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Chapter 19 – An Insect Gathering Gives Many Goosebumps

“Aaaaah, it’s on my face! My face!”

A strange colored liquid fell from a weird tree, it hit me right on the cheek… It was disgusting.

Right now, we were desperately running away. A group of dog-sized ants was chasing right after.

Their number was absurdly high, and some of them even have wings on their backs.

There were several animals at first. None of them was particularly strong, so I just smashed them with my steel bar to smash them, a few ants were also among them, but I paid it no heed and smashed them anyway.
After a while more ants appeared, but I also killed them without thinking much… However, they didn’t stop coming.

More and more of them appeared, the more I killed, the more spawned, they kept on coming at a pace bigger than I could kill, and before long we were getting overwhelmed.

And what is amazing, is their speed. Even though I’m on top of Fir, who is amazingly fast, we cannot shake them of. My partner is faster on small short bursts, but they seem to be better in a long running marathon, though Fir is still a Fenrir, so he can try to keep the distance at least.

“P-perhaps it is better if I get off?” I asked Fir, he denied it though.

I’m not flying away because Fir is faster than me, the ants also have wings, so I would be quickly overwhelmed if I tried escaping to the sky… Though Fir can’t go all out because I’m on top of him.

“A-alright… Then, let me also show my resolution!”

Saying that, I changed my posture atop of Fir from looking forwards to backwards. This would normally throw someone off, but I have the physical strength of a Demon Lord, so I can hold on.

What now though? I have long used the Magic Revolver, and my steel bar can’t quite reach them, if it was able to stretch and twist it would be useful, but my weapon can’t do that.

Then… Magic? Yeah, let’s go with magic, I have never used spells in actual combat, but I’m sure it will be fine if I believe in myself.

Deciding that, I instantly started casting the magic I have been practicing all the time recently.

I created three snake-like dragons made of water. This water is still hot water, but it doesn’t matter much. What matters is that my spells are activating and my imagination is consolidating better… Or at least I think it is.

“Eat this!!”

I threw the water dragon at the ants, it flew like a lightning and swallowed them.

This spell has a simple effect.
It throws itself against the enemies and drowns them, immediately after, the dragon coils around itself becoming a water prison.
And since the water keeps moving at high speed, it actually shreds the enemies that try escaping, making this a strong spell.

This magic did not need to be dragon-shaped though, it’s like that because it is cool. I’ll boast about it to Lefy later, there is a certain romance in being highly evaluated for a well done spell.

While I thought of that, my magic did its effect and was cutting the enemies to pieces.

“Wahahaha, how about that you ants!?
… No, wait, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

The ants that were able to escape immediately counterattacked by spitting acid towards us, which made me unconsciously apologize.

“Those ants…” I immediately threw more water dragons at them.

… Annoying.

As I cast my spells, my teeth started grinding against one another and I felt troubled.

Magic is working well, but… There are too many enemies, I’ll probably run out of MP before there are no more enemies.

There is no other spell I’m good at casting too, I have been practicing only the water dragon for a while now.

… It can’t be helped, we’ll be surrounded if I don’t do anything.

Opening my item box, I took a monster’s corpse out… It felt sacrilegious to waste it like this. Still, I threw it at the ants running after us.

“Eat this!”

At first they tried avoiding the obstacles I threw at them, but when they noticed those were monster corpses, they stopped chasing and started devouring its flesh.

E-eh? I expected it to only get in their way for a bit.

“… A-alright! All according to the plan! Let’s run away Fir!

Pretending that was my plan all along, I commanded him, however, Fir smirked, seeming to know what really happened. He ran away at a quick pace.

* * *

Once we finally got far enough from the ants, I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Aah… I’m seriously worn out. It’s enough for today Fir.”


“Let’s go back and stay in the dungeon for the rest of today… Really now, their numbers were humongous, that was scary.”


“Yeah, there was probably an anthill near that area.”

The anthills I saw on TV back in my previous life could be bigger than a person, with ants that big, it wouldn’t surprise me if that one was bigger than a mountain.

I ran away before I could do so, but if I made that place part of the dungeon, a lot of DP would probably come my way.

I won’t ever get close to it again though, I don’t hate insects, but that ant army gave me goosebumps, it felt as is I was Ind**na Jones running away from a horde of enemies.

“However…” I kept on thinking while Fir carried me.

Right now, I am to weak. So far I have been able to brute force my way out of things, but I won’t be able to do that if I fight large number of enemies like I did today. I should focus on my magic training as well, and try increasing my possibilities of attack.

I’ll think of proper attack spells from now on.

* * *

Incidentally, when I showed the Water Dragons to Lefy later…

“Yuki, is it really necessary for it to be dragon shaped…?”

“No, but why not?”

“… Oh well, I guess that’s a weird favorite of men.”

I can’t deny it.

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