Cosette Edelweiss (コゼット・エーデルワイス) – MC – Earl Family – In past life was a 40 years old lady whose daughter played the Otome Game 

  • Codelia Edelweiss (コーデリア・エーデルワイス) – Mom: Friend of the queen 
  • Edward Edelweiss (エドワード・エーデルワイス伯爵) – Dad – Dotes on Cosette a lot – Was involved with keeping Angie safe after she sneaked into the tea party hosted by his family back when Cosette was 10 years old. 
  • Sisie (シシィ): Maid 
  • Ed (エド): Shoe Designer 
  • Bob (ボブじいさん): Gardener 
  • Ricky (リッキー): Carpenter 

Angie (アンジェ) – Heroine, daughter of the late king’s wife – Has Past Life Memories – Was 13 years old when she died in past life 

  • Lived the first years of her life in commoners district. Was raised by a woman named “Nannie”, who was her mom’s wet nurse. 
    • Considers Nannie as her mother – Nannie is sickly 
    • Nannie had a daughter named Minnie who was two years older than Angie. Angie thinks of her as an older sister. 
    • Both Minnie and Nannie seemed to be involved in her participating in the event that led her to meeting Cosette when they were 10 years old. 
  • Lived the time from the 10th to 16th years hidden in the house of Baron Bowie, who was a friend of Cosette’s father. 
  • Registered at school as someone from a commoners’ household. 
  • Was exiled from the kingdom after she attempted (and failed) a coup. 
  • Mother: Consort Rose. After previous king died, she fled while still pregnant of Angie. She was written off as dead… Also, seems like she died shortly after giving birth. 

Remy Doranju (レミーエ・ドランジュ公爵令嬢) – Villainess – Has blonde rococo hair – Loves doing ohoho laugh – Duke Family – Lost her noble title and is now studying abroad – Cosette still cares for her. 

  • Father: Prime Minister – Might be related to the death of the previous king – Wants war with neighboring country – Was sentenced to death after attempting (and failing) a coup. 
  • Mother: Remilia (レミリア) 
  • Older Brother: Remias (レミアス・ドランジュ) – Became a friend of Cosette through George – Loves Painting – Doesn’t agree with his father’s view – Helped the king stop the coup, so instead of losing the title of a noble because of the coup, he instead was just demoted to Viscount. 
  • Marietta Giaro (マリエッタ・ジアロ子爵令嬢) – Yellow Member of the Entourage – Lost to Angie on Bamboo cutting. 
  • Julia Marufoi (ジュリア・マルフォイ侯爵令嬢) – Red member of the entourage 
  • Emilia Blau (エミリア・ブラウ伯爵令嬢) – Blue member of the entourage 

Leonhart Altria (レオンハルト・アルトリア) – Crown Prince – Son of the current king. Not blood-related to Angie – Friend of Cosette 

  • Father: Might be related to death of previous king. Might be in love with the previous queen. 

George Reinyd (ゲオルグ・レイニード) – Friend of Crown Prince, son of the leader of the knight order – Earl Family – Loves sweets – Likes Cosette (?) 

Alfred Granshiel (アルフレッド・グランシール侯爵) – Teacher – Capture Target – Marquis– Was previously on the military 

  • Apparently doesn’t teach anything. 
  • Wants to push Remy and Cosette away from the Queen position. 
  • Might be pushing Angie for queen position, but maybe someone else. 
  • Lost noble title and was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment after attempting (and failing) on a coup. 

Sandy – Commentator of the duels. Always hops Cosette into being a commentator too. 

Ekaterina Tutorial – Noble Lady that fought the first duel (high heel dancing) against Angie… Her surname is tutorial. She lost, though she was better at dancing than Angie. 

Priscila Douglas (プリシラ・ダグラス子爵令嬢) – From a Viscount Family – Admires Cosette – Family makes amazing sweet potatoes 




  • Cosette’s shoe-making (also makes other stuff, like Diet products) company  
  • Ideas come from Cosette, but it is advertised as Cosette’s mom actually coming up with the ideas… Though the info that Cosette is the designer seems to leak out often. It’s apparently common knowledge that she is the designer now. 

Altria: Kingdom name 

  • Capital: Altonil 
  • School: Altria Academy 
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