High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 52 – The Doomsday Gourmet


The bed was easy to find. It was in a three-story general store which was occupied only by a handful of zombies.

The second floor of the general store was a bedding corner, so it unsurprisingly, had a lot of beds.

I quickly wiped out all the zombies inside that floor, before exclaiming, “I request for the best bed in this store!” I then changed to falsetto, “Of course, young lady. It will be arranged.”

If I’m here, I might as well get the fluffiest feathery bed, of course.

Next comes food. There was a supermarket nearby that had some of its products already looted, but there was still plenty left.

I crossed my arms and thought for a while… I’m honestly sick of pre-made food. I wanted to cook something.

However, fresh food was also no good, as those were already taken over by the flies… What to do?

While thinking carefully about it, I killed three zombies.

Cooking… Cooking… Curry… Hmm?

I felt like a light bulb lit up above my head… That’s it!

I picked up a pack of medium spicy curry and some seasonings.

While praying that this inspiration will bring me good luck, I also got some snacks.

During this process, I used some magic to burn the zombies along the way. Thanks to Hunger Resistance I no longer feel hungry enough to cry, but I still need to eat enough to replenish my magical power.

Next up I went to a bookstore.

I spent thirty minutes wondering which mangas to pick up, and in the process, I also killed six zombies.

With my current mood, I guess the best choice is a 4-koma manga of cute girls doing cute things. Nothing murderous, just some fulfilling light-hearted fluffy manga.

Next, a heater… I guess I should give up on that one. Gasoline-powered generators are too hard to carry, and I don’t feel that cold right now, probably because of Skin Strengthening.

Therefore, stacking up enough futons should be enough.

Finally, let’s take a bath.

It wasn’t hard to get this one. I could just use a sample bathtub from the general store.

I then got, a large pot, a cassette stove and a large amount of water. I’m now ready to go.

Then, let’s get started. I filled up the large pot with water and heated it up to make the curry. Then, once it felt like it was at a good temperature, I put all ingredients on.

“Become delicious, become delicious.” I said in a bit of a singy voice.

But please, do become delicious.

The expiration date seemed fine, and I did find things that could be used as curry ingredients, so… Come on, Doomsday Gourmet! Make delicious food!

I took the first bite and… Well, it tastes like curry alright. It’s surprisingly not bad. I thought the ingredients chosen could end up killing the taste, but they ended up working well together.

Ain’t I pretty good at making doomsday curry?

While thinking about this kind of thing, the pot was emptied up in no time.

I giggled to myself.

I think I opened up to a new world of tastes… One day, I should open a curry shop to spread the love of doomsday curry.

Thank you for the meal, old world civilization.

Now, with this out of the way, I carried the cassette stove and the bathtub to the rooftop while humming.

After reaching the roof, I started heating up the water, and after several minutes waiting, I filled the bathtub with the hot water.

I then looked up to the sky from the building’s roof. Lots of stars were looking down on me.

“Alright!” I exclaimed to myself.

Let’s go, no holding back!

I wanted to enjoy a relaxing bath in this open space.

In this world without any living in sight, I do not need to keep an eye out, so I got inside the bathtub.

Ah… This is wonderful. The bath I took at the drugstore felt nice, but this is way better than that.

I blankly stared at the starry sky…

Played with the hot water…

The only drawback of this situation, was that I could hear the zombies’ growling, but… I felt like I could stay here forever.

In fact, I probably stayed for over an hour.


After refreshing my body and soul, I found a pajama of Pika Nyan, a bizarre anime character who insists that animals brainwashed to obey their commands is a friend… Well, I wore those pajamas and laid on the bed.

Then, I started reading manga while under the light of a candle.

During, this process, I started thinking of the future… I should be reaching Tokorozawa tomorrow at around noon time. What will I do then?

But while I thought of that, I felt like I vaguely heard someone’s voice from far away… “Certain Death Technique: Explosive Hundred Fists!”

Huh? Was there someone nearby.

One moment after I thought that… A loud explosion took over my peaceful space.

“Wh-what!?” I exclaimed.

I hurriedly jumped out of bed with my sword in hand… At that moment, a strange event happened.

I don’t know how, but the lamps of the general store suddenly made a crackling noise, then lit up… Right now, the entire building was enveloped in the light of civilization.

While still confused, I looked at the place where the explosion occurred.

There was a silhouette covered by the smoke there… And then, the person jumped forward.

Laughing out loud, a lively girl with boyish hair, that was probably a middle schooler, entered my sight.

“You are the Wandering Warrior!” She exclaimed.

“Huh…?” Was my reaction.

“Now that I have come, this will be the end of your wrongdoings!” She exclaimed.

–The Justice Martial Artist is showing hostility.

–Kill her or make her surrender.

“That’s too sudden… Eh? Eh? Eh?” I said out loud.

“Come on, come on, come on! Jab!” She punched the air while saying that.

“Ehh!?” I exclaimed.

I really don’t get what’s happening, but… For now, can you at least let me change out of those Pika Nyan pajamas?

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