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Our Manager The Landlord

Seo Aran’s Hunter certificate was already put in place by the Knight Temple and no additional work was necessary. In Choi Gina’s case team leader Song filled out all relevant documents, and Seol Yeong accompanied her in acquiring an unranked Hunter certificate. Categorized as a Pure Hunter, a kind of smoke-screen tactic.

Choi Gina, who once had a heaven defying career, was henceforth an officially recognized F Rank Hunter. Although making full use of her reputation in the Hunter industry will need to be postponed, once a certain degree of reputation was formed, even if she was discovered to be a Awaken later, they would be able to finish the abilities report in any case using her already official Hunter status as a cover. Soon, Choi Gina would be able to avoid going in the so dreaded Awaken facility.

Should the military try to use force with the intention of expropriating Choi Gina, the Management would be able to file a lawsuit against it.

In various aspects, it was a method only someone like Kang-Joon with deep knowledge in the field would know.

“Starting now you two will become partners. Introduce yourselves, and get to know each other slowly.”

In Hero Management’s Office, the four – Seo Aran, Choi Gina, Choi Kang-Joon, and Seol Yeong – sat around a circular table that wasn’t used in quite a while. Choi Gina had an expression as if she was slightly afraid, while Seo Aran was looking at her expressionlessly as if she didn’t care at all.

“I am Choi Gina… 24 years old… Please treat me well.”

Unlike the high-spirit she displayed upon becoming the Magical Girl, Choi Gina was a little passive and introvert.

“Seo Aran, eighteen, class is Knight.”

Both were equally stiff in their own way. Seo Aran understood Hero Management was no longer on its prime. She had come solely because of Kang-Joon, she obviously wouldn’t have said yes to a company of such small-scale otherwise.

Choi Gina, as well, had come because of Kang-Joon’s knowledge regarding an Avatar’s abilities, and didn’t have a big interest in hunting itself.

“I will first give some explanations. Reviewing all the contract contents… Everyone will henceforth become an affiliated Hunter working under Hero Management. Although searching for jobs for the Hunters is not under my jurisdiction, I will be giving my maximum to handle all those matters and I plan to take all action necessary to deal with them.”

As it was the first time Seol Yeong would be explaining those matters in earnest, Kang-Joon watched Seol Yeong with a serious expression as she explained while unfolding the contract.

“If you can’t occupy a hunting spot during 1 month our management guarantees, as we spoke before, a base pay of US $2,000 after-tax. However, there is some managements questions that come in place before that. Whenever you go the role of a management is simple. Search and choose places for the Hunter to hunt, support, and take care of any necessary minor matters related to the Hunter welfare as their proxy.

That is, of course, the most basic things. Suppose any of you destroyed a shop or public establishment while hunting. In that case, if you are caught in the middle of any legal actions, our management will take care of all the issues in your stead. There are management companies who house their own law teams, however, we at Hero Management had to close our law-firm because of various circumstances and are currently entrusting these incident matters to a third-party.

Likewise if you are on vacation you might want to rent a house, reserve a hotel or flight, or if all you need is a workplace or training center all you have to do is contact us, that sort of thing. That said, it is illegal for a management to forcefully employ you to areas that doesn’t match your levels. Of course, this is a criterion only applicable for C Rank or higher…
The norm is for the person in question to be deployed to scenes one level lower than their rank. If one is a C Rank then a D Rank situation, and if they are of B Rank an C Rank situation. Of course, even though the rules in a S Rank situation, or higher, are an exception, the way that is handled is complicated so there will be no problem if you don’t understand that part.”

Seo Aran was a D Rank based on the Knight certification, and Choi Gina was unranked. In Choi Gina’s case with her real power exceeding the S Rank slightly that held no particular meaning, while Seo Aran was granted a rank lower than her actual prowess on purpose as she had no experience in a real fight . If it is a rank F scene, those two alone are enough to overpower anything on it.

“Every resource you obtain will be split with a 7:3 ratio. Cores, Aether, Cubes, anything. In this case we can confidently say that is our management advantage.”

Seol Yeon said taking a glance at the two once.

“The 3 stakes from the share Hero Management gets will pay all yours taxes, income taxes, as well as any other special costs that might arise. Therefore, if you acquire 10 F-Class cores, that 7 will go completely to you, and the remaining 3 will be disposed as money in order to settle all your share of taxes in bulk. However, there is something you should keep in mind pertaining to this.”

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“Please say it.”

“I will inform you continuously and let you know how much taxes there are and how much you have to pay. About which part has any extra tariff as well as how much additional cost is attached. You must have a full understanding regarding this. There are many cases of managements who don’t give Hunters the money they are due using the taxes calculations as excuse. Files are frequently manipulated and raised while there are many people who don’t even show the Hunters the taxes calculation sheet. As such, as you might later go to a different management, I hope you two are well-informed and experienced when earning something and the cost of taxes is brought forward so that you are not taken advantage of in the future.”

Choi Gina nodded her head, and Seo Aran did the same. Although Seol Yeong was informing them so that they wouldn’t be swindled by others regardless of which management they head for in the future, the two in front were still immature and were unable to grasp the implicit meaning in Seol Yeong warning.

There were still many Hunters who were taken advantage of. Kang-Joon suddenly realized Seol Yeong was a really diligent businessman. Rather, with such diligence she shouldn’t have fallen so low.

“Unfortunately, Hero Management doesn’t have any work yet. And 3 persons are needed for a Hunter team in the first place. I apologize to everyone, but you will have to remain on stand-by after all. However, I will give my best and work hard so you can go on your first hunt as soon as possible.”

Both nodded their head. Now they possessed two people, meeting the minimum number of required. Once they reach three they would be able to make a team, and with it created they would be able to acquire a jurisdiction as well as go through the personnel examination using it as a base. Seon Yeong then pointed to Kang-Joon.

“Mr. Choi Kang-Joon will be taking care of you from now on. Originally, a manager’s role is managing a Hunter Team movements and schedule, and, outside of entering your house, to be together and at your disposition from the moment you wake until you go to sleep. In the same form, if there is something you desire you can speak to me through Mr. Kang-Joon, or speak to me directly. It is easier if you think of the manager’s job as being the connection between the Hunter Team and the company.”

Looking at it in a negative light a manager is the Hunter Team’s handyman, and if one look as it positively they are their guide. A good manager doesn’t let the Hunter Team exhaust themselves helping them maintain their highest condition at all times, and manages their lives as a team. Although the Hunters are the most important in various ways, there were times a manager role was more important than an individual Hunter.

“However, as everyone knows, Mr. Kang-Joon has career experience as a Hunter. A special point different from all other managers. Concerning hunting and matters related to teamwork Mr. Kang-Joon has a deeper knowledge than all others. If I am being honest… I feel a little sorry for outstanding talents like you two to come to Hero Management. Nevertheless, I can confidently say you two have really met the best manager.”

Being praised in front of him left Kang-Joon completely embarrassed, scratching the back of his head. There was no manager like Kang-Joon before, and there won’t be in the future.

“Generally, it is important for a Hunter team to live together for some time, what does everyone think? Even though it is not obligatory… After all wouldn’t it be good to get to know each other’s side?”

The majority of Hunter Teams stayed together, or, even if that was not the case, lived in places very close to each other. After all no one knows when they would be called. Both Seo Aran and Choi Gina nodded their head.

“Well, since it is like that we will try to search for accommodations as quickly as possible…”

“No, it’s okay.”


Seol Yeong tilted her head hearing Kang-Joon’s words.

“There is an apartment building under my name in Sillim Dong, there should be no problem if they live together there. That is where I live. The previous owner lived in a household taking up the whole floor on the 4th level. The area exceeds 150m2, and all the household appliances remain in place. As it housed many it should be sufficient to 2 young women to live.”

“M-Mr. Kang-joon would be… the landlord?”

“That’s right, after all that is something a manager should do…”

“Uh… In any case that would be great.”

Then Kang-Joon laughed speaking to them without an ounce of embarrassment.

“US $ 1,500 month. No need for deposit.”


“Just so you know, there is a space you can use as a training room in the basement, with no additional cost.”

Seol gazed at Kang-Joon’s elated expression stunned.

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