Chapter 57 – Altirea vs Altirea – part one



Translator’s Note: This is not a chapter split into two. c58 is just “Altirea vs Altirea – part two”. It’s just how the author named the chapters.


“This isn’t very good…” The other Altirea commented.

Her behavior suited the standard ‘arrogant young lady’ template. She only took a single sip of the tea and one bite of the sweets.

“Seriously, this isn’t good hospitality. It’s almost like being poisoned actually. This fort is also dirty and there is too much dust everywhere.

“Don’t you have a vacuum cleaner or an air purifier? If I was in your place, I’d totally get the dolls to make electrical appliances.” She told me.

“I have no intention of doing that.” I replied.

Or rather, I wouldn’t want to impose modern culture on the people of this world. They already have their own way of life.

“Ah, I see…” Altirea nodded with a tone that seemed to be looking down on me, “I forgot I had such backwards thinking at this time.

“What was it like again? ‘Tiny interventions like cooking and designing new clothes is fine, but I don’t want to make big changes on the structure of the world’… It was something like that.”

“… Well, you do understand it.” I replied.

She was able to properly describe my thoughts… But I don’t think it was with magic. If we’re truly the same person, then it’s a given that she could understand me.

“You shouldn’t hesitate to change things. You’ll soon understand it, but nobody can think properly here. Kings, aristocrats, military, commoners…

–All of humanity just has an extremely limited point of view, and they’re just unable to look at anything that is not directly in front of their eyes.” She muttered.

Her tone made it seem like saying this hurt her.

“The Doll Princess has a great power, so let’s threaten her life? Let’s kill her? Eliminate her?

“… Aren’t they so stupid? Why did they turn us into their enemies if they can’t beat me… You remember it, don’t you?” She asked me.

“Yes, to some extent.” I replied.

There are few nobles who were friendly to the ‘Doll Princess’, but most were afraid of it…

–Always wanting to crush me if possible.

It was one of the reasons why I decided to study at Malgaroid, after all… Though it was also because I wanted to avoid the original work.

And well, it’s most likely why dad was falsely accused as well.

“If you get serious, you can destroy anything you want in the empire. Or actually, you can even take over the world… I know it, because I did it.” Altirea told me.

“I think that would be a hassle. Handling the position and the responsibility.” I replied.

“You really know nothing, do you?” Altirea’s words seemed to be coming from the bottom of her heart, “At first I just wanted to make dolls in peace, but the old men of the empire refused to leave me alone and even sent an assassin after me.

“And then, while I studied abroad, my father was imprisoned and executed for treason… I just couldn’t go on like that.”

Up to this point, it was very similar to what I went through.

But then, she started talking about the future, “Asklasua was pulling the strings from behind the scenes, but still, those who are deceived are still at fault if you think about it.

“When a conspiracy happens, no aristocrat will be by your side. The knights of our house will betray you, the people will run away from you…

“Idiots, idiots, idiots. I could destroy all of them. I could get rid of the entire empire, but they still wagged their tail over there? I just don’t understand it…”

“… Isn’t your attitude the cause?” I asked.

If I was one the aristocrats that had to choose a side, I’d definitely prefer to become an enemy of this Altirea. Not due to it being the most profitable option or anything, but purely because of pride.

However, Altirea’s view on it seems to be different, “If you’re one to change your judgement just because of the other party’s attitude, then I can only say you’re stupid.

“Ah… Yeah, let me tell you something good. Els, the Earl, Phiilka, Feria… All of them will turn to the enemy’s side soon.

“I think it was after the empire’s capital was conquered. Asklasua will bring Ruthe, then everything will go just like in the original…

“They’ll all be deceived by that dirty artificial life and leave you. Regardless of you going or not going to the magic academy, the world will still define ‘Altirea Wisp’ in the same way.”

No. I don’t think that’s already set in stone. I don’t think everyone will leave me as if it was the natural choice for them.

What caused the future that she saw was none other than her own behavior.

–And then, she looked away from reality and blamed it on the ‘original’ and on the ‘world’.

“But don’t worry, there are ways to silence the aristocracy and defeat Asklasua.

“I just have a condition. If you cooperate, I’ll give you the leisure life with dolls that you so desire.” That Altirea told me.

“Condition?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, it’s simple. Els; his father, lord Rozerem; the wandering Earl; Phillka; Feria…

–Hand over all those people that you’re close to. You have doll magic anyways, so it’s easy to find replacements, isn’t it? With the ‘Queen’s weaving’, you can easily maximize the likeness with anyone you want by manipulating cause and effect.

“What do you think, it’s a pretty good deal, isn’t it?” That Altirea smiled.

She doesn’t seem to think that she is in the wrong… She genuinely seems to be convinced that she is doing the right think.

I said nothing. I just looked at her… If this is my future self, then it is horribly distorted.

“What is your reply? You aren’t actually going to refuse, are you?” She asked.

She seems to be quite dissatisfied. Perhaps she thought I’d immediately nod to it, because her reaction to my silence is quite childish.

“We are the same person, so our thought circuits should be similar, alright? You should have the same level of intelligence as me.” She said.

I stayed silent. I had a lot to say, but I chose to remain silent.

Altirea then sighed in frustration, and started tapping her middle finger on the desk, as if to urge me to respond.

It was not a very mature gesture.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve come to another timeline, you know? It’s the 13th actually.

“But for some reason, I’ve been refused in the last 12 attempts.” She glared at me, as if she was threatening me, “Don’t get me wrong. I’m taking the trouble of reaching out my hand for you because I want to help. We’re the same person, so it would be nice if you showed some gratitude at least.

“I actually could snatch them all myself if I wanted to, you know? This is… This is my ultimatum, okay?” She told me.

But my reply has been decided since the beginning.

I haven’t fallen so far, and I don’t want to fall.

Even if there is no hope of winning, I am sure that bowing to her right now would make me feel miserable for the rest of my life–

“Please wash your face then come back, future me. Your current appearance is unsightly.” I told her.

The tea that she barely drank had already cooled down.

I grabbed that teacup and threw its tea at her face.

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