High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 55 – Two Gluttons


I heated two large pots on a cassette stove. The content inside them was the same curry I made before, and I had already secured all the necessary ingredients to make it again.

It’s been about two hours since the girl attacked. Zombies were now gathering around the store due to her flashy rampage, but it seemed like this area was still safe enough to be used as a bed for today.

Though the finest bed ended up becoming a mess.

“Uhn… Ah…” The girl muttered.

“Good morning.” I told her.

“Uh… Ah…” The small raider groaned just like a zombie.

I didn’t experience running out of magic yet, but that’s probably what it feels like… I must be careful with that.

“Mm…” The girl sniffed, “… Curry?”

“Yes, I prepared some for you too.” I told her.

After hearing those words, the girl jumped out of her bed, “Uh… Curry…”

She really felt like an animal driven only by her basic needs right now.

That girl, who was supposedly my enemy until just a small while ago, was now defenselessly approaching me.

I filled a large plate with the curry and offered it to her.

“Mm…? What’s this?” She asked me.

“It’s curry. I made it.” I replied.

“Sis…” She looked at me with a disappointed expression, “What a terrible thing to do with curry.”

Huh? Is she saying that she doesn’t like my cooking?

“Picky children won’t be allowed to eat.” I told her.

“Sorry.” She instantly replied.

Then, immediately after that, she started eating the curry at a tremendous speed, “I can eat anything when I’m hungry!”

… That child is extremely rude.

I’m not going to lose at eating though, so I too started devouring the curry in front of me.

I had just eaten a small while back, but I was quite hungry right now. 

I guess food-related common sense doesn’t apply to me anymore. It’s like my stomach is connected to another dimension or something.

On a side note, the skills that I got to face this child were… Defense I, Magic Resistance I, Steel Clothes, Defense II, Defense III and Defense IV.

Essentially, I went all-out on defense.

I wasn’t sure if this was the best idea, but since her title was Justice Martial Artist, I couldn’t imagine that she actually wanted to kill people.

So, in order to convince her to parley, I figured the quickest way to go about it would be to let her hit me 100x, then talk afterwards.

And now, the two of us were silently eating curry while being side by side.

“More!” She exclaimed.

“Yes, yes.” I replied.

I’m not one to talk, but this girl really eats a lot… I guess everyone who have the power of skills are gluttons.

After quickly emptying the large pots of curry, we began to eat potato chips as our snacks.

“Crispy! I love this crispiness!” She exclaimed.

“After plenty of research, I found out that consommé is the best kind of soup, by the way.” I told her.

“I love consommé too!” She replied.

“… Would you like a cup of tea?” I asked.

“Drink!” She instantly replied.

The two of us gulped down plastic bottles with two liters of tea in them in no time.

It’s truly a strange scene, isn’t it?

The girl took a deep breath, “I finally feel alive again!”

“By the way, what’s the level of your Hunger Resistance?” I decided to ask her.

“Mine? I stopped at the second one.” She replied.

So she’s only at the medium tier?

“No wonder you ran out of magical power. Wouldn’t it be better to put another level on it on your next level up?” I asked her.

“Eh? Not really. Food is easily available everywhere.” She replied.

“That way of thinking is way too dangerous. It’s why you lost to me, you know?” I told her.

“Is that so…?” She tilted her head.

“I mean, it wouldn’t be strange if you were killed at that moment… Consider yourself lucky for facing me, who am a kind girl.” I continued.

She pouted a bit, then without looking me in the eyes, opened a new 2L plastic bottle and gulped it down in one go. 

Then, she exclaimed, “Sleep!” and started moving to a bed.

“Uhn… What about the promise to talk…?” I asked her.

“I’ll do it properly tomorrow! I’m sleepy today, so I’ll go sleep!” She exclaimed.

“Shouldn’t you go to the bathroom before sleeping at least?” I asked her.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” She replied.

Yelling like a rebellious daughter, she crawled into the bed.

Good grief… 

And now, she’s going to sleep right next to the person she had a fight with… Ain’t that way too bold?

Though I suppose I’m also quite bold myself.


After saying goodbye to my Pikanyan pajamas and changing back to my usual red jersey, I drank a cup of tea for breakfast.

I wasn’t hungry even after sleeping a whole night, because I haven’t used any magic since then… As expected of Hunger Resistance (Strong).

While I was thinking of that, I saw that the girl got up and started rubbing her eyes, “Good morning…” She muttered in a bad mood.

“Good morning.” I replied.

After saying that, the girl started looking left and right.

Then, after thinking for a while, she asked, “Huh? Where is this place?”

Seems like she is half-asleep right now…

I sighed, “There is still some hot water left here, so we could go take a bath. Do you want to?”

“Yeah… Let’s go in…” She muttered.

Differently from her rebellious attitude of yesterday, today she seemed to be downright depressed… Is this because she lost?

While pushing the unsteady girl, the two of us headed to the roof of the general store.

With a dazed expression, the girl took off her clothes and soaked in the bathtub.

“Is the water temperature good?” I asked her.

“Mm… It’s not bad… Or rather… It’s nice…” She muttered.

“Then, I’ll go wash our clothes, okay?” I told her.

“Alright…” She replied.

It feels like I’m a maid that is serving this girl…

I picked up our messed up clothes and threw them in a bucket of detergent.

“By the way, if you want your clothes back, I’d like you to answer my questions.” I told her.

“What is it?” She groggily replied.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Hakui Iroha.” She answered.

“And your goal?” I asked.

“Various…” She muttered.

Is she still half-asleep?

I guess it can’t be helped… Let’s focus on washing until she comes to her senses.

And like this, thirty minutes passed.

“Uhn…?” Suddenly, Iroha muttered, “Hey, what am I even doing right now…?”

“Taking a bath.” I replied.

After hearing my answer, Iroha suddenly stood up and looked at her surroundings, “What the…?”

I just tilted my head in response.

“Just what the hell is thiiiis!?” She exclaimed.

“What are you even talking about?” I asked.

“Uwaaa! G-give me back my clotheeees!” She exclaimed next.

“I don’t mind it? But I’m doing laundry right now. Do you have a change of clothes?” I asked.

“Those are my only ones, you idioooooot!” She exclaimed.

I sighed, “Then, I’ll go look for some clothes. Please wait for a bit.”

Luckily, there were quite a few pajamas in this store.


After that, it took another thirty minutes for Iroha to calm down.

Then, after another hour, she finally told me about her circumstances.

“I see… So you were deceived by that mysterious woman?” I commented.

“Maybe I was tricked, maybe it was true.” She replied.

She turned her face away from me and refused to acknowledge her mistake.

“Well, I don’t care what you think of me, but in that case do you want to go to Miyabigaoka High School for now? You’ll be able to see for yourself that I’m not as hated as she said.” I told her.

“Well… I guess you don’t look like that much of a bad person, sis. And now that I think about it, there was something suspicious about the behavior of that woman… Or rather, she felt kinda weird.” Iroha replied.

“What do you mean by ‘feeling weird’?” I asked.

“Kinda like her heart wasn’t there? I was in a hurry at the time, so I thought it was just because she was being chased by zombies, but maybe…” Iroha explained.

I can’t say I’m sure of it, but… I might have an idea of who the culprit is.

I mean, there should only be one person who has a reason to attack me right now.

The Evil Slave Master.

Of course, it could be someone else who is lurking behind the scenes, but I don’t think they’d want to attack me?

I guess… I should probably start thinking of this as if the battle has already started.

I hate this. It’s too troublesome… 

I really don’t like fighting.

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