current environment.” Akechi told me.

“So… You’re taking the initiative to make this change?” I asked.

“Yes, but I can’t suddenly change everyone’s mindset. So, I figured I’d set a precedent myself, and then my ideals could be carried on by future generations.” Akechi stated.

… Mmmm… I see…

Wait, hold on!

No good, no good!

Somehow, I was almost convinced.

“Hold on, but that’s not really the problem. The problem is that kidnapping by itself is no good.” I told him.

“Is that so? But according to Oda, you yourself kidnapped a woman.” Akechi replied.

Ah, he means Iroha? That was the setting we went with, I guess.

“As for her… Well, I got her consent and asked her to accompany me. I didn’t bring her by force.” I explained.

“In that case, we’re following the same procedure. If someone can’t protect themselves and asks for protection, then it should be fine for them to become my mistress.” Akechi replied.



This is a problem… I can’t find a reasonable counterargument.

I didn’t expect to be defeated in a battle of words, instead of in a clash of strength…

So this is the difference created by a gap in communication skills…

This would have been easier if he was like a shounen manga villain that laughed maniacally while proclaiming his love for young girls and how he’d kill all that got in his way…

“E-even then…” I tried to come up with something in my desperation, “Well, what about the zombie girl at the gate…?”

At this moment, Akechi’s expression darkened, “That one… You see, even if you are extremely rational with your policies, you still aren’t able to convince everyone.

“I knew she was troubled about it, but I didn’t know the extent of it… The result was a tragedy.”

His expression made it clear that this pained him.

“Could you be related to her?” Akechi asked me.

I opened my mouth agape, wondering what made he think of that.

“Or maybe you’re an assassin who was asked to come here by someone related to her.” Akechi said next.

“What are you…?” I started replying.

“I hear rumors about the Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park all the time. They say that there is a cult there that worships a strange man… Did you really think we weren’t keeping an eye on such dangerous people?” Akechi asked me.


So, basically… “I had been caught from the very beginning?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I didn’t really know who you were or what you came here for, so I decided I wanted to hear your honest opinion first.

“That’s why I didn’t take away your sword.” Akechi stated.

“I see…” I replied.

And then, with a wry smile, Akechi pulled out a small pistol from his jacket’s pocket, “I prepared this just in case, but I knew you weren’t stupid enough to cause a rampage here, as you won’t be able to come back alive if you do.

“We don’t need to go that far, right?”

“Well, sure.” I answered with a wry smile of my own.

He was surprisingly calm about all this… Even if I looked at him with the Coward’s Glasses, I could see it…

-Status: Calm.

He truly isn’t faking it.

To some extent, I’m relieved, but…

“Mmm… By the way, I want to ask. What are you planning on doing in the future?” I asked him.

“Nothing much? It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to try killing you here. It would strengthen the image of me being a ruthless man, but… Honestly, I’m considering the possibility of having you become my companion instead.

“As you’re surely aware, in this world, people who can fight zombies are extremely worthwhile.

“So, investing on someone like you is something that is worth putting my life on the line. Just like what I’m doing right now.” Akechi replied.

“I’m sorry, but… That’s impossible.” I told him honestly.

“Mmm? Why?” He asked me.

“I understand what you’re saying, and maybe your methods are not entirely wrong, but… I’m not gonna be a part of it.” As I said that, I carefully put my sword on the table, “But if it’s really true that you aren’t hurting anyone…”

I have no intentions of harming you.

That’s what I was about to say.

But then, the back door of the room was opened, and a small girl appeared in front of us.

“Lord Mitsuya…?” The girl asked.

“What? I said you shouldn’t come in without permission.” Akechi replied.

“But Yuzu went…” The girl replied.

“What? Yuzu…? Good grief, that was uncalled for…” Akechi sighed.

At that moment, a memory came back to my mind.

A man named Yoshida, who lived not far from here, had his elementary schooler daughter taken away.

It was the safety fee.

… I had a horrible feeling about this.

“Uhn… Could you be a Yoshida?” I asked the girl.

“… You know me, mister?” The girl asked.

I turned my gaze towards Akechi, “Is she one of your concubines too?”

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m no pedo.” Akechi said with a bitter expression, “However, taboos must be broken now. Marriages between younger people will become more common in future generations.”

“But…” I started replying.

“Why don’t you try it yourself? Surprisingly, it’s not that bad.” Akechi stated.

At that moment, my blood started boiling.

“You wretch-” I muttered.

Before I realized it, I was kicking the sofa with all my might.

… And a golden flash of light came from the muzzle of Akechi’s gun.

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