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シグノーラ開店!シシィ視点 Signora Shop Opening!: Sisie Perspective


「「「いらっしゃいませ!」」」 “ “ “Welcome(Irasshaimase)!” ” ”


開店時間になり玄関扉を開くと、かなりの人数のお客様で玄関前はいっぱいになっていた。When it came to be the opening hours and the entranceway doors were unsealed, a considerable number of customers came filling up the entryway.

店の周りには馬車がたくさん停まっている。There were many horse drawn carriages in the vicinity of the store.


近隣の店の迷惑になるので、店員が慌てて馬車を別の場所に誘導する。Since it will become a bother to the neighboring stores, the clerk hurriedly guided the carriages to another location.


お客様は比較的若い年齢層の令嬢方が多く、お友達同士で誘い合って来ているようだった。There are many customers who were daughters of a relatively young age, it seems that the were friends who had invited each other.

ほとんどが子爵や男爵令嬢などの身分的には低めの家柄の令嬢で、そうでない方も貴族でなく商人の娘らしい方々が多いように思う。Most of them were young ladies with a lower family status such as daughters of baron and viscount, rather than people in the direction of nobility but many young girls who could be considered from merchants.


「これがハイヒール!綺麗なかたちねぇ」 “This is a High heel! Such a beautiful form right(nee?)”


「こちらの靴もリボンがとっても可愛いわ!」 “The ribbons on this shoe here is also very cute!”


「バランスシューズ……歩くだけで美脚になれるですって?!なんてこと……!!」 “Balance shoes…… to attain beautiful legs just by walking? ! How such a thing……! ! ”


「トレーニングチューブ……?教本が……ふむ……」 “Training tube……? A textbook….. Fumu(hmmm)……”


並べてある見本品を手にとってとても楽しそうに笑いあう令嬢方をみて、私も嬉しくなって頬が緩んだ。Looking at the young ladies who were having fun smiling at the line up of sample products in hand, I was so glad that my cheeks slackened.


お嬢様のデザインやアイデアが認められるのはとても嬉しい。 I am very happy that the designs and ideas of Ojou-sama will be recognized(accepted).

忙しくてついつい口調がきつくなって、今も奥に追いやってしまったけれど、お嬢様が頑張っていたのは知っている。I was busy and unconsciously my tone became severe, I am aware that Ojou-sama was doing her best(working hard), however presently I have driven her to the back.

まったく、お嬢様のくせに私たちに気を使って、下働きみたいなことまでしようとするんだから!Honestly, we have the habit of minding Ojou-sama, attempting to do things like a subordinate!

まったく…………可愛いんだから!Really………… Because it’s adorable!


お茶の淹れ方だったり、時々妙に上手にこなす事もあるけれど、まだ十歳で小さいくせに沢山のティーカップを運ぼうとしたりして、結局大失敗して。Although sometime, how she makes tea is strangely skilled, and yet in spite of being small 10 year old tried to carry too many tea cups, good heavens in the end it was a massive failure.


でもそんな失敗も、お嬢様の優しい気持ちがみえるものばかりだったから、みんな嬉しくなってつい甘くなってしまったが……Even still such failures, since only Ojou-sama’s gentle feelings could be seen, it was sweet and grew a happy feeling in everyone……


今日は開店初日。Today is the first day of opening.

失敗は許されないのだ。 Failure is not permitted.

だから心を鬼にして奥に追いやったのだ。That is why I hardened my heart into an oni and pushed her to the back.




なのに…… And yet……




「そうなんです!こちら最高級の絹地を使用しておりまして、職人が丁寧に手作業でひとつひとつ作っております!見てください、この光沢!実際にいま私も履いているんですけどね、履き心地が最高なんですね〜これならいくらでも踊れます!こちらの商品がなんと……」 “Thats right! We are using the finest grade silk fabrics here, each one carefully handcrafted by artisans! Please look, this brilliant luster! Currently I myself am also wearing them right now, the sensation of wearing them is assuredly the best~ You can dance as much as you like in these! What this item here……”



はあああ…… Haaaa……


私は特大のため息をついた。I breath out a large sigh.

– – – – – – – – – –

AN: 短くて申し訳ないです I feel regretful(sorry/guilty) it is short. m(_ _)m


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