High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 92 – Raise your hand if you wish to become a slave


We were currently at a meeting room for school staff.

This room was previously covered in dust, but it was now the venue used for regular meetings.

“So… That’s all I wanted to say.” I told them.

I had just finished reading a memo, on how the Enslave skill works, to everyone.

Then, I started looking at the expressions of the people in front of me.

Almost everyone who lived in this community was gathered here.

“The Enslave skill, huh…? And Slave Reinforcement too…” Mr. Sasaki frowned as he muttered these words.

The other adults all had similar expression.

“Why does it have to be a name as wrong as slave?” Ms. Suzuki asked.

“Even if you say that…” I muttered.

“Superhuman or Supersoldier… Wouldn’t those give out a much better feeling?” Mr. Gouzou said.

“Well, if you want to rephrase it to a softer term, that’s fine too.” I told them.

Everyone’s bitter expressions were affecting my mood…

“… In any case, both the advantages and disadvantages are as I explained.” I told everyone.

“Essentially, we need to submit to you if we want access to the mysterious power… It’s almost like a devil’s deal.” Mr. Norio muttered.

“Yes. So I won’t force anyone. Do it if you’re willing.” I told them.

“There is one thing you forgot to explain though… How many people can become slaves?” Mr. Sasaki asked.

“Oh, right…” I muttered.

I had gotten in touch with Tsuzuri earlier and suggested him to increase the level of his skills, and he readily agreed to it, so right now the level of Slave Reinforcement was V.

Slave Reinforcement V grants: Fighting Technique (Advanced); Natural Healing (Strong); Skin Strengthening; Fire Magic I-II; Water Magic I-II; Thunder Magic I; Sex Technique (Beginner); and allows ten slaves to be employed at the same time.

Currently speaking, I have Oda, Akechi and Sanae enslaved, while Tsuzuri has Ryouhei enslaved.

Therefore, the number of people that can be enslaved are… “Six people.” I replied to Mr. Sasaki’s question.

Then, one person immediately raised his hand, “Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! I wanna use magic too!” Konno Rintarou said that.

Three friendly hands were raised right after that.

Hibiya Kousuke’s.

Tada Ritsuko’s.

And Kimino Asuka’s.

“… Then me too.” Hibiya Norio said and raised his hand, right after seeing his son raise his own hand.

Five people? That’s… A lot more than I thought.

But then, the next thing that happened completely blew my expectations.

Almost everyone else in the room started raising their hands one after another, exclaiming things like, ‘Me too!’ or ‘Choose me!’

Among them, even Ms. Suzuki and Rika had raised their hands.

“Eh? Eeh…?” I was dumbfounded.

I was hoping I’d get one or two people to agree, but what happened was… Unbelievable.

“J-just to be sure… You’re all aware that you’d become my slaves with this, right? You’ll have to obey my every order.” I told them.

Mr. Sasaki gave me a wry smile in response, “I can’t really imagine you ordering someone around.”

I opened my mouth agape at that… Is everyone looking down on me or something?

Well… I guess that’s fine.

“Alright… Mmmm… I can’t really draw lots for this kind of thing, you all okay with that?” I asked everyone.

“Of course.” Mr. Gouzou replied.

“Then, I’ll take the first five that raised their hands. The last slot will be on hold.” I decided.

As I said that, Rintarou exclaimed, “Yes!”

Well… I suppose I’ll just be happy that things ended up better than I expected.


After that meeting, a fair number of people came to me and said stuff like, ‘You could give the last slot to me, you know?’

It was like they thought that being chosen would guarantee their safety.

However, the slaves would actually be the ones putting themselves in danger the most.

I’m unsure if everyone understood that properly…

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