High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 79 – A strange man


–The Cruel Spirit Tamer is showing hostility.

–Kill him or make him surrender.

I was swallowed by the light… And by the time I could look around again, the room had been reduced to a deplorable state.

As soon as my vision returned, I grabbed my sword, but the flying flame was nowhere to be seen.

Seems like it just wanted to deliver one blow, then it disappeared from the scene.

“… Damn it!” Akechi exclaimed.

“What’s going on…?” Oda was confused.

They both obtained Skin Strengthening due to becoming slaves, so they didn’t suffer big injuries.


“… Nori!” Akechi ran to her while he screamed that.

“U… Uuh…” She was muttering.

Apparently her name was Nori, and from her height, she was probably on the third or fourth grade of elementary school.

And right now, she was seriously injured. Probably because she was standing by the window.

I hurriedly sent a telepathic message to Sanae, (Sanae!)

[Yes, yes? It’s-] She started replying.

(I’m borrowing the Healing Magic from the Messiah!) I cut her.

[Huh? O-okay?] She said.

Without bothering with explaining anything else, I held my hands over Nori’s body and used Amamiya’s skill, “Healing Magic III.”

Both of my arms and Nori’s body were wrapped up in a green light.

I don’t know its exact effects, but it seems to be recovery-related, as Nori’s wounds were being healed.

“What is this…? It’s amazing.” Oda let out a voice filled with admiration.

“Will Nori be saved?” Akechi asked.

“I’m working on that.” I replied.

And then, [Hello, hello! It’s older sister Sanae!] I heard this cheerful voice.

(Can you read the mood this time?) I replied.

[Okay. Focus on what you’re doing and don’t worry about replying, alright?

[Considering how panicked you seem to be, I assume someone there was seriously injured, right?

[The Messiah said that Healing Magic III might not be enough for that, so he picked Healing Magic IV too.

[He also said he currently has no plans of using this magic, so feel free to take it.] Sanae explained.

(Good job! Pass that to him!) I told her.

[Roooger that!] Sanae replied.

Let’s use it right away, “Healing Magic IV.”

This time, my arms started glowing even brighter, and mine, Oda’s and Akechi’s bodies were all wrapped up in the light.

“What the…?” Akechi muttered.

They both seemed to be anxious.

“It’s alright. This is just healing the injuries.” I told them.

They seemed to be convinced by my words.

Then, once all burn marks had disappeared from Yoshida’s body, I stood up, and turned towards Akechi, “Just in case, I’ll ask you again. This is the first time the two of you have seen that pale flame, right?”

“First time I saw that piece of shit… That thing wasn’t your companion?” Oda answered me with a surprised expression.

“No. If it was a friend, it wouldn’t attack me.” I replied.

Akechi had a bitter expression on him right now.

So, the Spirit Tamer truly wasn’t from this community…

And then, I heard a tremendous explosion, and the earth shook for a second.

“What!?” Akechi looked out the window, “This is bad. That’s the building we store weapons at.”

I looked out too, and could see that fires were rising all over the university grounds.

And I could also hear it. The screams of all sorts of people.

I looked up, then I saw the bluish-white flames spinning around the night sky, sending fires downwards.

“What the…?” Akechi gritted his teeth as he saw his own kingdom being burned down to the ground.

“You two, get everyone to safety.” I told them.

“Sure, but what about you?” Akechi asked me.

“I…” I frowned, “I’ll find who is the person that created this situation, and solve the problem.”

Akechi and Oda looked at one another, then nodded.

We then kicked down the charred door and ran out the room.


“Everyone, calm down! Go to the central plaza and bring only minimal luggage with you! Those with weapons should secure the entrance!” Akechi started organizing the panicked people, who were currently running away from the flames.

“Sis! What the hell is going on!?” Iroha ran my away as she asked that.

“I don’t know. But the Spirit Tamer doesn’t seem to be from here.” I replied.

“Not from here? What do you mean by that?” She asked.

“Someone… Someone has a reason to attack this place.” I muttered.

“Who is it? Who?” Iroha asked.

“If I knew that, I wouldn’t be having such a hard time… Do you have any ideas?” I asked her back.

“Mmmmm…” Iroha had an unusually serious expression on her as she thought, “I don’t!”

… Figured as much.

“But I have a good idea!” She exclaimed.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Let’s do our best to find them!” Iroha said.

“Oh…” I muttered.

Well, I agree. It’s a good idea.

And then, we heard the sound of an automatic rifle.

Immediately after that, a bright light flashed three times in a row.

“Over there!” Iroha exclaimed and started running.

I couldn’t keep up with Iroha’s speed, but I ran after her, “Hey, hold on!” I told her. It was better for us to stay together.

But then, we quickly arrived there. At the place I had killed the zombie of an unknown girl a small while back.

There was a man near the main gate of the Ihongei University.

It’s easy to know that he is not a normal person, for his body was stained with blood.

At first glance, he looked like a boy, and he is short enough to be considered one. His eyes also seemed to have a pure brilliance of sorts.

However, he had too much white hair to be called a boy, and his face looked strangely old.

He was a man who seemed to be at his teens, twenties and forties at the same time.

And, this man, was single-mindedly stabbing a knife at the pirate-like uncle who was on lookout.

The white-haired man was mumbling something… I paid attention to it, trying to understand what he was saying, “Villains, villains, villains, villains, villains, villains…”

As the white-haired man said that, he stabbed the sentry over and over again. Not just on the torso, but also on the face, hands and feet…

Iroha seemed to be completely dumbfounded at that sight. Like a girl who first learned where babies come from.

“Wh… What is he doing?” She asked with a trembling voice.

Then, the man stopped thrusting the knife, stood up, then started moving in a strangely ritualistic manner and… Started peeing on the sentry he had just stabbed to death.

It was a completely absurd scene, yet the white-haired man seemed to be completely calm.

“Aaah… Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…” He said in an ecstatic voice.

Yikes. I don’t think I can be friends with this one, like… Who does this kind of thing? Even in this messed up world, this is way too crazy. What could even make someone go this mad?

For now, I used Skill Appraisal on him.


Job: Spirit Tamer

Level: 29


Madness (Medium)

Natural Healing (Strong); Skin Strengthening; Bone Strengthening

Hunger Resistance (Strong)

Fire Magic I-V; Healing Magic I-V

Spirit Summoning V; Spiritual Presence I; Will-o-Wisp; Fairy; Ghost


Ugh… He’s pretty strong.

Seriously, where did this guy even come from? You should at least introduce yourself first.

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