Renkinjutsushi 7 (teaser)

Restraining oneself is tough

“Congrats in completing the request! I hadn’t thought you would actually be able to complete it…”

“Certainly, that person had a weird personality but surprisingly it worked out.”

“Fufu, I am glad. This is the reward, 1 gold coin.”

Reiss felt happy being complimented and received the reward.

They had an agreement that he will take on Daisy’s requests from here on as well so it isn’t be an exaggeration to say that he now has a steady income source.

Besides, Reiss was also happy that he made an alchemist acquaintance. As one would expect, you can really connect easily with the people in the same profession.

He can create the base of his life here in the capital both in terms of relationships and income. He was worried about how it will play out when he was leaving his old place but it seems like he will be able to lead a peaceful life.

“See, I can get requests done by myself too.”

Reiss proudly told Laffy beside him.

“Oho…? Then shall we talk about what happened during the request again?”

Being looked at coldly by Laffy, Reiss swallowed his breath. Laffy had already heard about what had happened but she came asking once again.

“Well, I guess I did go overboard a bit but…”

“A bit? The client being so surprised that they collapsed is a bit?”

“That is…”

Reiss hesitated and his eyes wandered about.

“Besides that, Reiss, I think you’re being taken advantage of.”

“Advantage of?”

“Yeah. I am not an alchemist but I can tell that you’re amazing. If so, then an actual alchemist would find you as an extraordinary person. They can learn and receive help from such an extraordinary person at a daily basis. This is probably an ideal situation for the client.”

Remembering Daisy’s mischievous smile, Reiss shuddered, saying “She had such an ulterior motive….?”

“No, but, as a result, I also get a daily source of income so wasn’t it right of me to promise her…?”

Hearing Reiss try to reason with her like that, she couldn’t help but look at him dumbfounded.

“….It’s exactly because you think like that that you get swindled on the first day of your arrival here in the capital.”

“….You’re absolutely right.”

Reiss dropped his shoulders and reflected on his actions. It turned out well since Daisy didn’t want to deceive him but if things went bad, there was a possibility of him getting deceived again.

“Of course, it’s not a bad thing to be nice but you should be cautious at times too. Also, in your case, it is also important to restrain yourself.”

“Restrain, eh…”

He muttered, sounding worried.

As for Reiss, he didn’t really want to hold back in anything alchemy related. But even then, if he were to restrain himself, he doesn’t even know how to go about doing that.

If one asks if it’s bad to make a good quality potion, of course that isn’t the case. In fact, because he was doing alchemy experiments, it is only natural for him to want to make a better and effective potion.

“Restraining oneself is tough, huh…”

Hearing Reiss’ mutter, Laffy only gave out a sigh.




A few days after becoming an adventurer. As promised, Reiss had accepted a designated request from Daisy.

“Hey, Daisy. Restraining oneself is hard, huh?”

Reiss said with a somewhat distant expression, looking all philosophical. Daisy stopped her work and looked at Reiss tiresomely.

“What is this, suddenly…?”

“No, it’s just that, I have been told by a friend to restrain myself, you see… So when I was thinking how to do that, I couldn’t come up with a way.”

“Oho? You have a friend, eh?”

“Eh…. what do you mean by that?”

Reiss glanced at the little girl (temporary) beside him.

—Did she think I was a friendless loner or something…?–

Bringing about a close to correct answer in his head, he hurriedly tried to shake it off.

“Well, in your case, it is true. You’re an amazing alchemist…. Well, in short, I think it’s a problem of adjustment.”

“And what do you mean by that?”

“For example, if you were to sell a large amount of elixirs, the surrounding people would look at you all confused, right? And so, you make a clear cut standard of selling just one in half a year. Well, I don’t think there are many idiots who would be able to produce elixirs like it’s nothing.”



While that hit too close to home, Reiss still tried to gloss it over by averting his eyes.

“W-well, I understand what you’re saying.”

“Yea? That’s good…. By the way, can you also make elixirs, Reiss?”

“Mm, I can.”

“…. Then I must become able to make them as well. —Now then, let’s start.”

By start, he meant the alchemy drill. Today was the first day and Daisy was looking forward to it.

“Got it. Alright, for now, show me extraction, purification, and sublimation.”

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