Raws: 22/161



“And now, Angie-jou is…… Before that let me first tell the story of Consort Rose. Perhaps consort Rose was supposed to be killed along with the assassination of his majesty Henry. However…… Consort Rose conceived a child in her body before his majesty died. She knew that she herself was being targetted and hid herself, there after fleeing she gave birth to Angie.”



“With that conspicious hair, skillfully without being found……”



Consort Rose and Angie-jou had pink hair. That is very conspicuous, conversely if you just change the colour of the hair it might not be difficult to escape.



“Umu. It seems Angie-jou had dyed her hair. The person herself said that the tea party was the first time that she restored her hair colour. And that was the reason she was able to enter that tea party… It seems there was a person who guided.”



“As expected huh……”



At last the mystery of the tea party trespassing incident is solved. Someone guided…… Reflecting about it, it would be a person who understands the security I wonder.



“The daughter of Consort Rose’s wet nurse, seems to be working as a maid for an Earl household. She felt pity for Angie-jou who inherited her blood from the royal family degraded to the streets to endure misfortune, and seems to have cooperated with her.”



“Is that so…… This matter, does my father know?”



“Of course. I was talking with the Earl secretly since that tea party. At present a baron household who is an old friend of the Earl has accepted looking after Angie-jou’s person. If her presence is known publicly, it will bring unnecessary chaos. I believe everything should ought to be known, that is just not now.”




His highness raised his head, and gazed hard at me with a sincere look.


The matter that his highness is attempting to disclose, is also to uncover the crime that his father the king committed.

Depending on the situation consequently there is a possibility that his highness himself’s body may be at risk, I think he has solidified his resolution for that.



That is this boy might be the embodiment of fastidiousness, this straightforward attitude I thought was nice.



Thus from the tension, because this fellow was trying to bear the weight of what he is trying to do by himself… The clenching fists at his knees were white and trembling a little.


There his anxiety and weakness is seen, I suddenly remembered that this intelligent crown prince is still 10 years old.



Thus I, strongly thought that I must protect the heart of this straightforward young boy.


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