Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 10 No-good-dragon

“—–And? Don’t you have something you want to say?”


I was sitting on the throne, with my cheeks resting on my hand. Shii was on my knees.


“Yo-you got it wrong. Th-this is because of unavoidable circumstances and-and I am not at fault here!”


And in front of us, sitting on her knees, desperately trying to resist was– the supreme dragon, Leficios.


“Oh? And how is it wrong? Tell me.”




She became silent.

This dragon girl has been not been looking straight at me and has been turning away her face.




As I let out a big sigh, Lefy’s shoulders shook. To hell with all her dignity.


“Hey, don’t just stay quiet and try saying something. I might let it go depending on the situation.”


Well, first of all, a situation like that does not exist.


‘Uhh…. it’s that”




“….I-It was just too good th-that, I ended up eating a-all of it…..”


Yep, just as I had expected.

Yep, thank you, I knew.


“You… you have been living for a long time. At least learn to endure it…. for just a day, you know…?”


“Bu-but… it-it was just too good….”


“Don’t give me that, you no-good-dragon!”


“Wha….?! Y-you called me a no-good-dragon?!”


“Even though you have lived so long, you can’t even be patient, just like a child. I am amazed you can call yourself the supreme dragon without being embarrassed with that!”


“Guuu… saying whatever you please…! That’s right, that’s exactly right. I am the supreme dragon. I live as I please and bring about disasters as I wish! What is wrong about living the way one wants?!”


Uwah, this dragon. She just completely turned on me!


“Hmph, you should just give up. My existence in itself is considered a natural calamity in the human world! That which happened too was the wish of the heavens!”


“I won’t give you sweets anymore.”


“I am really sorry. Please forgive me.”


Changing her attitude again in an instant, she silently lowered her head.








If you were wondering how such a situation came to be, we would need to go back to this morning.


“Alright then, Lefy. I leave keeping watching of the dungeon to you until I come back. Shii too, wait together with Lefy.”


“……………Got it.”


“If you get hungry, you can eat the food I left but don’t eat too much, okay?”




While playing the game ‘Tummy Get’, a handheld game which was popular long ago, she gave an absent-minded reply.

Beside her, the slime, Shii, was jumping up and down as if to say he understood.


That game which the dragon girl was engrossed in was in a questionable section of the DP Catalogue, and as it cost less than the other games because it was small (Even though I say it cost less, compared to the normal stuff it was still quite expensive) I tried it but, instead of me, Lefy ended up getting addicted to it.


It is probably because she has never seen anything like it.

As far as I heard from Lefy, the technology in this world had not advanced that far and it was her first time seeing something like it.


Well, if this world’s civilization had advanced so far as to make such handheld games, it would have honestly been a kill-joy.


Impressed, she said ‘I didn’t know demon lords could make such things….’ but, Lefy-san, the only one who can make something like that is, most probably, me.


Incidentally, about the relation between Lefy and Shii, the two had been getting along just fine.

I suppose girls, even in different races, do like cute things– Lefy, too, was being affectionate to Shii, saying things like ‘Fufu… Shii, you shall become the world’s strongest slime!’.

Well, Shii is cute after all. So, I guess it is just natural.


Shii was a bit scared of Lefy at first but, after watching me talking with her normally, he probably felt that Lefy is not someone he needs to be cautious around and is now playful with her too.


At this point, I don’t really feel any threat from her anymore.

Even now, that appearance of seriously playing that game, rolling around on the floor, does not look anything like an ancient dragon who has lived over a thousand years.

No matter how I look at her, she looks like a child.


Giving a bitter smile, seeing them play like that, I said ‘Then, I’m off’ and left the throne room.


For what purpose did I go outside, you ask? Not to raise money, but to find a good way to raise DP.


Half of the DP income depends on the intruders but, that crucial intruder hasn’t shown up in our dungeon yet. Just the doggy I instantly killed the other day.


As Lefy has designated this area as her territory, almost all kinds of wildlife do not come anywhere near and the strong monsters have also decreased. On top of that, in the world of man, this place has been said to be one of the unexplored regions, so I have yet to see a human or demi-human.


And thus, as I am in such a territory, I thought of expanding my dungeon territory outside of this one.

If I just fill up an area on the map and designate it as the dungeon territory, I could receive DP from all the inhabitants of that area.


I have plenty of funds for that because of Lefy, who was now lazing around in the dungeon.


Normally, it seems like DP would have been used to empower the dungeon–that is, to increase the layers or summon monsters or traps to kill intruders and such, but as there is an intruder-preventing supreme dragon in our dungeon, I feel more pity for the ones who actually come invading.


Well, I do not quite like the idea of the cave always being directly connected to the throne room like it is now so, when I have saved up enough DP, I am thinking of making some dungeon like stuff.


It seems that with the dungeon functions, you could create a sky or a night sky view inside of the dungeon or you could make it bigger by using more DP, so I feel like making a castle inside when I have saved up enough.


Something sinister like the demon lord castle or demon castle, like the ones which come up in games, would be nice.



—-Outside the cave there would lie an ever expanding, endless world of perpetual night.


With a moon which was not supposed to be seen, illuminating an enormous black castle in the centre.

From the windows of that castle, light leaks out, lighting the darkness, giving the beholder an eerie, grand impression.


Oh man, that might actually be good. It tickles my male heart.


I have passed the days here quite vaguely till now but from now, I shall move on forward with that as my objective.


And so, to avoid any battle for today, I used two spells, Spy and Enemy-Search, with the map and sneakily advanced through the forest.


Yes, these are skills, and I discovered two methods of acquiring them.


First is to do some action related to the required skill, for example, the way I acquired Martial Arts.


And the second being the Skill Scroll.


This has the appearance of a scroll and by reproducing the figure drawn in there in one’s mind and flowing mana into the scroll like that, one can acquire that skill.

It is extremely easy. You cannot use a skill scroll twice but it is still a really special method of acquiring new skills.


These two were also listed among the questionable part of the DP Catalogue but, as I thought they would be essential to living in this world, I exchanged some DP for them.

Setting Spy aside, I have no idea how I would have acquired the Enemy-Search skill.


By the way, my status at the moment looks like this.



Name: Yuki

Race: Arch Demon

Class: Demon Lord

Level: 16

HP: 2350/2350

MP: 6960/6960

Strength: 681

Resistance: 710

Agility: 585

Mana: 960

Dexterity: 1290

Luck: 70

Skill points: 0

Unique Skills: Mana Eye, Language Translation

Skills: Item Box, Analyze Lv5, Martial Arts Lv3, Source Magic Lv2, Spy Lv3, Enemy Search Lv3

Title: Demon Lord of a Parallel World

DP: 10220



My level had been increasing gradually–this was not because I had defeated more monsters but rather because I had been working out.

As for the skills points I had, I used them all on analyze. With this, the amount of info on others I could analyze has increased.

I had just recently acquired spy and enemy search, but because I had been activating it most of the time, the levels have increased.


The spy skill had no effect on Lefy but when I tried searching Shii with it, he was just too adorable.

When I found him with it, he would keep jumping happily.


As the skills take MP to use, I can’t really use them all the time but because I am a demon– a demon lord at that, I have abundant MP and can keep using the low level abilities for more than 2-3 hours in one go.


According to Lefy, even demons do not have that absurd amount of MP.

If I were to say, this is probably because of the demon lord’s body.



“—Ah, that one feels a bit dangerous..”


As I was searching, I stumbled upon a huge monster which appeared to be a cross between a tiger and a rhinoceros. It had probably just ended its hunt, and was eating a living creature.


I felt like it would sense my presence if I got any closer than that. It is a pain to fight for no reason.


Making such a decision, I hurriedly left that area.


—-Now that I have come quite a long way, I probably crossed Lefy’s territory because I started spotting monsters and wildlife here and there.


If I include this whole area to dungeon territory, I might be able to get a huge amount of DP.


“Alright, dungeon expansion was a success.—Ah, I don’t have any DP left.”


I guess I will just devote myself to fill up the map now.








And like that, after having spent a whole day outside, when the sun was setting, I returned to the Kitchen Room (2000DP) which I had added yesterday, to fill my empty stomach and—



—It was all empty, the refrigerator.


For food, I had exchanged DP for a week’s worth of meat as it was cheaper that way but it was all gone.


….The number of possibilities I could think of are very few.




——-And that’s how we came to this situation.


Seriously… eating so much.


I had always thought that she eats quite a lot during mealtime but she was still not eating her fill?


Was it that she was holding back normally?


…..No, don’t get deceived. This time was just her overeating. I can’t sympathize. It is true that I have quite a lot of DP thanks to her but that should make things even since I have been providing food and a sleeping place for her.


“……Haa, so we don’t have anything for dinner tonight….”


I am flat out broke on DP because of the expansion. If I had known something like this would have happened, I would have put the provisions in my item box rather than in the kitchen.

I will probably get some DP sometime tomorrow but… it looks like I won’t be having any dinner tonight.

Even if I wanted to go out and get some vegetables, it was already quite late.


When I muttered that, Lefy probably felt bad and panickedly said,


“Wa-wait! I understand, it will be fine if you just get that point-something, right?!”


“….Well, yes..”


“Wa-wait just a bit! I will be back in 30 minutes!”


“Ah… oi!”


Saying just that, Lefy left the throne room before I could even say anything.








30 minutes later.


In front of the cave entrance, an absurd amount of monsters and animals were piled on top of each other.


“This is too much, you idiot!!”




When I smacked her head like that, she let out a stupid voice.


“Kuuu… in these many centuries.. you are probably the first to have slapped my head…”


She said while looking at me bitterly.


“Is that so? Isn’t that such an honour.”


“I-in the first place, why do I have to get slapped?! Isn’t it better to have lots of that point-thingy?! I brought all of these all the way here, you know?!”


“That is true, but you, there is a limit to everything, you know? Look, just look at this pond of blood. The ground is completely dyed red. And also, this huge amount of dead bodies– what will I do with these? I would be troubled disposing them… Ah–I just remembered, I can convert dead bodies to DP too.”


I had also disposed of the doggy that day like this too.


“If that’s so then why did you hit me?!”


“I got carried away.”


“Youuu!!” said the supreme dragon, with an astonished expression.


“My bad, my bad. Here, I will pat you. Pain, pain, go away~!”


“Wah, ehehe….. wa-as if!!”


She swept my hand away.

Yep, I thought that too.


And so, I converted the huge amount of corpses to DP with the dungeon function.


The mountain of corpses kept melting in the blink of an eye and before long, the pool of blood also disappeared without leaving a trace behind.


“…….Quite the spectacle.”


“Right? —Well, with this, I can also have dinner, so I guess we are even. And let me just say this, seeing how huge your original body is and how much you can eat, it’s not like I can produce unlimited food, alright? So learn to respect bounds.”


“Guuu… understood. I just need to collect point myself if I want food, right?”


“Ah– but don’t go too far. Really, don’t.”


If she does this a few more times, all the living creatures surrounding us would really disappear. Really, don’t do that.


“Ye-yes. I will try to endure it as much as I can.”


“Please do. —Then, let’s head back. Along with my dinner, I guess I will let you have some sweets as well.”


“Cookie! I want a cookie!”


After that conversation, we went back inside the dungeon.




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