High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 85 – Sakata


I slept like a rock, and was awakened by the sound of knocking.

“Hey, Swirly Glasses! You there?” Sakata called out from the outside the room.

I quickly stood up and opened the door, “Hey…”

“Uh… Eh…” Sakata was frozen in place for a second, “S-sorry! My bad! Wrong room!” then he, seemingly panicking, tried to close the door shut.

I stopped it, “Huh? Sakata?”

At this moment, I noticed something strange in my voice.

It was… A bit higher.

I didn’t have a male’s body anymore.

I looked at my body fearfully… Breasts.

Then I looked at Sakata’s tense expression and… “K-kyaaaaaah!” slammed the door shut with a completely girly scream that would easily come out of an anime character in a fanservice scene.

I could also hear Sakata’s voice come from outside the room, “Huh? But I’m sure that this was the room… Huh?”

I quickly grabbed the Magical Cat Staff and prayed to become a man again.

Then, after confirming that my body had changed, I threw my tattered jacket in the trash, then opened the door again, “Yo!” with a smile on my face.

Sakata pressed his forehead, “You… Can you really change your appearance with magic?”

I gave him a questioning look, “Oh, did you hear that from someone?”

“Oda told me to… Not be deceived by the appearances.” Sakata scratched the back of his head.

“Ah…” I muttered.

“Damn it, don’t make me go crazy.” Sakata said.

“What can I do for you?” I asked, trying to change the topic.

“Oh, right, well… This.” As Sakata said that, he pushed a shirt meant for adult men onto me, “I think it’s necessary.”

“Oh, thank you.” I replied.

That was definitely helpful. Even with a man’s body, I wouldn’t want to walk around half-naked.

“And, uhn… Well… Lunch? I mean, I thought we could go together…” Sakata turned bright red as he said that.

I looked at the clock, and saw that was already past 11am.

I hadn’t noticed until just now, but I surely slept in today.

“B-but I’ll understand if you don’t want to…” Sakata muttered.

Now where was that pushy and cheerful Sakata that I met yesterday?

I guess it really is bad that my identity was revealed.

“Sure, with pleasure.” I told him.

“I-is that so…? Ah, I mean, just… D-don’t overdo it, okay?” Sakata replied.

He was clearly very conscious of what had just happened… Honestly, that’s a bit disappointing, especially after we had just become friends.

I changed into the newly-received shirt and left the room.

As we walked side by side, Sakata seemed to have recovered his strength.

“By the way, I have decided on a job that I want to do in here. I want to take care of everyone’s clothes.” Sakata told me.

“Clothes?” I asked.

“Yeah, I used to work on a laundry before… Though I don’t think this is a very helpful type of skill these days.” Sakata muttered.

“I disagree. I think this is a wonderful job.” I replied.

“You really think so?” Sakata asked.

Yeah, I mean… There were days where I didn’t change my clothes for a while, and I kept on feeling like I constantly wanted to scratch all over my body. It was really uncomfortable.

“I do.” I told him.

With a perfect smile, Sakata laughed, “I guess it’s true that I really did like that job.”

“That’s the most important part.” I replied.

“By the way, what happened to your glasses?” Sakata asked me.

“I lost them.” I told him.

“Then what should I call you then? Can’t really call you Swirly Glasses now.” Sakata said.

“Go ahead. Call me whatever you want.” I replied.

“Well… I don’t know your name though. What is it?” Sakata asked me.

I averted my eyes a bit, “… Gonbei.”

“Liar. That’s a man’s name, and you’re not really one.” Sakata replied.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter.” I told him.

“Why? Just tell me-” Sakata said.

Well… I just don’t like my name.

“Please keep calling me Swirly Glasses.” I used this to avoid answering.

“Well… Alright then.” Sakata pouted a bit and sighed, “What are you going to do after this?”

“I’ll go to the aviation park for a bit, then go home afterwards.” I replied.

“Where is this home?” He asked.

“Well, some place.” I replied like that, but the place that came to mind was the Miyabigaoka High School.

“Is that so…?” Sakata seemed to be a bit disappointed, “Since phones have stopped working, I won’t be able to contact you for quite a while, then.”

“Well, I’ll come here again in due time.” I replied.

After all, it would be irresponsible to leave this place be.

“You will? Then, in that case, be sure to come talk to me again when you do!” Sakata replied.

“Sure…” I muttered.

From now on, it should be possible to exchange supplies and personnel between this place, the Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park, and the supermarket filled with people that Iroha helped.

If everyone cooperates, I feel like we might be able to build a counter-offensive against the zombies.

If we just stay cooped up inside a given location, we will inevitably end up running out of resources.

So, we need to fight back.

Yeah, just like that… If we keep doing our best, it might not be long until I can achieve my dreamy gamey life.

As I was thinking about that, Sakata murmured something that I couldn’t quite understand.

“Huh? What was that?” I asked.

“Eh? No? I said nothing.” Sakata replied.

Is that so? Then I guess it’s fine.

… Honestly, looking at him like that, doesn’t he look quite cute?

… Some really weird words just came out of my mind, didn’t they?

I must be imagining things. Surely.

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