I Said Make My Abilities Average

Chapter 245 Return

“Oh, capital! I have returned!”


Hearing Mile shout that just as they entered the capital, Reina and the others decided to ignore her, assuming that she was probably talking to herself again.

And the first place they headed for was the inn. They can go to the other places whenever they wish but if they don’t secure a room at the inn first, it might get booked later on. Besides, they thought they should show their faces there, at the inn.


“We have returned~!”


“Welcome bac…… e-ehhh, sisters?!”

Lenny came jumping out of the reception counter.


“S-so you were okay… I am glad…”


It isn’t that unusual for a hunter to die anytime. And so, many times, Lenny had seen the customers of the inn go to a trip for training and never come back.

And so, Lenny welcomed all 4 of them once again, with a smile.


“Welcome back!”


And so, after securing the rooms, the 4 of them headed to the capital’s hunter guild next. Well, this much was obvious.


“We have returned!”


As Mavis said that the moment they entered the guild, the reception lady and the guild members reflexively half-rose to their feet and shouted,


“””””’The Storage Girls’ Squad’…!””””””


“””””’The Crimson Vow’…!”””””


Seems like they have gotten some weird names without knowing.


But it was true that the biggest characteristic of The Crimson Vow was Mile’s storage magic. All the members were also skilled in fighting but as far as the other people of the guild know, none of them were of A or S rank. As such, everyone’s evaluation of them was something like ‘a C rank hunter party with the strength of a B rank hunter party’ and so their strength wasn’t something that uncommon. They thought the group wouldn’t be able to win with Mythril’s Roar if they fought head to head.

…… At least that’s what the people, who didn’t know about the old dragons’ fight, Mile’s true strength, Mavis’ doping and Pauline’s hot magic, thought.

Of course, when you consider the fact that they are still young and cute girls, it would be different. The fact that these young girls possess that much strength and not some old guy, makes their growth potential unreadable. They would keep getting stronger from now on as they keep piling up experience.


Even then, the reason why they were given so much attention by everyone related to the hunter guild in the capital was because of the storage magic (which is actually the item box).

That miraculous capacity which increases the profit earned from hunting, collecting and transporting by a dozen times.

As such, before they knew it, the weird nicknames spread.


“T-that’s, Mile’s other name, right? I-it has nothing to do with me, right?”


“What is with that?!”


Mile snapped at Mavis as she wanted that to be just Mile’s other name, and not the party’s as she didn’t want to be addressed by that.


“N-now, now…”


“Ohh, good job coming back!”


While Pauline was trying to console Mile, the guild master came down from the 2nd floor.


“You guys returned quicker than I thought. Either way, I am glad you’re okay. You will be working inside the country for a while now, right? No, actually you don’t need to say it. I understand if you want to go travel here and there while you’re young. If you return safe and sound then a long trip can’t be helped sometimes. After all, that’s what hunters are.”


He said some pretty understanding stuff there, compared to the times before they went out. Reina and Pauline looked at him like something was fishy but Mavis and Mile were genuinely happy thinking that he understood their desires. Thinking that if it’s like this, they can depart without any problem for the next expedition.


“Well, during the time you’re still here, you could do some training and gather funds and accumulate some promotion points.”


Saying that, the guild master went back to his room on the second floor in a good mood.




And so, the 4 of them got to thinking.

That the guild master probably didn’t know that The Crimson Vow had accumulated over a 1000 gold coins, neither did he know that they had also accumulated enough points to be promoted to B rank.

Well, their contributions in the other country will be delivered to the guild’s mail but as the mail comes once a month and also considering the time for the transport, the mail with all their contributions will reach the guild at least a few weeks from now and at most a month.

And so, after greeting the people at the guild and the members, they retired to the inn.


“….Did the Crimson Vow leave?”


“Ah, yes, soon after you went to the 2nd floor, master…”


“Alright, I will be back. I will be going to Count Christopher’s residence and then to the royal palace, so I might be out a while.”


Saying that to the female members of the guild who were making black tea, the guild master prepared to head out. With an unusual, grinning face.


“The guild master seemed to be in an awfully good mood, huh? Besides, he talked as if we would be staying in the city for quite a while too…”


“Now that you mention it, he did say stuff like that. We simply went by because it fell on our route. There’s no way our training trip would be over this quick.

Well, we could stay here for a week or so.”


While listening to Mile and Reina’s conversation, Pauline gave a somewhat evil grin as if she knew something about the guild master’s attitude. And Mavis who ended up seeing that, reflexively backed away……



*     *



“Ohh, The Crimson Vow’s members have returned? Hmm, seems like they understand that my country is the best and most easy to live in.”


“That was faster than I had thought. As I thought, was it difficult doing work at an unfamiliar country as a group of 4 girls?”


Thinking that The Crimson Vow thought his country to be the easiest to live in and returned quick, the king was greatly delighted. And the other person was the master swordsman, Count Christopher, who is a noble from a hunter family and had gone to long trips outside the country when he was young.


“Still, I am glad that they returned safely without being held in other countries. Their expedition fever must have cooled down by now so we should make something to tie them to this country in the meanwhile…”


Said the king with a smile. Count Christopher also smiled and the guild master’s expression loosened, as well.

With this, if the training school which is currently being led by Count Christopher undergoes some large scale reorganization and reviews the promotion standards, the hunter guild–no, all hunters’ future look bright.

Moreover, maybe because of the influence of those girls, more and more girls are aiming to be hunters, so it can also be expected that skilled newcomers who give up being a hunter because of marriage will also decrease. If they marry another hunter, they can go hunting together as a couple and the woman won’t say stuff like ‘do a more safe and riskless job!’.








As all their dreams and expectations were turning into reality, the king’s office had filled with the 3 men’s happy laughter.

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