Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 2 Let’s understand our current state – 1


If you were wondering what had just happened, it is actually quite simple to explain.






After dying in an accident, I had been born once again.


I understood that as soon as I was conscious again. Not because I met God or something like that, but just because the feeling that I had definitely died still remained.


The feeling of having your bones break into pieces while getting crushed by a truck.


The feeling of strength and blood leaving your body, even though you are not feeling any pain, your vision slowly starting to get dark.


With a big shake of my body and deep breaths, I drive the unpleasant memories out of my head.


Well, anyway, before I realized, I had died and was lying down here, in a throne-like place.


A place with a refined chandelier, pillar and walls. There were no windows and the room wasn’t too long.

While it did not have many decorations or the like, the throne, which I was sitting on, gave off quite a grand vibe. Before me, a blue red carpet went straight to the opposite wall, where there was a door with not many ornaments but which felt like it would cost quite a bit.


But, hmm, how do I say this? It gives off a villain-ish feeling as a whole. Like one of those last rooms in game dungeons where the demon lord sits on his throne, but a smaller version of that.


After a while of being baffled by the surroundings, I stood up from the throne to grasp the situation. Then, as my point of view got higher, I noticed something behind the throne.


“What… is this…?”


It was a sphere about one size smaller than a basket ball. A glowing rainbow jewel.


When I stretched my arms to grab it for no particular reason—






The moment I touched the jewel, a severe headache suddenly struck me.


It was like someone directly tampering with my brain.

I fell down to my knees out of pain and put my hands on the floor.

Tears came running from the sides of my eyes, and from the unbearable pain, my vision got blurry and I started feeling sick.



After that, the hellish headache continued for about 30 seconds, after which it quickly disappeared.



“Haa….haa…. I see….”


And then, I recited those words.





As I said that, a transparent glass-like -in short, a game interface-like- screen appeared before my eyes.


In my case, maybe because I had played way too many games, this form of communication was chosen to be best.


That information had just popped up into my head, as if there was a dictionary of such words and I searched for it.


…No, they probably directly planted the knowledge onto my brain.


Keeping my staggering head in place with my hands, I turned my gaze towards the menu where I could see four items: Status, DP Catalogue, Dungeon and Gacha.


The Gacha really piqued my interest but putting that off for now, I tried pressing the Status like you would in smartphones. As I did that, numerical values appeared before me which seemed to be my stats.


“Hmmm…. wait, race: Arch Demon?!”


Before I knew it, I wasn’t human anymore…..

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