I Will Quit The Villainess Entourage

Chapter 83 – Second Arc: Second Chapter


On the following day, me and Sisie brought a large amount of roasted sweet potatoes to the school. Each of us was carrying a large cloth which held half of the sweet potatoes that were left from yesterday’s cooking.

I wasn’t really planning on taking sweet potatoes to school, but me and Bob made way too many… In fact, we baked all the sweet potatoes that we had in the mansion’s kitchen.

When the chef saw what we had done, he unleashed his pure unadulterated rage upon us.

… Or rather, on me. Bob made an excuse talking about how he had to rest due to his aching back, so I alone had to endure the full wrath of our estate’s chef… It was scary, I never thought that this lovely chef of ours could be so terrifying.

And because of that, I had to bring the sweet potatoes to school… I did try to resist, as it would be unbecoming of a lady to bring a cloth of sweet potatoes like this, but my parents took the chef’s side, so I had no choice but to bring the sweet potatoes with me.

At the very least though, I could choose the pattern of the cloths we were using to carry the sweet potatoes… It was all that I could do as a lady of the Edelweiss family.

Sisie’s cloth had a white lily pattern, while mine had a rose pattern… It wasn’t much, but at least it made me keep a bit of a ladylike appearance as I carried the giant amount of sweet potatoes that I baked myself with me.

Still… This is too unfair! Why is Sisie the only one helping me carry this!? Even with the chef’s wrath, we deserved more help! This is way too heavy for just two people!

That traitor, Bob, how could he run away with a backache excuse…? He helped me, so he should suffer the punishment too!

… Regardless of my feelings, me and Sisie walked the school grounds while carrying the cloths with the sweet potatoes. It was embarrassing to see the students staring at us, but there was not much that could be done at this point.

But then, just as I was sighing in defeat, I heard a reserved voice come from my side, “Lady Cosette…? You seem to be carrying a lot of luggage… Would you like some help?” She asked me.

When I turned to the voice’s direction, I saw the gentle smile of one of my classmates, “Thank you, lady Priscilla, it’s a big help.” I told her.

She blinked her adorable hazel eyes a few times after hearing my reply. This confused stare, paired up with the lustrous dark brown hair that she inherited from Viscount Douglas, made her look quite lovely right now.

“You know my name…?” She asked me.

“But of course? We’re in the same class, so it’s a bit of a given, isn’t it? You remembered my name too, after all.” I replied.

“Well, yes, but lady Cosette is quite famous, so I did not expect you to know a name of someone like me.” She explained while turning a bit red and looking downwards.

I’m famous…? I suppose I do spend a fair bit of time with his highness… And I also participated in the narration of the duels, so… I guess that could make me famous? I’m not very happy about it though, since I prefer not standing out too much.

“Well, I think it’s normal to remember the names of your classmates at the very least… Oh, and by the way, the sweet potatoes made on your territory are especially delicious, aren’t they?” I asked her just out of courtesy, since I had already done my research in advance.

I wanted to make the best sweet potatoes possible, so I searched for the most delicious ones available… And the ones from the Douglas territory are claimed to be the sweetest of them all.

However, miss Priscilla was, for some reason, wide-eyed at my casual remark, “You even remember the specialty products of small territories like mine!?” She asked.

“Eh? Ah, well… That was just a coincidence, really…” I replied.

“And you’re also humble too… I’d expect nothing less of lady Cosette.” She said.

No, really, I was just researching what were the best sweet potatoes available, and was frustrated that I was unable to obtain the ones from the Douglas territory because they’re a luxury product made on a small territory, so they always disappear in no time.

… I’ll definitely get some next year though! This is a goal I won’t fail to accomplish!

“Could lady Cosette actually know the specialty products made on each of the noble territories?” Miss Priscilla asked me… I think? Or was it something else? I got a bit lost on my thoughts, so I didn’t hear it too well… She seems to be expecting something though, so I guess she might want a sweet potato?

“Eh? Ah, of course.” I replied… Her eyes became tearful for some reason though, was she this hungry!? “Here. I can understand it even if you don’t say anything.” I told her with a benevolent smile while offering a sweet potato.

“Lady Cosette…” However, instead of eating the sweet potato, miss Priscilla started tearing up even more, then knelt in front of me while holding the sweet potato close to her heart… It was almost as if she took it as an offering instead of as food, “I, Priscilla, daughter of Viscount Douglas, hereby pledge my allegiance to lady Cosette. I swear to cherish this gift of yours for the rest of my life!”

“Eh? Wait, no, I…” I couldn’t follow this development at all.

“It’s a dream come true to serve lady Cosette! Thank you for this opportunity! Please let me go to the classroom first to help you with this luggage!” Then, after exclaiming this, she took my cloth of sweet potatoes and ran off.

“Huh…?” Was all I could say in response to these words… And while I had my mouth wide open in disbelief, Sisie sat down on the ground to rest, because she couldn’t bear the weight of her cloth of sweet potatoes any longer.

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