Episode 63

 Awakening Rita’s Second Form and

[Skill Reconstruction LV 4]



In the bathroom, there was a bathtub made of stone.

It looked like something out of a medieval painting, with its huge legs.

The water came out of a copper faucet on the wall. People who wash their bodies sit in the tub and use the water from the faucet.

But it seems that the people in this house liked to take baths, and next to the bathtub, there was a little stove-like thing attached to it that could magically boil water.

I put on my bathing suit and went into the bathroom and sat down on a chair by the wall.

The sound of Aine’s footsteps could be heard behind me. Rita doesn’t seem to make footsteps in these situations.

“Then, I will pour hot water on Na-kun’s back, and Rita will wash him?”

“Uh-huh. Master first, right?”

The water was just the right temperature and was poured over my shoulders.

A piece of cloth was placed on my back. This was Rita.

I could feel her fingers trembling. She was rubbing my back with gentle, jerky movements that were far more gentle than expected from fighting hands.

Shuko, shaka, shuko

“I will wash your back, Rita.”

“Aah! Aine, don’t do that.”

“Yes, beautiful, beautiful.”

“Yu, don’t pull up my bathing suit. I need to get rid of the sticky tide.”

Rita’s back was toned and beautiful.

“Oh, Aine, you have such smooth skin.”

“It’s nothing compared to the wild beauty of Rita.”

“It’s not like that. Aine is warm and soft, and I feel at ease when I touch her.”

“Wait, Rita. It’s against the law to stroke my thighs.”

The two look cozy together.

Me too.

Just wearing a bathing suit made me feel very relaxed.

By the way, the men’s bathing suit was like half pants, and the women’s was a camisole with shoulder straps. Rita wore a yellow one, and Aine was wearing a light purple one. It was Aine’s choice to match the color of each other’s hair and eyes.

The bathing suit was only designed to hide the skin from view, so the shape of the body is clearly visible.

It’s not like there’s any magic to control eyes.

At any rate, I’ve just confirmed that Rita’s breasts are so large that I can’t help but stare at them, and yet they are so beautiful that they seem to defy gravity. I also found out that Aine was a skinny type, and that even the perfect sister got embarrassed when she was looked at closely.

…Let’s call it a day.

I’ve promised to do a [Soul Engagement] tonight. If it affects that, it’s not good.

” Nagi, do you feel good?”


Rita’s fingers were stroking my back.

“Yeah. Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve ever had someone wash my back.”

“I got …Nagi’s first.”

Rita secretly whispered.

The squishing sound behind me must be Aine washing Rita’s body.

“It feels good to have Aine wash me too.”

I’m glad we’re taking a bath with your family.”

“I see. Yeah. Huh?”

Rita’s hand, touching my back, shivered.

“Something’s wrong. What is this?”


I felt something warm and soft touch my back, but what was it?

I can hear Rita sighing in my ear, “Huh, huh.” In small increments. And it’s hot.


“…Ah. Hmm. Ah, wow. Ahh… Ahhh.”

No way.

I looked at my right arm.

The thread of magic that was there a moment ago was gone.

I could feel a heartbeat pounding against my back, pounding, pounding. It was fast.

“No, no, no. I can’t…… stop. I can’t stop…. No, …no, no.”

Rita was hugging me from behind and shaking. Just when I thought she had stopped, she would stiffen up and go, “Mmm. Then she starts shaking again. The repetition.

“…Hey, what’s this?”

Aine was looking at Rita with concern.

“A side-effect of the [Quick Structure]. The concept of skills is running rampant in Rita.”

I reply. But last time, I had a little more time?

“Rita, can you stand?”


I can’t be bothered with anything else.

I grabbed Rita’s arm.

The damp bathing suit clung to Rita’s thin body. Her collarbone, her breasts and even her navel’s shape could be seen. Rita was holding her fingers in her mouth, looking impatient. Her eyes were glazed over, her skin red, and her tail was wagging like it’s about to break.

“Is this a side effect of the ‘[Quick Structure]…?”

“I’ll stabilize her skills and she’ll be cured. Help me, Aine.”

“Yeah. I understand. You’ve got it all figured out.”

Aine was holding her breasts in her bathing suit and nodding repeatedly.

“What should I do?”

“I’ll carry Rita, you wipe her down and get her dressed. I’ll take her to my room and we’ll work on her skills. Also, if possible.”

“[Soul Engagement], right?”

“I promised you.”

“That’s a very good thing.”

Aine sniffed, “Hmmm, even at a time like this.”

“Na-kun and Rita can do it, I promise. I promise.”

“Then take Rita to the changing room.”

I put my hands on Rita’s body.

To be precise, I grabbed her arm and tried to lend her my shoulder.

“No, no. No, no, no. Oh, ────────!”

Bewilderment, bewilderment

Rita suddenly screamed.

“No. N, no…, no, no,….”

Sly (with a slipping or sliding motion)

Rita sat down on the floor of the bathroom.

The sound of water splashing could be heard.

“──────! Huh. Ah.”

Rita’s body fell with a slump.

The reaction was stronger than before. Is this what happens when you just put your body together?

So what’s the status of the skill?

“Activatie [Skill Reconstruction LV 3]”


I touched Rita’s chest and activated [Skill Reconstruction LV 3]”

Rita’s skills appeared in the window.

[Binding Song LV1]

The skill of “binding” the “enemy” with “song”.

The letters were doubled. No, they’re not.

The concept was vibrating inside Rita at such a high speed that it almost sounds like a whoosh.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

But Rita was holding her chest and staring at me.

“It hurts, but I’m happy. So, it’s okay.”

“You can’t be all right.”

“It’s okay because I can feel Nagi inside me.”

“What if it was Aine? Wouldn’t you like it if the skills Nagi created for you were flailing around inside you? Or would you be sad?”

“I’m in the mood to go out and buy some skill crystals right now. I made the mistake of spending all my money on a bathing suit.”


See? I don’t think so.

Anyway, I need to ‘stabilize Rita as soon as possible.

“Put Rita in the tub. Aine, help me.”

“Yes, Na-kun.”

I put my hand on Rita’s shoulder again.

Rita almost jumped out of her skin again, but brushed her lips and held it back.

I asked Aine to hold Rita’s legs and put her in the tub.

Rita’s body goes crazy just from me touching her.

So the only way to reduce the burden on Rita is to ‘stabilize’ her by reducing the contact surface.

“Rita, I need you to be patient.”

I walked behind Rita and stuck my hand in the hot water.

Because of the time that has passed, the water is about the right temperature of human skin.

I put my hands on Rita’s breasts, but the hot water was lifting her bathing suit. It was swaying and hard to hold.

“Aah! Nagi? Nagi!”

I groped around and put my hand on Rita’s chest.

It was slippery.

It was like it was sucking on the palm of my hand.

“Hey, hey, hey. even though Aine is here too.”

“Yes. I will stay outside then. Take your time, both of you.”

Aine held her shoulders and shifted her legs to steady Rita in the tub, then gave her a satisfied thumbs-up.

“Good luck. Rita.”

“Ha, ha.”

Rita looked at me and Aine alternately and then turned her head away as if she had given up.

Aine said, “Good luck,” and walked out of the bathroom.

“You know what, Rita?”

“What, Nagi?”

“From now on, after a [Quick Restructure], we will stabilize as soon as the battle is over, okay?”

“But, but… My body was so sticky. My hair was also very matted, and I didn’t want Nagi to touch me like that…”


“Because I wanted to do it properly with Nagi after I got clean.”

“No matter if you’re covered in seawater or mud, you will always be beautiful.”

“So, after  [Quick Restructure], let me ‘stabilize’ you. That’s my responsibility as your master. ”

“…Yes. I’m sorry for being so selfish. Master.”

Rita half-submerged her face in the hot water and nodded.

I think she understood.

“I’ll start the stabilization.”

In order to stabilize Rita, I need to circulate my magic power and her divine power. But if I touch her here and there, she’ll end up like she was before, so it’s best if I can manage without touching her directly.

I wonder if I can use the thread of magic.

It is a thread that can be used to exchange magic, which appears after [Quick Restructure].

As I recall, it also came up when Rita and I almost completed [Soul Engagement]. If that’s the effect of [[Skill Reconstruction LV 3], I might be able to use it consciously.

Let’s do it. Concentrate. Concentrate on connecting with Rita.

“[Magic Thread] Summon”  ( TN: Maybe it’s a skill or a derivation of it. So I just wrote it as a skill. If it is not one I will change it then.)


A golden thread, about the thickness of a piece of wool, appeared from the Skill window.

It was done.

I’ve been using [Skill Reconstruction LV 3] and [Quick Structure] a lot. I also use it to stabilize Rita and others. It looks like I’m getting pretty good with [Skill Reconstruction LV 3].

I connect Rita to my body with the [Magic Thread].

Rita was in the bathtub with her eyes closed.

She mumbled a few words, then, as if she had made up her mind.

“If Nagi does it for me, I might get fluffy and not be able to say it right, so now is the time.

Rita took a deep breath and told him.

“Rita Melpheus vows an undeniable bond with Souma Nagi.

The promise of a [Soul Engagement].

“I hope that Nagi will give me a sign that will never disappear.

That even if I am reborn, even if I go to another world, this bond will not disappear.”

With that, Rita sighed with satisfaction.

“I have to tell you something. It’s the vow of the [Soul Engagement]. Huh?”

“Very well, thank you, Rita.”


I stroked her hair and Rita wagged her tail happily.

I made Rita’s skills appear in the window again.

[Binding Song LV1]

The skill of “binding” the “enemy” with “song”.

The vibrations got stronger.

Rita was shivering and exhaling feverishly in small increments.

She squeezed her shoulders together and shove her hands into the hot water.

The hot water was rippling, chap-chap-chap.

I can’t see inside the bathtub. It’s better that way. I can concentrate better.

“Here we go. Rita.”

I send my magic power to Rita from the [Magic Thread].

At the same time, the “divine power” flowed in from Rita.


Rita sighed.

I put my hand on Rita’s left breast from outside the bathtub.

The threads of magic were wrapped around Rita’s neck, arms, torso – she can’t see them, but they’re wrapped around her legs, too.

Speaking of which, before I knew it, I was able to manipulate the [Magic Thread] as I wished. I didn’t need to use my hands, I could move it as I want just by imagining it. Has my experience level increased?

I can even feel the part of the body that is touched by the [Magic Thread].

For example, Rita’s thin neck, which was slightly on fire.

“Hmm… Ah. Yah. That tickles…:

Like around the hollow of the collarbone. Yeah. It’s smooth.

“…Huh. Huh. Ahh… Ahh…”

Rita’s fingers were thin, beautiful, and soft. I can’t believe she was able to beat up a golem with them. It’s not good to rely too much on the [Divine Power Grasp].

“There. I’m hungry but I am keeping quiet so I eat together with you…”


Was it possible to even understand what the other party felt with [Magic Thread]?

No way.

I displayed my skills.

Unique Skill: [Skill Reconstruction LV 4]

Before I knew it, [Skill Reconstruction] had become level 4.

It’s still a mysterious skill.

Did I become a level 4 and get a tactile connection to the [Magic Thread]? No, that’s not all. If I focus my consciousness, I think I can understand something deeper.

“Rita’s condition was disclosed in detail.”


Another window appeared.

A full-body view of Rita was displayed.

Body temperature, pulse. I can even see the magic and divine power flowing through her body.

Is this the effect of [Skill Reconstruction LV 4]?

I’m able to examine the condition of the slaves I’m touching in more detail than ever before.

Rita’s current condition – her body temperature was rising. Sensitive. Stabilizing, huh?

In order to stabilize her, I need to fill her body with my magical power. In other words, I should use this window as a guide to making sure that my magic power flows throughout her entire body.

This should reduce the burden on Rita.

“Rita, what’s your condition?”

“It’s fluffy.”

Rita looked at me with downcast eyes.

“It’s like Nagi is seeping into my body. I can’t stop him. I want more Nagi.”


“I can’t tell you that. I can’t…”

“Oh, no. You don’t have to tell me.”


“I now know where Rita wants my magic. [Skill Reconstruction LV 4]”

“What’s that? Wait…”

There is no room for that.

Let’s go efficiently to reduce Rita’s burden.

I looked at the window and scanned Rita’s entire body.

The weakest areas of magic are the tips of her hands and toes. Rita always concentrates her divine power there, so it’s difficult for my magic to pass through.

I call up an additional [Magic Thread] from the window.

Rita’s fingers and toes were under the hot water. So, I directed the [Magic Thread] to them. I sank it along Rita’s body. I could tell by the sensation of touch Rita’s stomach and thighs. Underneath that…there it was. The fingers of the hand. I twisted them there, and then.

“What the…? What?”

Then I let the thread trickle down her thighs and to her toes.

“Mmm. Oh, mmm!”

Okay, I’m in. I just need to twist them together, pour in the magic, and voila!

“Fluffy, oh, wow. Fluff, ahhhhh!”

Baba, Chabu, Bashash

Rita wriggled in the bathtub.

“What? Why does my finger feel so good suddenly?”

Sploosh Sploosh

I double-checked the window to see where my magic was not going.

My magic was a little thin from the tailbone to the tail area.

“Nagi, I’m going crazy… It’s different from usual… I am melting.”

“Don’t worry, it’s the effect of [Skill Reconstruction LV 4]”

“Oh, no. This is Level 4, right?”

“Yes. I can now scan every inch of Rita. So I can see your temperature, your pulse, your physical condition, and even where you need magic. So you can rest assured that I’ll stabilize you soon and you’ll be fine.”

“All of me? Nagi can see all of me? Oh, no!Even my tail! Oh!”

I twine the [Magic Thread] around her tail. Then I poured a lot of magical power.

Rita’s body snapped back.

“No, no, no. I’m full of Nagi.”

Now all of Rita’s body was covered with my magic power.

Now we just need to calm her skill down.

[Binding Song LV1]

The skill of “binding” the “enemy” with “song”.

The vibrations were getting weaker.

Just to be sure, I also twisted the [Magic Thread] around the skill and focused my attention…

Restructuring skill: [Binding Song LV1]

Condition: Slightly unstable

Rebuild: Not allowed

Concept level: up to 3

I could  see more information about [Binding Song LV1]

Will [Skill Reconstruction LV 4] show me the detailed status of all skills?

So, what if I use this on [Quick Structure]?

Specific skill: [Quick Structure]

Status: Stable

Rebuild: Not allowed

Concept level: up to 3

This is a derivative skill of [Skill Reconstruction LV 3]. It allows users to quickly rebuild the skills of a slave and user.

Warning: Side effects. Use only in case of emergency.

Details of the side effects: After rebuilding, the skills become unstable and need to be ‘stabilized. Otherwise, the skill will start to oscillate and the slave will become “sensitive”. Also, each time you use [Quick Structure] on the same slave, the time to destabilization will be shorter.

Detailed information about it was displayed.

I see. If I use [Quick Structure] on the same person, it will become unstable.

Rita was on her second [Quick Structure], so that means the time to destabilization of her skills got shorter. I’d better not use [Quick Structure] on Rita anymore.

Anyway, I need to stabilize Rita now.

I rechecked Rita’s status.

She was sitting in the tub, limp.

She was holding the bottom of her stomach with one hand and holding my hand on top of the bathing suit with the other.

Her breathing was more steady than before. Her heartbeat was also calming down.

Rita and I were completely connected.

The window showed me everything about Rita. The full-body view is just an outline, but even her body temperature and heartbeat.

“Listen, Rita.”


“Souma Nagi wishes for an undeniable bond with Rita Melpheus.”

I said.

Rita, who had been in a daze, opened her eyes.

“Even if this life ends, even if it becomes the next life.”

I said my vows for the [Soul Engagement].

“I pray that this promise may last forever.”

I was embarrassed, so I spoke a little faster.

But as her master, I have to say it properly.

We’ve connected so deeply, and I’ve gotten to know every inch of Rita.

No matter what happens in the future, no one will know Rita better than I do.

If Rita wishes, I vow to enrich her until the end of my life.

That’s what I call the responsibility of a master to his slaves.

“Nagi… Nagi?”

Tears spilled from Rita’s eyes.

“…I’m so happy. I’m so happy, Nagi.”

Good, good.

I stroked Rita’s hair.

“I’ll be there too. I’ll be with Nagi all the way.”

“If we’re together, we can share the pain and the pleasure. We’re going to have a lot of fun. Ah, mmm!”

Rita’s body shuddered.

I monitored Rita’s reaction and touched the [Binding Song LV 1] skill.

The rampaging skill was subdued.

I tapped the trembling concept with my finger.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm.”

The skill of “binding” the “enemy” with “song”.

The space between “song” and “enemy” was opening and closing, so held it down.

I put my finger in the gap between “song” and “binding” and pinch it. Shake it and move it.

” Ha, ha…”

Rita straightened and loosened her back each time.

She put her face close to my neck and sniffed.

Still, I kept repeating, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay,” as if to reassure her.

“…Hey, Nagi. Are your skills getting better?”


“I wonder if I’ll be able to make a [Soul Engagement] this time.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do it again and again until we get it right.”

“If you do that, I’ll break, won’t I?”

“No, no. But it’s okay. It’s okay, though.”

Rita then smiled shyly.

[Binding Singing LV1]

The skill of “binding” the “enemy” with “song”.

Her skills have calmed down.

All that’s left is to perform the ‘stabilization’.

“Good. Rita.”

“Yes, please, …Nagi…”

I touched the word “Stabilize” on the

[Skill Reconstruction] screen.

“Stabilizing [Binding Song LV 1].

“……And the vows of the soul knot…”

“[Soul Engagement]”

The center of Rita’s chest lit up.

It’s the second time, so I know.

Little Rita slowly tried to come out.

“The one who hugs me when I’m lonely, the one I love.”

Here we go. But she was having a hard time getting out.

I couldn’t help but hold out my index finger.

“Thank you… I love you.”

With that, Rita’s soul embraced my index finger and nipped it.

Then, holding on to my fingers, a little me came out of my chest.

“Thank you for not giving up on me.”

“We’re even. Rita’s been through a lot too.”

“Rita, I’m such a pain in the ass, aren’t I?

“But that’s your charm.”

“Rita’s a tease, isn’t she?”

“That’s why you’re following me, isn’t it?”

“Rita is the ultimate sadist, isn’t she?”

“I’m lonely too, so we’re the same.”

“So we’ll be together forever.”

Rita’s spirit pulled out a strand of golden hair and wrapped it around my ring finger.

“From the God of Contract, a great gift for you.”

Rita’s spirit ran up my arm.

Then she touched my chest.

She climbed up to my shoulders and pulled out my hair.

She wrapped it around Rita’s ring finger.

“Rita, please take care of me.”

“No matter what happens, I will always be there for you.”

“Don’t underestimate me! I’m going to find you no matter how far away you are!”


Rita’s soul returned to Rita’s chest.

The “Soul Engagement” has been established.

Rita’s status in the window is…

Position: Slave Fiancee, Fortune Slave

Soul ties: Strength/Medium

Condition: Full of energy

Unique Skills: [Fighting Aptitude LV5], [Complete Beast Mode LV1], [■■■■■■■]

Rita’s skill seems to be a skill that completely turns her into a beast.

I wonder what kind of beast she will turn into.

But I am sure she will look beautiful

I then checked my status.

“Souma Nagi

Unique skills: [Skill Reconstruction LV 4], [Quick Structure  LV 1] , [ Mind Linkage ]

One more unique skill was added.

[Mind Linkage]

A skill to communicate with a slave for a certain amount of time.

Even at a distance, a slave can communicate his will to his master.

The master can do the same, but by focusing his attention, the master can also read the thoughts of his slave.

Mutual trust is required to activate it.

As proof of this, a peck on the lips is the key to activation.

Awareness sharing by kissing on the lips?

I don’t know if that’s too much of a hurdle or not. It’s a skill that could be used, though.

“…Rita, are you okay?”

“Am I in heaven?”

Soaking in the bathtub, Rita opened her eyes.

She looked back at me, still a little dazed.

“I don’t care where I am, as long as Nagi’s there.”

Rita noticed a ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

She hugged and nuzzled it like it was some sort of treasure.

“Now my soul belongs to Nagi.”

” I was told to not underestimate the loyalty of beastmen.”

“By my soul?”

“If I’m ever born again, I’ll definitely find you.”

“I’ll have to memorize Nagi’s and Cecil’s smells for a long time.”

Rita then put her nose close to my neck.

Her ears were twitching, which I thought was cute, so I stroked her hair. Rita’s eyes widened in surprise, and then she narrowed her eyes as if she was feeling good.

“Did you understand that I want to be stroked?”

“If you couldn’t realize even that, then I can’t be your master.”

“What would I be like if I were reborn in the world of Nagi?”

“I don’t know, but I will have [Skill Reconstruction] in that world too. So, I’ll try to make a ‘Skill to Find Rita’.”

“Who would want those skills?”

“At least I need it badly, and I think Cecil will want it, too. Even Aine.”


Rita giggled in the tub.

Oh, I know she’s up to.

“Hey, Nagi. Don’t you think that we who have been reincarnated need a dependable ‘big sister’?”

“I knew it.”

“I’m worried. I’m worried that you might die before you meet me or Cecil in the next life. It would be nice to have a dependable big sister by Nagi’s side.”

“I’ll have to talk to Aine about that.”

Aine has a real brother to take care of, and I can’t push her into anything.

I’ll have to talk to her soon.

By the way, when Aine left the bathroom earlier, I didn’t hear the door from the changing room to the hallway open. I was so focused on the ‘stabilization’ that I didn’t notice.

Well, maybe I’m just imagining things.

“Then, master.”

Standing up in the tub, Rita adjusted her golden hair with her hands and fixed her messy bathing suit.

Then she put her hand on her chest and bowed her head.

“I, Rita Melpheus, as Nagi’s Soul Covenant, have sworn to stay with him until the end of the world, whether this life ends or the next. Prepare yourself. I won’t let you escape, okay?”

Rita declared with a shy smile.



[Skill Reconstruction LV 4]

The fourth form of the cheat skill creation skill,

[Skill Reconstruction].

The user can call up a [Magica Thread] and move it at will.

(A golden thread, about the thickness of the woolen yarn. By connecting it to the slave, magic power can be exchanged.)

By touching the slave or skill with this thread or finger, more information can be obtained.

The slave’s physical condition and heart rate can also be seen if concentrated.

Details on how to use skills can also be obtained.

In any case, the first ability of “Level 4” is the ability to know the details.

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