53 Part 3

“No teary-eyed grunting.”

“Please don’t treat me like a child!”

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang.

Iris hit the table with her palm.

“My suggestion is based on calculation of the speed and efficiency of quest!”

“My refusal is based on a calculated risk to my employer’s life.”

“Don’t talk like a stranger.We are friends!”

“Yes. That’s why. I can’t take my friends to a dangerous place.”


My line made Iris gulp down her words.

Iris turned her head to the side with tears in her eyes, took a moment to catch her breath, and sighed, “Huuh.”

“It seems that Souma is right. I understand. I’ll let you handle this.”

“I’d appreciate it if you would.”

“Then, I will enter the dungeon to strengthen the wards after Souma and the others have secured it’s safety.”

Good. It looks like she’s convinced.

“Of course. I’ve been planning to do that all along.”

Pinching the hem of her dress, she laughed.

“Bullshit. You were ready to follow me to the dungeon, right?”

“Didn’t I mention before that I can’t even walk around freely outside? Perhaps festival-related rituals are the only opportunity for me to impose my will.”

“Then I will wait on the ground until Souma and the others finish their investigation. In the meantime, would you be willing to escort Souma’s people?

Then Iris looked at Cecil and Rafilia.

The two of them looked at each other straight in the eyes and couldn’t help but widen their eyes.

As if to reassure them, Iris spoke calmly.

“I’m going to ask the regular soldiers to accompany me, but I want  Souma’s party to stay with me as well.”

“As a liaison to Iris?”

“That’s right. When Souma and the others come back from the dungeon, Iris will immediately go inside to perform a ritual to strengthen the wards.”

When we return, we had to report the situation in the dungeon to Iris and the regular soldiers.

And when we go back inside with Iris, it will be easier for us to work together if her people are close to Iris.

“So… that’s what this is about?”

“That’s one thing, but the truth is, I get anxious while Iris is waiting, so I need someone to talk to.”

“You’re being too frank, Iris.”

“Friends don’t hide things from each other.”

Sure, I can understand Iris’ nervousness.

As soon as we get rid of the demons, Iris will go to the dungeon to perform a ritual to strengthen the wards. In order to do that, we have to stay near the dungeon the whole time. And as we found out in the last battle, the regular soldiers are not very reliable. So it’s understandable that she would want us to be her guards.

“All right. In that case… Rafilia.”


Rafilia, who had been sitting idly on the couch, jumped up.

“Ah, me?”

“Yes. Stay with Iris while we go down to the dungeon.”

“…Master trusts me?”

“Yes. You’ll be paired with Aine, though.”

First of all, Cecil’s “Ancient Language Magic” requires the support of Rita or me. And Rita is essential as a combatant. Of course, I can’t just sit around waiting for everyone to go into the dungeon, so I’m going with her. In other words, the three of us are going to the dungeon.

The structure of the dungeon wil be taught to us by Iris. It’s a dungeon used for rituals, so it’s not that big. There’s no record of any powerful demons entering the dungeon. So we should be able to get by with Cecil and Rita. If it seems too tough, we can go back and try again with the full team.

That’s why Rafilia and Aine are in charge of guarding Iris. Rafilia can use a bow and arrow and magic, and if she is really in a pinch, she can use her cheat skill [Bad Luck Annihilation LV1] to raise her luck and escape.

Aine can use [Increase Sewage] if she is near water, and low-level demons can be blown up by [Monster Cleanup].

Still, I’m a little worried, so I’m going to strengthen Rafilia a bit when I get back. I believe I still have the [Watering] skill that Iris gave me. Then I’ll drop by the skill shop and…

I explained to everyone what I was doing, except for the cheat skills thing.

“At your service, Master!”

Rafilia patted herself on the chest. She coughed, “Guh guh guh guh,” she said.

“I, Rafilia-Grace, will test my new self. I will fulfill my Master’s mission, even if it costs me my life!

“Also, Iris. The escort is a separate contract, so you’ll have to pay Rafilia and Aine directly.”

I said.

The cost of Rafilia’s “Master-Slave Contract” is high due to the curse of [Bad Luck]. I want to cut down on those things as much as possible.

Aine is going to buy everyone’s stuff even if you give her a reward. She’s a “big sister”.

“So, the quest starts early tomorrow morning. Is that okay?”

“Okay, by the way.”

Iris comes to my side.

She’s looking up at me with her hands folded in prayer, standing tall.

“Souma, what have you done with the ‘Rough Goods List’ that Iris gave you earlier?”

“What? It’s still there. Iris, you forgot to write the name of the item, didn’t you?”

“Did you have to sign for it or anything…?”

“No, I won’t. I don’t want to make any weird ‘contracts’.”


What? Why are you staring at me?

Iris looked up at me, then smiled, ruffled her hair as if to cover it up.

“No, it’s nothing. After the quest is over, I will show you the Sea Dragon Dungeon. It’s a sightseeing tour by Shrine Maiden. This is something that doesn’t happen very often, and it’s amazing.”

“Tour of the Sea Dragon Dungeon.”

That’s certainly amazing.

“The best place to visit is the cave where the daughter of the sea dragon and the brave warrior were united. It is said that only a select few can enter this cave, and it is a place of longing for the lovers of Irgafa. It’s very beautiful and has a nice atmosphere, so two people who wander in might accidentally end up there.”

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