High School Girl Warrior

Chapter 87 – Discussing the spoils


Honestly, I was planning on returning to Miyabigaoka High School right away, but…

“Why don’t we share everyone’s skill information with one another?” Tsuzuri suggested.

We decided to do just that, but since it could take a while to discuss everything, we figured that it would be better to stay at the aviation park for the day.

So, inside a neatly cleaned up trailer, in front of a table filled with tea and sweets, me Iroha and Tsuzuri talked.

Tsuzuri then wrote down all of our skills in a notebook, using extremely cute letters.


Wandering Warrior

Level: 32 (Has 5 leftover Skill Points)


Basic Skills:

Sword Technique (Advanced); Perfect Maintenance

Natural Healing (Strong); Skin Strengthening; Bone Strengthening

Hunger Resistance (Strong)

Skill Appraisal


Magic Skills:

Fire Magic I-III


Job Skills:

Defense V; Steel Clothes; Aegis Shield

Magic Resistance II


Shared Skills:

Quick Step I <- Martial Artist

Enslave; Slave Reinforcement III <- Slave Master


Justice Martial Artist

Level: 26


Basic Skills:

Fighting Technique (Advanced); Special Skill I-IV

Natural Healing (Strong); Skin Strengthening; Bone Strengthening

Hunger Resistance (Strong)


Magic Skills:

Fire Magic I-III

Thunder Magic I-IV


Job Skills:

Quick Step II

Iron Fist

Superhuman Strength I

Mind’s Eye


Shared Skills:

Defense I <- Warrior


Evil Slave Master

Level: 25 (Has 2 leftover Skill Points)


Basic Skills:

Fighting Technique (Beginner)

Natural Healing (Strong); Skin Strengthening; Bone Strengthening

Hunger Resistance (Strong)


Magic Skills:

Fire Magic I-II

Water Magic I

Thunder Magic I-III

Healing Magic I-IV


Job Skills:

Sex Technique (Beginner)


Note: Enslave and Slave Reinforcement III are lent to the Warrior [star emoji]


“… Hey, Iroha, when did you pick Fire Magic?” I asked her.

“Oh, that? I saw you use it before, sis, and I thought it looked really cool.” Iroha replied.

She really takes her skills very impulsively as soon as she levels up, doesn’t she?

On the other hand, I prefer to hoard my Skill Points, so I guess our personalities are quite different on that aspect.

“By the way, how do you spend your New Year’s gift money?” I asked her.

“Of course, I use it all up on the day I receive it!” Iroha exclaimed.

As expected…

“On the other hand, you’re quite cautious, Warrior. Leaving 5 leftover Skill Points…” Tsuzuri commented.

“I prefer to have options for when I need them.” I replied.

After all, compared to before, I’m not really dissatisfied with my current fighting power.

“Besides, I prefer to save the Mega Elixir until the very end of the final dungeon.” I told him.

Though it might not be that bad of an idea to follow Iroha’s example and actively acquire skills in the future.

“Well, let’s get to the point.” Tsuzuri clapped his hands to call our attention, “I’d like to discuss what to do with the skills of the Spirit Tamer.”

“Aah…” Iroha muttered.

If I recall correctly, the Hallucination said I could steal up to three of his skills.

–Please select which skills you wish to steal from the Cruel Spirit User

–The currently available skills are as follows:

–Madness (Weak)

–Fire Magic IV

–Healing Magic I

–Spirit Summoning I

–Spiritual Presence I

“Well, for now, let’s check the effects of Madness, Spirit Summoning and Spiritual Presence.” I said.

–Madness (Weak): Absorbs magical power from the surroundings and converts it into offensive and defensive power for you. However, your intelligence decreases.

–Spirit Summoning I: Lets you summon low-level spirits, such as a Fairy.

–Spiritual Presence I: Lets you obscure the presence of up to one spirit, though the strength of this effect varies depending on the spirit.

“Really now… This Madness skill that the Spirit Tamer got is certainly something.” I commented.

Though its downside is also immense. Lowering one’s intelligence is… That’s way too scary.

I wonder if he took it because he was desperate?

“And it’s such a cheat too. It would be a waste to leave it there.” Iroha commented.

“So, will you take it, Iroha?” I asked.

“Mmm… No, thank you!” Iroha quickly decided.

I guess everyone felt the same about that.

Then, after a few dozen minutes of discussions, we ended up coming to some conclusions.

First of all, if you don’t have the backwards-compatible skill, you’ll acquire it from the lowest level. Essentially, you can’t take Healing Magic II without having Healing Magic I first.

Also, a stolen skill cannot be acquired by other players. As in, both me and Iroha can’t steal Healing Magic I at the same time.

We also ended up deciding what skills each of us wanted to take.

Me: Spirit Summoning I; Spiritual Presence I; Fairy (derived from the previous skills)

Iroha: Healing Magic I-III

Tsuzuri: Healing Magic V; Fire Magic IV-V *

“Seems like we were able to distribute those nicely.” Tsuzuri commented.

I agreed, as the discussion went fairly smoothly. Each of us just got the skills we wanted. We didn’t need to decide using rock-paper-scissors or anything like it.

–Skill Effects are being applied.

Alright, now to test it out… “Hello, Fairy?” I spoke to the skies.

… No response.

“Hey, if you can, please reply.” I said next.

… No response.

Mmmm… Could there be some specific conditions that I need to fulfill in order to summon the fairy?

“Hey, hey, Fairy! Come on, fairy!” I exclaimed, but… No response, again.

“Hey, sis, you look like a total moron right now.” Iroha giggled as she said that.

If even Iroha is saying that…

Well, it’s fine. I think the Fairy will answer me eventually. Let’s go to the next topic instead.

“So, about the First Step Towards The Sacred Realm achievement… Well, before anything else, did you get this one, Iroha?” I asked her.

“Yep.” She replied.

“Then the condition to unlock it was probably to kill other players.” I muttered.

“Most likely…” Tsuzuri crossed his arms as he thought, “Does that mean that we need to keep on killing other players to reach this Sacred Realm?”

“I’m not sure, but I think it’s dangerous to take it too seriously. The way that achievements are named is… It seems like it’s messing with us at times.” I replied.

“That’s true.” Tsuzuri commented.

“Yeah.” Iroha nodded.

Then all three of us are in agreement on this topic.

“Then, let’s check the rewards, for now?” I suggested.

–Please select the reward for the First Step Towards The Sacred Realm Achievement.

–Bugging Gun

–Invincible Badge

–Prototype Duplicator

More things that seem to be straight out of animes…

–Bugging Gun is a non-lethal pistol that automatically refills its bullets.

–Invincible Badge protects the wearer against any kind of attack, but only once.

–Prototype Duplicator is a machine that allows you to infinitely duplicate items obtained from Achievements. However, as it is a prototype, some particularly rare items may not be duplicated. Also, the time it takes to duplicate an item varies from item to item.

We looked at one another for a second, then instantly decided to tell what items we wanted at the same time.

“Bugging Gun.” I said.

“Invincible Badge to me!” Iroha said.

“I’ll try to increase the Badge numbers with the Prototype Duplicator.” Tsuzuri said.

–Items are being provided.

Each item appeared in front of us.

The Bugging gun that was in front of me, looked like a toy laser gun drawn by a child, and had a strangely wide caliber. Like, about 3cm of diameter.

In front of Iroha, a pink badge that was about as big as a ten-yen coin appeared. It had ‘Invincible’ engraved on it.

And in front of Tsuzuri, a machine that looked like an old-fashioned typewriter appeared. A pedestal was installed at the top of it, and it seemed like we could duplicate items by placing them there.

“Well… Let’s try increasing the number of badges then.” I told Iroha.

She nodded, put the badge on top of the pedestal, and then… The machine started making a really strange noise, that I wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing.

Before I could figure that out though, a timer appeared on the Prototype Duplicator.

“Fifteen days and six hours…” I muttered.

That’s about half a month… Can’t say I ain’t disappointed by this result.

I suppose it’s impossible to quickly obtain many copies of strong achievement items.

“Seems like the more powerful items take longer to duplicate… What should we do then?” Tsuzuri asked.

“For now, I think we should keep on duplicating the Invincible Badges anyways.” I told him.

After all, it is a strong consumable item. We might need to use it as a trump card one day.

“Oh, and let me give you this.” I handed the Bugging Gun to Tsuzuri.

“Eh? You sure?” Tsuzuri asked.

“The community here doesn’t have enough weapons to protect themselves. The bows and arrows that Sanae and the others have might not be enough to protect this place, so this should help.” I explained.

“Thank you, that’s very helpful.” Tsuzuri gave me a deep bow, “This, as well as the matter with the university… I’m sure this kindness of yours will reward you one day.”

Well, I really didn’t ask anything in return for doing all that, but… Well, I won’t keep my hopes up, but it would be nice if this paid off eventually.


* Translator’s Note: I’m not quite sure why Tsuzuri was able to get Fire Magic IV-V if he only had Fire Magic I-II until just now. I assume he either acquired Fire Magic III off-screen, or the author made a mistake here.

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