Tensei Saki ga Shoujo Manga no Shiro Buta Reijou datta 196


Has her ass grown bigger? (Nora’s perspective)



“I’m so, so unlucky, really… To think that I have to go through something like this!”


I, Nora, was trapped in a small storeroom in the attic of the Lediere Residence.

All because I have noticed their wrongdoings.

I couldn’t help but feel anxious whenever I thought about what will happen to me from now on…


“It’s exactly like Brittany said.”


That flower she had written about in her letter, the one used to make opium… poppy flowers.

It was the local specialty of the house of Marquis Lediere, whose production had increased in an explosive manner in the last year or so.


“Why am I the only one going through this? Jeez! All I wanted was to have a happy marriage!”


I felt so jealous of Brittany and the others…


(Lord Ricardo and Lord Emirya are such fine gentlemen. And compared to that, what do I have…?)


My fiancée was just a mama’s boy who does nothing but live for his work and ignore her bride-to-be.

My father-in-law was a man who just threw his weight around and morally abused everyone. My mother-in-law was a nasty woman with a penchant for picking on me.

I had no affection for this house. In fact, I hated it so much that I would have preferred to be in the royal capital instead.


What’s more, Marquis Lediere was trying to form an alliance with the Northern Kingdom and start a war.

Making weapons using the metal harvested in my homeland, and a suspicious medicine made from poppy flowers under the pretense of it being a pain reliever.

Once the war began, Marquis Lediere would sell them all and make huge profits. It was truly the darkest of schemes.


(They’re trying to sell their weapons and drugs to both the Northern and Central Kingdom. These people don’t seem interested in peace, but rather, they want to prolong the conflicts…)


Since they were on the southern side, were they underestimating the possibility of an invasion from the Northern Kingdom, or was there some kind of agreement with them?

It seemed that Marquis Lediere had already begun to sell to them.

At some point, the marquis had headed overseas for a while. From there, he was transporting weapons and drugs somewhere by ship. Villerey, who was generally enthusiastic about research, also seemed interested.


(At any rate, this is looking very bad. I… I have to escape from here, quickly.)


I wouldn’t be able to endure being treated as an accomplice of this madness.

And yet, a few days ago, they realized I had been snooping around, and locked me away in this storeroom.

Because of that, I couldn’t move a step away from this house. I couldn’t even reply to Brittany’s letter. I was in a real pinch.


(And I have so much to talk about!)


I couldn’t get out of the room I was locked into, so I felt totally helpless. And what’s more, they haven’t been bringing me food since this morning.

The mansion seemed strangely quiet today.

Unfortunately, there were no windows here so I couldn’t find out what’s going on.

But I’d hoped to avoid being starved to death in this storeroom before anyone could find me. I wouldn’t be satisfied until I give these devils a piece of my mind.

As I was thinking about my hopeless situation, the hallways downstairs became very noisy for some reason.

And someone was making a very loud voice.


(Huh, that voice is… Brittany? How?)


I hurried to the attic door.

As I tried really hard to listen to the noise that was happening downstairs, I heard a voice that I knew very well.

My friend was calling my name.




After calling her name, I started slamming against the attic door. I had to get out of the room as soon as possible.


“I’m here! I’m here!”


Her voice sounded as if she was getting closer. I hoped that she had heard me.

Footsteps echoed outside and stopped at the other side of the door.


“Nora, stay back!”


I could hear Britney’s voice clearly, and I moved to the back of the room as I was told.

Then, the door of the attic was broken with a loud noise.

On the other side, Brittany was standing there with an imposing look and her arms crossed in front of her chest.


“So they had you locked up here after all, huh? I’m glad you’re safe, Nora!”


Brittany entered the room and took my hand, taking me out of that dirty storeroom.


“Let’s get out of here.”


As we headed out, I found Ricardo was there as well. He had been on the lookout for any pursuers sent out by the marquis.


“Glad to see you’re safe, Lady Nora. Let’s return to the carriage.”


Led by Brittany and Ricardo, I followed them into a carriage.

It seemed that no one had noticed us yet, and no one was chasing after us.

They asked some familiar-looking soldiers to keep me safe.


(These guys… these are the soldiers of the platoon that always trains in the castle’s yard.)


Since I’ve seen them before, I feel somewhat relieved to be in their care.


“We’ll go get Lady Angela. You wait here, Nora.”



A little bit later, Brittany and Ricardo returned.

Lady Angela and the other members of the platoon were with them.

And walking next to them, were the now captured members of the Lediere family.


(Why are all of them covering their eyes like that?)

I got out of the carriage.

Brittany and Angela were talking about something.


“Lady Angela, you used the pepper spray right away.”

“Yes, it was very useful. The Ledieres tried to capture me as soon as they realized that their excuses wouldn’t work on me. I really wish I had used those Molotov cocktails instead, though…”

“…Well, I think using pepper spray was the correct answer.”

“And also, once their sins were exposed, they tried to pin everything on Nora! They’re just despicable.”

“How is something like that even possible for someone such as Lady Nora, who has just entered their house as a fiancée? What a stupid excuse…”


Villerey noticed my presence, and was glaring at me with his bright red swollen eyes.

At first, he put up his usual face of someone who’s indifferent to his wife because he is enthusiastic about work and research, but then I noticed a gradual change in his expression. His face outside and the one he usually had at home were completely opposite to each other.

He turned out to be nothing more than a mama’s boy who only has eyes for his own pastimes and is a lion at home but a mouse abroad.


“Damn it! It’s all your fault, Nora! You useless…!”


Right after Villerey cursed at me, my mother-in-law started to shout.


“To begin with, the reason why we decided on you for our son’s engagement was that site for digging iron that your family has. All you had to do was inherit the damn place! Otherwise, who do you think would marry a girl from such a remote place!?”

“That’s right. Far from being useful to the house… you betrayed us!! You ungrateful wench!!”


My father-in-law was on the same train as them. I just stayed there, with my head unusually cool as I looked down at them.


(These guys… Do they think they were doing me a favor!?)


However, after hearing Villerey and his parents’ abusive words, Angela started hitting them repeatedly with a fan. Slap slap slap– What a delightful sound!


“Silence, you fiends! To think that not only you dared disobey the country, you would cause my dear friend so much pain! You should start reflecting on your actions from now on. Though you may be punished long before you even realize what you’ve done wrong!”


Before I knew it, a large number of soldiers that weren’t part of the platoon started to arrive. It looked like someone had called for reinforcements.

Brittany pushed me into the carriage, hiding me from the members of the Lediere family.

As she did that, I couldn’t help but think… Has her ass grown bigger?


“You’re safe now, Nora.”

“That’s right. I’ll look after you. I won’t let anyone else do something like this to you!”


My two reliable friends each took one of my hands as they smiled.

Feeling the fatigue that had accumulated over many days, and the hunger from this morning… I collapsed on the spot.

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