High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 57 – Escape Route


The monster roared again.

It’s really amazing. Its mere roar makes the ground start shaking.

Fighting against it is completely out of question.

“Si-si-si-si-sis, w-w-w-w-w-what do we do!?” Iroha asked me.

“To the narrow alley!” I exclaimed.

We started running through the streets near the Nerima station.

The body of the tiger monster was wider than the road’s width, so we should be relatively safe here.

As such, it actually stopped moving once we entered the alley.

“Yes, we did it!” I exclaimed.

For a moment, I raised my fist, thinking that it was a successful escape.

… I should not have risen that flag.

A huge, dark shadow covered us, just as we started to feel relieved.

When we looked up, we saw the tiger monster jumping up with tremendous power, deftly climbing over the buildings of the shopping street and approaching us.

“Ugh, take that! Explosive Hundred Fists!” Iroha’s fists emitted light, and a rain of energy waves pierced the tiger monster.

However… The monster just groaned a bit at that.

No good, it’s not working!

“The power decreases too much when aimed at a far-away target…” Iroha started calmly analyzing the situation, “I think I want to get closer, it would work out better like that.”

“… Let’s save that as a last resort.” I replied.

And while we had this exchange, I was desperately trying to think of what the best place to run to was.

Nearby buildings, perhaps?

No way. I don’t think any shopping street building could withstand the attack of this monster.

A sturdy building somewhere, maybe?

Also no. I don’t think we can keep running from this monster for long.

The underground path below the Nerima Station?

Sadly not possible. It would be the ideal solution, but the path there is blocked by the very monster we want to run from.

Therefore, the only possible escape route is…

“Iroha! Over here!” As I exclaimed that, I unsheathed my sword and plunged it on a manhole cover.

I used my sword like a lever, and forcefully opened the entrance.

But then, a moment of hesitation came.

I mean, it must be stinky down there…

It must also be dark…

And filthy too…

Do we really need to jump there…?

Once more, the monster roared loudly. Perhaps because it realized that its ‘prey’ was about to escape.

“L-let’s go!” I exclaimed.

Encouraged by that roar, the two of us jumped into the manhole.


It was dark…

“Enchantment. Fire.” I created a fire with my sword.

From the corner of my eye, I could see a black thing running away, but I decided to ignore that and not accept the reality in front of me.

The sewers were filled with a putrid smell that made me dizzy.

I suppose it can’t be helped when the flow of water has stopped for quite a while now… I don’t think I can keep up with this for long though. We might even run out of oxygen if we don’t leave soon.

“What should we do…?” Iroha muttered out loud.

“We should get out of here on the next exit, the tiger probably won’t be able to keep track of us while we move underground.” I replied.

“No good.” Iroha shook her head.

“No…? Why?” I asked.

“We gotta kill it.” She told me.

“No way…” I muttered.

That proposition astonished me… I mean, how can we even fight that gigantic monster? I can’t even imagine it.

“If that thing keeps roaming around, then the townspeople will definitely end up being killed by it. There are surely many other people alive, so we have to kill it to protect them.” Iroha told me.

“But…” I started replying.

“I’m sure our power exists for times like this, so that’s why I have to go.

“You don’t have to come if you don’t want to, sis.” She explained her line of thought.

That was unexpected.

Honestly, I underestimated Iroha. I thought she was just a dumb kid, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

At the very minimum, her will is genuine. She has decided long ago that she was willing to give up her own life if needed.

“You’re certainly someone who can be proud of yourself, kid.” I told her.

She just giggled in response.

Well, when faced with this kind of answer, then I guess that, as the older sister, I can’t really abandon her.

“Then, let’s beat it together.” I told her.

“Thank you.” She nodded, then rubbed her nose embarrassedly.

“We gotta think of a strategy though. Let’s get out on the nearest exit so that we can think in a non-stinky place.” I said.

“Alright.” She replied.

We then started walking through the sewers.

Even now, we could still hear the monster’s roars, who was probably frustrated for letting its ‘prey’ escape.

The sound was so loud that it made the sewer water reverberate and splash around.

Seriously… If you’re going to eat us, then please don’t play with the food, alright? I’m asking this much of you.

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