Raws: 14/157



Three months since the completion of the slippers.

My diet had bore favourable results.

Midway, the slippers could not bear the weight and I immediately fell on my backside suffering an accident, somehow my diet was settled by the recklessly excessive cooperation with the shoe craftsman producing new slippers one after another.

The slippers that were initially made by filling fabric with cotton, improvements were made each time, currently the latest model has adopted tanned skin leather for sole, sheepskin insoles for the luxury model, the health promotion model has acupressure effect from using carved wood,  and the fashionable model pleasant for women has whole surface embroidery.

By the way the naming was done by me.



These slippers, with diet completely unnecessary are Okaa-sama’s favourite, they were introduced at a tea party hosted by Okaa-sama when she recklessly wore them, now in high society, there is a large slipper movement happening that could be said to be a slipper boom.



When i remember my previous life, slippers were indoor wear and never for an outdoor tea party, to say nothing of wearing at an evening party! Although there was intense discomfort……


Whether it is a result of Okaa-sama’s influence(power/prestige) who is referred to as the flower of high society, currently at evening parties gentlemen and ladies who pride themselves as fashionable(refined) are dancing in slippers, such a sight seems to be spreading.



However, the sole is made from tanned leather, those who fall from the instability of their feet appear one after another.


It is natural…… I mean, in the first place slippers are not made for the purpose of dancing.



The present situation was because of me…… as I was wracking my mind, the solution materialized(came/appeared) from an unexpected place.


Bob-jiisan somehow, found a rubber tree(gomunoki) in the backyard of the estate. (TLN: backyard here could also mean hills behind the mansion but I’m not really sure if there are hills near Cosette’s home.)


The sap collected from the rubber tree with some complication while processing managed to be a success, the present models developed, “Outdoor footwear! High performance slippers also built for dancing” comes with anti-slip rubber-made soles.


I mean this, these are no longer wholesome sandals ……



The existence of rubber which could be said to be a byproduct of the slippers, were a great invention that shook the footwear industry.


With the introduction of rubber, a shoe sole that does not slide strongly in rain and mud is possible to produce, shoe craftsmen were dancing wildly in joy.



The rights to use rubber and its application and the like, I don’t quite understand the complicated matters…… As a result, because it was troublesome I have left all decision making to Otou-sama, our house, the Edelweiss earl household’s shoe brand will be completed soon it seems.




Well putting that aside, when I look at my appearance reflected in the full length mirror again, thanks to the slipper walking I feel like my silhouette has gotten a bit more shapely overall.


It has become easier to move, before long it may be good to take on a bit more serious exercise.



Today while wandering around the residence in my favourite slippers, I was carefully thinking about the next diet plan.



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