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Coincidence, Destiny

The announcements caused some of the fearful people to broke out in curses while others would start shivering once again.

Jecheon was in state of panic, a defensive line was already encircling Jecheon’s downtown and was slowly shrinking and being readjusted. To prevent their escape outside the method the Hunter emergency team inside utilized was bringing down the monsters one at time.

The price was that strategy would certainly consume a lot of time.

Aran stared at the bunker’s cement floor with a blank face. Her mother and father died without even being able to scream, while she couldn’t do anything. Feeling sad and powerless tears flowed while she gritted her teeth.

People had fallen in a state of panic. ‘Here is dangerous’ or ‘We have to move to a different bunker’, there were people babbling about such things not far away. Aran was able to clearly see how unsightly people could be when their lives were at risk.

Suddenly there was fights, suddenly there was crying, suddenly there were groups.

-Dong, Dong, Dong

Suddenly, somebody knocked on the door.

“Please open it! Please open! Quick!”

An urgent voice was heard across the door. The survivor, who was hiding somewhere, rushed to the underground bunker urgently.

“Teacher! Teacher! Please open the door! Monsters are coming! Monsters!”

“Is that a survivor?”

“Quickly open the door!”

One female teacher ran to the door, but was stopped by someone.

“No! Do not open!”

“W-What are you saying vice-principal!”

“If you open the door monsters will come in together! Everyone here will die!”

“It will be okay if we open and close it quickly!”

Although the female teacher tried to argue, the vice-principal broke out in cold-sweat, persistently shaking his head.

“No! All the people here will be killed trying to save a single person. Think rationally teacher Kim!”

Aran could see the others’ expressions clearly. Everyone agreed more with the vice-principal’s words than with the female teacher’s. The female teacher as well had her expression turn stiff thinking about it.

“Please open! Please open it! Please… Please!!”

The young girl’s voice seemed frantic. However no one tried to approach the door. Although it seemed no monsters were present, it was unknown, and only one, if only one monster came in a massacre was sure to follow.

These people though it was better to let someone die than to place their lives at risk opening the door for a moment. Teacher or student, all of them made a terrible decision, one they would never do otherwise, in this moment of life-or-death.

At that moment all them became unfamiliar to Aran.

Everyone avoided each other eyes, lowering theirs heads not uttering a word. At this moment they were all the same.

To Aran, rather than the monsters, these people were more disgusting.

She raised from her seat suddenly, running to the door, loosening the hinges and locks in a moment, completely throwing open the steel gate behind.

“W-What are you doing?”

“She is mad!”

She thought it would be better if a monster were to enter and kill these crazy people. In front, a female student filled with tears and snot threw herself through the door desperately, there was no monster on the bunker’s downward corridor.

“Y-You! You!”

The vice-principal, face growing red, failed to control his temper pointing at Aran. The female teacher appeared soon and embraced the female student who entered forgetting her cold decision.

“Ju Hui-Ya!”


The person who came in wailed, the friends who recognized that child came running, in groups of two or one, and hugged her in a moment. Aran watched that sight first-hand from the bunker’s entrance forgetting to say anything. Whoever heard their voices would notice the feeling of sadness mixed with happiness, for having left her to die and for her to have successfully came in.

That two emotions were real. Aran slammed the gate shut. However, she stood outside the bunker. She didn’t want to remain in that closed space which somehow seemed like a foreign world.


Perhaps it was the vice-principal, the door was locked as soon as it closed. Monsters didn’t open doors with their hands, smashing them open instead. As such, locking the door would do no good. Aran felt that action was very strange. Only crying sounds could be heard from inside, there was no one who tried to stop Aran from suddenly rushing out nor was there calls to return.

Aran rushed up the staircase coming out the school. She had rather die than be in that sort of crazy place gripped with hopelessness.

Jecheon’s incident had yet to be quelled down when the day passed, sunset was once again forming in the sky. No trace of monsters could be found on the playground. And, Aran could see an enormous black object in the sky approaching with incredible speed.

“Haa, Haa, Haa…”

She ran like crazy. Fleeing through the playground, while the fast approaching black object crashed his body against the school.


The school building was smashed in a moment, throwing up a cloud of dust. As a result, choosing to die become the choice who saved her life, not having been built so deeply, and with the school’s collapse, the bunker had caved in.

The giant Wyvern, the most powerful and the biggest monster inside the dungeon stirred, raising his body.


The monster released an ear-splitting cry shaking his body, that movement collapsing some far-away parts of the school. And Aran realized how feeble her conviction to die was.

This was an bone-chilling fear, because of it Aran’s thoughts of walking into that monster’s mouth crumbled apart. Aran ran out the school without aim. The school’s bunker collapsed, those who were inside had all been crushed to death.

Aran crazy action allowed her to live alone, escaping and running without clear goal. The soldiers would have stablished a defense line somewhere, and only by reaching it would one be able to survive. However, Aran wasn’t able to make that kind of the decision. Only running like crazy to escape from that giant monster.

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However, Jecheon was already overrun by monsters.

After passing some streets and stray dogs, Aran came across frightening black-furred beasts while loitering the streets.

Three huge beasts three meters high resembling monkeys discovered Aran. The monsters were in the middle of digging through corpse, with red blood dripping from their mouths.


“Haa, Haa… Haa…”

Aran collapsed on her knees. Far from the giant monster, even those monkeys could easily tear her apart. The monsters, which were in the middle of a feast, wouldn’t let a survivor escape because of it. It was clear those beasts would tear off her neck now.


However, just before those black beasts touched Aran, they collided against something and were sent bouncing back.

Aran saw somebody standing in front of her eyes. Around his body ironlike fingernail-sized hexagons floated in the air slowly.

A moment ago, that hexagon shaped iron pieces assembled together forming a wall, and the beasts collided against it being bounced off. Aran saw it clearly. Even though she could only see his back, that person carried a shining sword in his right hand, and a silver revolver on his left.

In fact, it wasn’t until much later on that she got to know those iron pieces floating around were in fact part of the strongest armour coat, a Panel Suit.

“Here is Union-0, a survivor was found. A girl in the early teens, repeat. Union-0, a survivor was found. Three beasts identified, three monkeys, awaiting instructions.”

[We will take on the Boss, you get away. Can you do that alone?]

“No problem.”

[Good. If you discover additional survivors continue reporting.]

“Alright, I am leaving.”

With the sudden enemy’s appearance the monsters stood a distance away without approaching, growling. Aran too was bewildered with the Hunter’s sudden appearance. He looked down at her, deactivated his Aether sword wearing it on his waist right side.

“How many fingers are here?”

Then he held out his little finger asking Aran. And she replied in a trembling voice.

“O-One… Just one.”

That Hunter, confirming Aran wasn’t in panic, extended out his little finger.

“Here, hold my finger. Just like when doing a promise[1]. Come on, quick.”

Aran wondered what reason was there to suddenly lock pinkies in this situation. However, she, as if moved by something, intertwined her finger on that man’s.

“You have to hold like this until we escape from here, okay? If you keep your promise we will be able to get out safe and sound.”


The monkey monsters, not being able to endure in the end, pounced at the man, and he pulled the trigger without even glancing in their direction.


The white shine on the revolver grew bigger and something was shot. And a monster upper body just flew away. She watched that overwhelming scene without screaming. That man slowly walked in the monster’s direction while holding Aran’s little finger. They walked leisurely, without rushing or running.

“Slowly, everything will be okay if you follow me.”

Aran walked slowly, forcefully dragging her powerless legs. While the man faced the incoming monster a few times, pulling the trigger.

-Bang, Bang, Bang!

Blasts spouted out in flashes, and the monsters, which continued their futile attempts, had their heads or bodies easily exploded while the man continued speaking to Aran.

“It’s safe with me. Continue, following. Try saying it.”

“W-with you… Continue, continue following.”

“Very good.”

Aran walked slowly through the sections of the chaotic Jecheon while holding the Hunter’s pinky as if on a stroll. The man feeding Aether blasts to the incoming monsters with each step.

When a silent attack came from a blind spot they would be fended off by the protective barrier formed by the Panel Suit, and he then neutralized them easily, changing between blasts and sword as needed.

Soon destruction and explosions reverberated in the direction the giant monster was in. Aran looked back. In the place the school used to be a dense cloud of dust was raising fiercely.

-Boom! Boom! Boom!

Jecheon’s incident was suppressed before 2 hours had passed after an unidentified Hunter team entered. At that time, more than 30,000 people had died in Jecheon.

Aran was guided by that Hunter safely going over the defensive line, and the man walked back in the chaotic Jecheon’s downtown. Aran was handed over to the survivors’ aiding team and supplied some simple relief supplies.

As soon as the disaster causes came to light there were numerous voices asking for the punishment of those in the industry who were involved.

By the time people forgot about that event, all related company representatives were sentenced to fines.


all those business representatives involved in Jecheon’s incident went missing a few months later. Although an investigation about the possibility of murders as a form of revenge was carried there were no traces anywhere.

After the incident, she completed a related program in the country to become a Hunter. And, having her aptitude as Knight noticed, she remained in protection facilities until becoming of appropriate age before entering the Knight Temple. She hated the monsters and also hated her own powerlessness before them. The finger of the person who rescued her and that warmth were engraved in her soul.

Therefore she wanted to hunt those monsters.

She wanted to work for the benefit of those people suffering from monsters. Like the man from that time, interlock pinkies as if doing a childish promise in order to save someone, she wanted to become that sort of person.

And now,

“Because of that Templar work isn’t as simple as you think. And there is also…”

In front of her eyes, the man from that time was looking at Aran with a very serious expression talking non-stop.

However, none of those numerous words reached Aran’s ears.

She couldn’t figure out why that man joined a management nor why did he chat excitedly like this like a shady salesman. Nevertheless, as soon as Aran faced him the answer was fixed.


“What I want to say is you should think once more about becoming a Templar… Yes?”



The abrupt agreement left Choi Kang-Joon dumbfounded.

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Translation’s Notes:

Pinky Promise / Pinky Swear:

So this is a last time addition since it just ocurred me this may not be common knowledge to some.

It is a promise made by entwining little fingers. Nothing complex BUT this thing is pretty serious. The following entry on Urban Dictionary pretty much sums it:

“The most sacred, serious, vow anyone can ever swear to. If broken, you must suffer some serious consequences. These promises come straight from the heart and are sworn to value. Remember the code!”

THE most sacred, serious vow!

Its origin is pretty dark though. It is said to have started in Japan and was made by Yakuzas basically meaning ‘If I don’t keep my word you can cut off my finger’ kind of thing.

“Pinky swearing presumably started in Japan, where it is called yubikiri (指切り, “finger cut-off”) and often additionally confirmed with the vow ‘Finger cut-off, ten thousand fist-punchings, whoever lies has to swallow thousand needles.'” (Wikipedia)

^That is a little messed up though.


Ending Notes:

Man, I am really satisfied with this novel. Just when I thought everyone inside the bunker was an A-Hole… Boom! Wyvern to the face! So satisfying.

Then, there were the guilty higher-ups. Their dissapearance was a really a nice move on the author part. I didn’t expect. But I like it.

The only thing that bothers me in the young girl who entered the bunker. Poor girl. It really wasn’t your lucky day…

PS.: Screw you vice-principal!

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