High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 89 – Chance Meeting


Suppressing my feelings, I ran along the barricaded road and jumped over the school’s main gate.

And then…

“Check.” I heard Mr. Gouzou say.

Mr. Sasaki and Mr. Gouzou were carefreely playing shogi. When I saw that, I almost collapsed from the shock.

“A… Ah, how did you even get to this Check? Come on!” Mr. Sasaki exclaimed.

“Your time is running out.” Mr. Gouzou had a cheerful smile in his face.

“I give up…” Mr. Sasaki sighed, “Then, uhn… Let’s see…” At this point, he looked around and seemed to notice me, “Oh, you’re already home? That’s surprisingly early.” Mr. Sasaki waved his hand to me.

“You look fine. Though well, I wasn’t really that worried.” Mr. Gouzou told me.

“Ah… Well… I feel like I just crossed the line between life and death as I arrived here…” I muttered.

“What’s up with that? Do you want me to give you a huge and a head pat for encouragement?” Mr. Sasaki asked me.

“No, there’s no need.” I replied bluntly.

“Is that so…?” Mr. Sasaki seemed disappointed.

This… Didn’t seem like Mr. Sasaki’s usual behavior.

I then shifted my sight to the shogi board in front of Mr. Sasaki and Mr. Gouzou.

“Oh, this? Since we got some supplies from the neighborhood’s toy store, our school has experienced an unprecedent shogi boom.” Mr. Gouzou explained.

“Is that so…?” I muttered.

Does this mean that everything was peaceful while I was gone…?

… Wait, hold on! That’s not the problem!

“That thing! The monsters flying in the sky! What about those!?” I exclaimed.

“Mmm? Do you mean the dragons?” Mr. Sasaki asked.

“I mean… Yeah?” I replied.

“They’re pretty cool.” Mr. Gouzou stated.

They were so calm, that I wondered if they went crazy due to fear.

Perhaps because such thoughts appeared on my face…

The two of them started giving out a childish laugh.

“I really wanted to see what expression you’d make! You never fail to disappoint!” Mr. Gouzou exclaimed.

“Huh…?” I muttered.

“Don’t worry, they’re not dangerous.” Mr. Sasaki told me, “Or rather, they’re protecting us.”


The monsters are… Protecting people?

I’m so confused…

“As soon as you left, a girl appeared here.” Mr. Gouzou told me.

“A girl?” I asked.

“She’s been looking for you the whole time.” Mr. Sasaki told me.

“Looking…?” I asked.

“When I told her that you would be back soon, she helped us with a lot of things to make our life easier.” Mr. Gouzou said.

“Huh…?” I said.

“Well, there’s no need to tell you all the details, but she’s an acquaintance of yours.” Mr. Sasaki said.

I tilted my head… I have no idea who they’re talking about.

“Well, just go meet her anyways. She should be in the rooftop right now.

“Yesterday she spent the whole night helping make the barricades, by the way.” Mr. Gouzou told me.

“But…” I started saying.

“Don’t worry, she’s a good girl.” Mr. Sasaki said.

Well, if Mr. Sasaki has really given her his stamp of approval, then…

“What’s going on, sis? What are you doing?” Iroha, who seemed to have just caught up with me, asked.

“Oh, that’s my new friend.” I was about to introduce Iroha to them, but…

“So you’re Hakui Iroha?” Mr. Gouzou asked.

“Huh?” I was so confused. How did they know Iroha’s name?

Mr. Sasaki then waved his hand and hurried us, who were very visibly lost at this whole situation, “I will just leave all the explanations to that girl. Just go meet her for now.”

I guess I have no choice but to do what Mr. Sasaki said…


As soon as we reached the rooftop, we found a dragon resting its wings right in front of us, and our blood started freezing.

“Uhyah…” Iroha muttered a strange noise.

Without letting my guard down, I quickly looked at our surroundings and found a total of four dragons.

One of them had some lava-like scales and seemed to be their boss.

… And I could see a girl standing right in front of the mouth of said dragon.

“Mmm?” I muttered

She looked familiar.

… Mizutani Rui. The pitiful girl who lost her father and grandfather to zombies, and then lost her mother to the pig monster.

“Rui…?” I called out to her.

She seemed to be a bit surprised, and stopped stroking the dragon’s scales once she heard my voice.

“Are you…?” As I muttered that, just in case, I activated Skill Appraisal.

… But that guess was wrong. She is a normal person.

Rui stared at me for just a second, before she quickly walked away.

So then… Who is this player that we’re looking for?

And their job… Beastmaster. That must be the only job who is capable of taming a dragon.

“Hey, sis…” Iroha said with a strange voice.

Like an animal who was instinctively scared of something.

“Isn’t that person…?” Iroha pointed towards a girl.

Iroha has a keen intuition, so she seemed to find the player before I did.

I turned my gaze towards the person she pointed to and activated Skill Appraisal.

She had blond hair, blue eyes, long ears… She was someone who didn’t look to be Japanese at all.

An existence that should only exist in a fantasy world… An Elf.

And her skills were… *


Job: Master of Divine Beasts

Level: 108


Basic Skills:

Fighting Technique (Advanced); Special Skill I-III

Natural Healing (Strong); Skin Strengthening; Bone Strengthening

Hunger Resistance (Strong)

Skill Appraisal; Karma Appraisal

Achievement Condition Consultation


Magic Skills:

Space-Time Magic I-VIII

Fire Magic I-V

Water Magic I-IV

Thunder Magic I-IV

Healing Magic I-VIII

Light Magic I

Dark Magic I


Job Skills:

Luck III

Magic Eye

Magic Control VII; Magic Barrier VI

Beast Taming VIII; Dragon Taming; Divine Beast Taming VIII

Animal Training VIII

Whip Technique (Advanced); Carrot and Stick


Divine Beast’s Blessing III

Summoning X


“Le… Level one hund… 108?” I muttered.

That’s terrifying.

My level is 35, so… Isn’t she over three times my level!?

What’s more, what is a ‘Master of Divine Beasts’!? I never heard of that job before!

There’s no way I can win this.

I immediately started wondering if I should kneel down to try avoiding a battle.

But then, “I kept on thinking about what I’d say when I met you…” The girl opened her mouth and burst into tears, “But surprisingly, the words just won’t come out!” and then, as if she was completely overwhelmed with extremely strong emotions, the girl hugged me.

“Eh-eh-eh-eh!?” Was all I could say.

“It’s been so long… It’s been so long, Teacher.”


Teacher? Tea-cher?

Is she mistaking me for someone else? I mean… I’m fairly sure I don’t know any elves.

Ignoring my confusion, the girl said this, “Please lend me your strength. I need you. To save this world.”


* Translator’s Note: Actually, Skill Appraisal never separates skills into categories like this. Skill Appraisal just gives a plain list of the skills. The skills are separated into categories only when the MC writes them down in a notebook and the like… I usually keep things separated when using Skill Appraisal too, simply to make it easier for the readers to parse through the skill list… However, in this case there were a lot of skills that I wasn’t sure where to put (like, is Luck III a job skill or a basic skill? I dunno), so I might have made a few mistakes on placement here and there. I figured I’d mention this now, in case it comes up later.

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