High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 99 – Magical Power Recovery Time


It was a bit before sunset.

We were in battle stance, standing in front of an incoming horde of zombies.

“Turn on the signboard! It will divert the attention of the zombies!” Mr. Gouzou exclaimed.

“It’s done!” Mr. Norio replied.

“How is the cassette stove?” Asuka asked.

“All good!” Rintarou replied.

“Let’s go in the order we planned. Save the seasonings to change taste only as a last resort!” Kousuke exclaimed.

“Got it!” Ritsuko replied.

I’m very grateful to have such reliable companions.

“Sis, go inside! I’ll take care of them first!” Iroha told me. She was already standing in the designated position.

The original plan was to have me deal with the first wave of zombies, but I think it’s better to let Iroha take care of those.

Truth be told, I’m already running out of magical power. Probably because of the tests with the Special Sword Skills.

Special Sword Skill V is very strong, but it seems to also drain a lot of magical power… I’ll need to be careful with it.

So, I went back inside to get my magical power replenished, and left things outside to Iroha.

“First things first, let’s go with the authentic Russian soup borscht!” Rintarou poured down a red soup.

Its fragrant smell raised my appetite, so I gobbled it up in a single gulp.

“Next is a canned product, castella with a nice soft texture. Here you go.” Rintarou gave me the next meal.

This one was quite delicious. It was the first time I ate canned castella, and I usually ate it crispy instead of soft, but I ate it quickly anyways.

It being split into various small pieces was also a nice plus.

I think it would go well with tea.

“… Next. An improvised seafood bowl with various types of canned seafood!” Rintarou gave me the next meal.

It had octopus, tuna, mackerel, and shrimp. All flavored with soy sauce.

The only disappointment was the lack of canned salmon.

“Next up, the premium version of Senpai’s favorite octopus dish!” Rintarou gave me the next meal.

It really was my favorite dish, and… It’s kinda bigger than usual? It’s a pity that I can’t take my time tasting it.

“Carbonara pasta and corn soup!” Was the next dish Rintarou gave me.

Ohou? The former is packed food, while the latter is canned food. They’re mixing those up.

Both were at a level comparable to what I’d find at a restaurant even.

“Emergency canned bread! I chose the one with chocolate chips and raisins!” Rintarou gave me the next one.

Tasty… As long as we have this kind of food, humanity can sure keep on fighting!

I looked at its expiration date and it seems like this bread can last for five more years… I hope the zombies will have been wiped out by then.

“A salad made with canned food, friend rice and spam… How much more are you going to eat, Senpai?” Rintarou asked me.

“A bit more.” I replied as I drank a whole glass of cola in one gulp.

The salad had asparagus, corn, mushrooms, tomatoes and bamboo shoots.

It wasn’t bad, but I missed the usual lettuce and cabbages.

“A can of peaches next. They’re a bit cold, but they’re quite tasty.” Rintarou said.

Those were quite juicy… The more I ate them, the more the juice spread in my mouth.

“Here, beef bowl and cup noodles. Eat it.” Rintarou gave me the next dish.

So, the cup noodles finally came… I eat those a lot, so I’m a bit bored of them, but… What is this?

“Tomato juice…?” I muttered.

Apparently, they put warm tomato juice instead of water on the cup noodles.

And what’s more, it also has other toppings… Is this cheese?

It was quite the unusual combination, but it went surprisingly well with cup noodles.

“Leave it to me if you want to arrange cup noodles. I often came home late at night from work, so I ate simple meals alone.” Mr. Norio gave me a thumbs up as he said that.

“F-father…” Kousuke looked at his father with a very confused expression.

And finally, I took a quick gulp of black coffee, “Alright!” then stood up and slapped my cheeks.

Refueling complete.

“Iroha, I’ll take your place!” I shouted as I climbed the barricade.

Then, I saw Iroha hitting the zombies with a technique I hadn’t seen before, “Take that! Secret technique, Galaxy Star Crush!”

Oh? Galaxy Star Crush? That attack uses English words in it… Did she give up on standardizing all her skill names by using Japanese words?

Well, everyone can have their own naming sense. It’s fine as long as she’s content with it.

As for the skill itself, it seems to create a mysterious energy wave that moves forward for over a dozen meters, blowing any enemy in its range high up in the sky.

The swarming zombies were being quickly torn apart by this skill, just like stars floating high up in the sky… I guess the name fits.

Though this is also a very dirty constellation that Iroha is creating…

“Then, I’ll be back soon.” As Iroha said that, she jumped inside the barricade with a relaxed expression.

Thank to her, the number of zombies seems to have decreased considerably.

However, there were still plenty of them coming.

The zombies crowded through the narrow passage, creating a nightmarish sight.

It would surely take a while to finish them all off while fighting normally.

I took a deep breath and emptied my mind.

The internal organs scattering blood… The smell of carrion that is stuck to my nose… The zombies’ meaningless empty growls…

If I am conscious of those things, my swordplay, which should be precise, will end up getting disturbed.

“Alright then…” I muttered to myself.

Then, let’s do this. The task of repeatedly using Special Sword Skill IV at the zombies begins!

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