41 Part 2


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Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus 41  

Rita, the Skill Rebuilding, and a Promise – Part 2



“Come here, Rita.”


I sat on the bed with my legs stretched out.


Rita lowered her hip between my legs.


Then she leaned her back on me as if trying to support her whole body weight against me.


I slipped my hand onto her left breast with my left hand from behind her.


Sweat was flowing down between her huge breasts. Her nightgown came down and got caught on a rather hard section of her breasts. Her white belly was soon released from her nightgown. Anything below that was too dark for me to see.


I stretched my right arm in front of Rita. Almost as if she were unable to resist, she quickly held it in her mouth between wrist and elbow and nibbled on it.


Having her bite me was fine. After all, it made the whole thing easier on Rita.


“Let’s go.”


I once again set Rita’s ‘Area Breaker Lv1’ to my ‘Skill Structure Lv3’.




Rita looked at me with her cherry-blossom-colored eyes.


“…Go ahead… Do whatever you want… with me…”


I replied to her plea by reaching out to her skill with my hand.






Rita gnawed at my right arm. Her back bent backward and her toes curled up. But there was no problem. I was slowly pouring magic onto her. My fingers were just barely touching the skill’s words, but still, Rita’s body was reacting as if she were in severe pain.


“Ah… Nagiii. It’s hot… so hoooot…”


Rita’s cheeks were completely red, and her mouth shook as she spoke.


You can see the magic power pouring into Rita. It gushed into her. The divine power deep inside Rita felt a little different to the touch, almost as if tingling.


“It’s hooot… So hot… My body is melting… It’s going… so deep… amazing…”


Rita’s body was twitching restlessly. Her nightgown had come completely undone, but she was in no condition to notice.


I looked at her skill window.


It looked as if the skill’s words and letters weren’t shaking as badly as before.


I could do this.


I dug my fingers into the space between the letters and began opening and closing it repeatedly.




Rita suddenly put her knees together.


“Haah… A, ah!”


I could feel the heat from touching the letters.


The space between her letters was making a wet sound as if Rita’s sweat had pooled up and were moving around.


It was hot and deep in there, and my fingers felt as if they were about to be swallowed whole.


“Haah… Haaaaahh… Ah… Haaah…”


Rita put her hand over my left hand.


She was holding my hand down while gently stroking it.


It was as if she wanted to make sure she was really reacting like that. Several times.


“Na… Nagi… It looks like… I’ve finally… calmed down…”


Rita got close to my ear and whispered that into it.


“You can… touch my… skill… I should be fine… even if… if you move it around…”


“Are you sure?”


“Yes… and give me… your smell… in return…”


“My smell?”


“I want a lot of your smell… So that I can be honest in front of everyone… So much of it that it will never disappear… I want your smell, Nagi…”


Rita grabbed my arm and started rubbing it against her cheeks.


“This… Ah, nngh… This will do… please continue… Master…”


“Got it.”


I could do this for as long as she wanted.


It was a bit difficult to move my hand around there, but it was really helping Rita calm down.


I pressed the skill’s letters with my fingers.


‘Area Breaker Lv1’ had calmed down, but it was still not perfect.


All of the letters in ‘Quickly’  ‘Destroy’ an ‘Opponent’s Area’ were still trembling a bit.


First I focused on the concept in the middle.


I put my fingers in the space between the letters and pinched ‘Destroy’.


“—Ah, haaaah! Nnngh…”




Rita’s knees came together again, and she was licking my right arm.


I moved its last letter a bit to the left.


“Nnngh! Haah… Ah! Mmmmhhhh!”


Rita’s pure white backside had bended completely. She held her voice down by nibbling on my arm.


I could smell the sweat. It was Rita’s smell.


Every time I take a breath, Rita shakes her head in embarrassment. But I really don’t mind.


“Just a little more.”


Still pouring magic into her, I push ‘Destroy’ close to ‘Quickly’.


I just put a little effort into it. And…


“Hoooooooo! Ah, ah… Mmh!”


After confirming that the two concepts had stabilized, I take my fingers out.


With that, ‘Quickly’ and ‘Destroy’ have returned to their original positions.


The letters are no longer shivering.

My magic had finally calmed down the rampaging skill.


“Are you okay, Rita?”


“Haaa… Haaa… Haaaaaaaahhh… Mmh.”


“Rita? Please answer. Are you okay?”


“I’m… fine…”


Rita, who until that point had closed and opened her legs repeatedly, was now throwing her legs around. Almost as if she were half asleep, she would nibble on my arm, then lick it softly. This sequence would repeat itself for a while.


“We’re almost done here, so please bear with me for a little longer.”






“Stay… stay with me… for a little while…”




“I… Rita Melpheus… always want to be… with you, Souma Nagi… no… I want… I want to always be your thing… that’s why… it’s fine… you can touch me… anytime…”


“If you weren’t beside me, Rita, I’d soon be dead.”


Did she hear that?


Rita’s eyes were half-open, but I wasn’t sure.


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