Chapter 45 – Audience/’Doll’ Magic

Fourth Arc – Returning Home


The distance between the Medea empire and Malgaroid was of about 40 days by boat, but… My dolls are faster than that.

Figuz actually crossed the sea in just three days. He said that he ran through the water by ‘putting one foot after the other before the first one sank’… I think the laws of physics don’t work out very well in this world.

In any case, king Lereol shouldn’t know about dad’s rebellion yet, so let’s make use of that during our talk.

Once I arrived at the Garrett Palace, I was immediately taken to the king to have our audience. Feria will be waiting in the hallway, but Kajero will be lurking above the ceiling.

“Miss Altirea, it’s good to see you again. We haven’t met since the festival.” The king said once I entered the audience room.

“Yes. I’m relieved to see you well too, king Lereol.” I replied.

“I’m still having my daily stomachaches actually, but never mind that. What brings you here? I heard it might be an urgent matter?” King Lereol asked me with his usual gentle expression. Seems like he really didn’t hear about my father yet, “You are the hero who saved this country, so I’ll help you in whatever way I can. You have more than earned the right to request help, so please don’t hesitate to say it.”

“I appreciate your kind words.

“Then, I’m sorry for the sudden notice, but I’d like permission to return to my home at the Medea empire.” I told him.

“Do you mean that you wish to temporarily return there?” He asked me.

“That is correct, for I have just received a report that my father has fallen ill…” I muttered.

“What!? Solute has!?” The king exclaimed. He used to have a good relationship with dad, so I suppose it is a normal reaction. Due to the shock, his eyes were wide open.

Though of course, it’s a lie that he fell ill. I just needed the people here to believe me for now, so that I could secure a ship that could take me to the empire.

I stared deep into king Lereol’s blue eyes. Push them before the other party has any doubts. That is my policy.


However, as soon as I tried opening my mouth, I was struck by an unexpected situation…

The inner part of my nose tightened… It was the precursor of what was about to come.

Then, the inside of my right eye started aching. The pain growing with each passing second.

This again… This sudden headache is assaulting me again.

The blood vessels inside my brain were about to explode.

And my heart was beating so loudly… It was probably echoing through the whole room.

I really felt like something was about to break through my skull and come out of my temples. I was assaulted by such an illusion.

“Ah… Aah…” I couldn’t help gritting my teeth.

My eyes ached so much…

I put strength on my knees, which were about to collapse, and managed to regain my posture.

Repeatedly, I tried to take in as much air as I could. My breathing was rough, but I couldn’t do much more than this while waiting for the seizures to pass.

Sweat was pouring out of my hands. My body was so heavy… It would be so easy to fall asleep like this…

But that’s no good. I have something to do.

I need a ship. Preferably a very fast one.

Slowly, the pain gradually eased up. I still had a strange feeling though, as if a deep part of my brain had been burnt… But that was not enough to stop me from talking.

What was king Lereol’s reaction? He must have been surprised from seeing his guest suddenly start suffering right in front of him.

What the…?

This was eerie. King lereol was completely unresponsive. It was as if his heart wasn’t here… As if his soul had fallen out of his body.

His eyes were turned towards me, but they were completely out of focus.

“Uhn… King Lereol?” I worriedly called him out.

But then…

“–Ah, sorry, I was a bit out of it.”

King Lereol came back to his senses.

“Your father has fallen ill, so you’ll go home for the time being.

“I understand. I’ll prepare a ship like you requested.

“Since you’re in a hurry, a high-speed ship will be more convenient, so I’ll get one of those for you.

“It will be done in two days at most, is that alright?” King Lereol told me.

“Th… Thank you very much.” I confusedly answered.

I hadn’t asked about the ship yet, so why was my request transmitted to king Lereol?

“I’ll write a letter with my sympathies to Solute. If it’s not too much, could you please deliver it to him, miss Altirea?” The king asked me.

“Oh, alright.” I told him.

And with this unsettling feeling, the audience with king Lereol was ended.

However, once I started leaving it, somehow… I noticed that I had a long, long thread stretching from my right hand. It seemed that it was connected to the king.

It was as if I was using a human being as a doll… What a strange feeling.


King Lereol fulfilled his promise. Two days after the audience, a high-speed ship had been prepared just for me. It used a special steam-based magic that Phillka had developed in order to move far more quickly than normal ships.

(If you add mine and Weisster’s power to it. We’ll be able to arrive at the Medea empire in about 10 days.) Kajero said, (Though Weisster is more of an extra here.)

(Hah!? Kajero is the extra. It would only take 12 days with my power.) Weiss replied.

(With just my power, we’d get there in 11 days. You’re only shortening it by one day, Weisster.) Kajero claimed.

“Come on, don’t compete on such a weird thing.” I told them both.

Picking up Kajero and Weiss, I moved to the high-speed ship.

Behind me, Phillka and Feria also went inside it.

The Earl left earlier, so he wasn’t with us. He was using the same method of transportation as Figuz… As in, he was running over the sea by putting one foot after the other before it sank.

… Could it be very easy in this world?

I decided to try it out on my spare time before the departure, but unsurprisingly, it just ended up wetting my clothes.

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