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Chapter 21 – Creative Demon Lord (Part 2)

Creative Demon Lord, it’s a nice name, I bet I’m the first one to come up with it.

For the sake of using the ‘Weapon Creation’ skill, creativity is as important as good materials, though I can just buy those on the catalogue. A good mental image is also necessary, but I got that covered with my training to make the water dragon. Lastly, Lefy already said that my mana is above average, so it should not be a problem either.

With all of this, making a high quality weapon should be possible.

Also, together with the ‘Weapon Creation’ skill, I also found another one, ‘Bestow Enchantment’.

I asked Lefy how to use it, and it seems to simply need a good mental image, just like most other spells. Its effect allows me to create a magic circuit that, at least on level 1, can either increase the length of the item, or reduce the mana cost of spells.
As the skill level ups, more circuits with more effects can be added, though one cannot modify an already completed enchantment unless they memorize the circuit of the item, so I want to try remembering the ones I make.

Also, the amount of enchantments that can be put on an object depend on their size, shape and quality; for example, a weapon made of mythril would endure many more circuits than an iron one.

I intend to use this skill a lot to rapidly raise its level, right now it shouldn’t help much, but it should become the difference between heaven and Earth if it reaches a high level… Eventually, I want to make some weapons full of special effects, just like those from RPGs.

As I thought of this, I bought the ‘Bestow Enchantment’ skill and checked my status to see if everything was okay.

Name: Yuki
Race: Archdemon
Class: Demon Lord
Level: 32
HP: 2511/2511
MP: 7180/7180
Strength: 713
Resistance: 744
Agility: 652
Mana: 992
Dexterity: 1310
Luck: 72
Skill points: 3
Unique skills: Mana Eye, Language Translation, Flight
Skills: Item Box, Analysis Lv 8, Martial Arts Lv IV, Beginner Magic Lv 4, Spy Lv 5, Enemy Detection Lv 4, Swordsmanship Lv 1, Weapon Creation Lv 1, Bestow Enchantment Lv 1
Titles: Demon Lord of a Parallel World, Owner of the Supreme Dragon
DP: 32041

Alright, I properly learned it, my level also rose considerably since the last time I looked, and it’s nice to see that luck increased a bit too.

My skill points were all spent on leveling analysis because it’s a really useful skill, so I will max it first, my goal is seeing Lefy’s status.

I got a weird title though… I hovered my finger over it to see the description.

Owner of the Supreme Dragon: Tamed the dragon that can bring the world to its knees.

… Isn’t it a bit wrong? While she certainly acts like a pet at times, I’m pretty sure Lefy would get really upset if I treated her as one.

Regarding titles though, when I talked to Lefy about having the ‘Demon Lord of a Parallel World’ one, she just replied with a dull ‘Hmph’. I guess she doesn’t care about this kind of thing.

I would be lying if I said I have no attachments to my previous life, but it is already something on the past, and I am okay with it. Besides, living as a Demon Lord is pretty fun.

The place that I live in is ‘my world’, even if the environment changed, this won’t change.

… That’s enough about thinking of my previous life though, let’s use some skills.

I bought a fist sized iron ingot from the catalogue to test it out.

“Oh, Yuki is going to do something strange again.”

“Big bro, what new magic will you use now?”

Iluna came pouting after losing an Othello match against Lefy, the latter was giggling while murmuring how easy it was.

“It’s not magic, but it is similar I guess? And Lefy, I don’t always make weird things.” I just try doing stuff I wouldn’t be able to normally do.

“Well, this won’t be very interesting to look at though.”

Even though I said that, Iluna seemed to be eagerly waiting for it, while Lefy seemed to not care about my remark, so after giving her a bitter smile, I turned my face forward.

First, let’s make a dagger.

I imagined a stainless steel knife held by soldiers, the kind that usually appears in shooting games, and then put my mana on the material.

Once enough magical power spread through it, I activated the ‘Weapon Creation’ skill, and the iron quickly molded itself to what I imagined, as if it had a will of its own… The sight was a bit creepy.

“Oh… It worked.” I commented.

The knife fit my image perfectly, it had a thick iron blade of about 12cm, the handle was also made of iron though, so it would be good to wrap something around it for a better grip.

To try it out, I opened my item box and took some dead monsters’ bodies out and cut them to pieces, the knife did it easily.

Even though this weapon didn’t go through a normal forging process, it cuts really well, did the magic directly influence the iron element?

Wondering how good it is, I used my analysis skill on the weapon.

Demon Lord’s Dagger: An iron dagger made by Demon Lord Yuki. No Inscription. Quality B-.

Because analysis is at a high level, I can also see the quality of the weapon. B- is a good number, about 1000 yen above what an everyday tool would cost.

It was a pretty nice outcome for the first try, according to the skill’s description, my dexterity has an influence on how good the final product is. To be a creative Demon Lord, I should increase my dexterity even more!

“Oh, isn’t this the forging skill used by the mountain people? You did a pretty good job with it.” Lefy commented.

“Big bro is amazing! Your cooking is also very good! You look just like a mother!” I think I should be happy with Iluna’s praise?

“… Now for the real thing.” Saying that, I opened the catalogue again and bought a 10 kilograms iron ingot out. I wanted to use mythril, but it was way too expensive for something that I had just understood how it worked.

I was now going to make a bigger and larger knife… Wait, didn’t the effect of ‘Bestow Enchantment’ depend on the shape of the weapon, I should take that into account.

The element that is going to be infused will probably be water, so I should try something that conducts it more easily, maybe a weapon resembling a water drop.

And because I overthought it…

Even though the blade was made from iron, it looked fluid and had a bluish tone… Can it even be called a weapon?

“Wow, it’s Shii!” Iluna commented… It really did look like a slime.

“Uhn… What is this?” Lefy asked.

“… It’s a weapon.” I replied.

“Oh? Then please teach me professor, how do I use it?” She pressed on.

“Well… You hold the handle and… Use its water drop-like part to crush the enemies.”

“I see, it seems like a very strong weapon.” She replied mockingly.

Well, I’m glad I didn’t use mythril to make this kind of garbage, it would take me quite a while to recover the used DP if I did.

“Alright… One more time.” Let’s buy some more iron and… Wait wait, there is that thing.

I opened the item box instead of the catalogue and took the horn of a giant beetle. This fellow broke a tree down with a single blow, it might be a better material.

The horn is pretty big and moderately heavy, so it should fit a great sword well. Iron was good, but this should be even better.

Alright, focus. I thought of too many things last time and messed up badly, focusing on the simple things is better, so I’ll ignore the part of enchanting for now.
It needs to be heavy and sharp… The shape should be like that… And needs two edges… Alright, this is enough.

My MP was being quickly drained while I solidified the image, using a good material also consumes more mana, two thirds were gone already, so I cannot fail this.

Properly focused, I was about to activate the skill when Lefy appeared on the corner of my view, sneaking up on me, she got closer and whispered on my ear, “A-flo-wer” a flower?

“… Wa-wait a minute! Wh-what’s this!?” I exclaimed.

The skill was activated and the weapon was completed, however, it has a flower blooming at its tip. As if the blade was a stalk with its petals on the top.

I analyzed it to see the outcome.

Great Sword of the Demon Lord: A beautiful weapon, made by Demon Lord Yuki, with a flower at its top. No inscription. Quality A-.

It became like that because I thought of a flower! And the good quality is wasted as well!

“Wha-what are you doing!?” I asked Lefy.

Remaking it… Impossible. It seems like I can’t use ‘Weapon Creation’ on the same target, and I’m out of MP, so I wouldn’t be able to anyway.

This was the only horn I had as well, that beetle was a pretty rare monster, so it will take a while for me to find one even if I go hunt again.

In other words, this flower blade is the best weapon I can currently make.

“Isn’t this a good weapon? I think it’s very fashionable.” Lefy said while suppressing her laugher.

“I-I only had one of those!!”

“We-well, if you use this weapon… I’m sure a lot of monsters would love to slaughter you!” Unable to endure it any longer, Lefy stopped holding her belly and rolled on the floor laughing.

“You… You don’t just look like a child, you are one on the inside! First teaching me how to making flowers as my first spell, then making this flower blade! And you also love sweets, you’re just a girl and no Supreme Dragon!!”

“Wh-what part of me isn’t lovable? Tell me which doesn’t fit your tastes!!”

“My tastes don’t matter! I’m saying what you do and what you are don’t fit at all!!”

“Y-yoooooou! What kind of thing do you think you are saying to the Supreme Dragon!? Do you want to be taught a lesson by this great me!?”

“Supreme Dragon this Supreme Dragon that, you are no Supreme Dragon, you’re just a fallen dragon!!”

“What!? Say that again! Yuki, you have sealed your fate, I’ll send you to hell!”

As she saw what was happening, Iluna commented, “Oh, it started again… Hey Shii, let’s go play” which got a response from the small figure near the throne.

Once our anger calmed down, we found out that this weapon’s performance wasn’t bad, so Lefy said it should become my main weapon for a while…

I need to get some good materials as soon as possible.

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