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閑話:うちのお嬢様 庭師視点 Ojou-sama of the House: Gardener Perspective


ハァイ!僕はエーデルワイス伯爵家に勤める庭師のボブ!Haai! I am the gardener Bob serving the Edelweiss earl household!

ピッチピチの五十八歳。At the fresh young age of 58 years old. (TLN: I think that is what ピッチピチ means… had to look it up in jp on a jp dictionary website =/ do tell me if I am wrong )

お嬢様からはボブじいさんと呼ばれているが、まだまだ現役だよ!By Ojou-sama I am called Bob-jiisan, but I am still in active service!


なにが現役かって?仕事に決まってるじゃないか!What is active service? It is deciding to work isn’t it!

ハハッ!Ha hah!


うちのお嬢様はまったく変わった方で、お嬢様なのに庭いじりが趣味なだけでなく、その発想も変わっているんだ。 Ojou-sama of the house is truly peculiar, not only Ojou-sama’s hobby in gardening, but her way of thinking is also unusual(eccentric).

まあ、庭いじりが趣味といっても、お嬢様はコロコロしてるから指示やアイデアをもらって実際は僕が作業することが多いんだけどね!Maa, although it is called gardening hobby, Ojou-sama is lightly rolling(korokoro) so I get instructions and ideas, In fact I do a lot of work in many cases! (TLN: apparently korokoro can mean frequently changing or woman’s laughter but rolling seems to fit the context better.)

コロコロ転がっちゃうから仕方ないよね!It can’t be helped because she is falling over lightly rolling.

さっきも花の種を植えようとして転がっていたよ!Just now trying to plant flower seeds she fell over.

ハハッ可愛いね!Ha hah cute huh(kawaii ne)!


今日はまた新たなアイデアがあるそうで、僕は朝からワクワクしていたんだ!Today also there seems to be another new idea, since this morning I was getting excited.


「お嬢様!今日はどんな庭を作るんだい?!」 “Ojou-sama! What kind of garden are you making today? !”


「今日はね、砂の庭を作るのよ!砂と石の庭よ!」 “Today, it will be a sandy garden! A garden of sand and stone!”


やる気に満ちたお嬢様は、僕が以前プレゼントした作業着を着ている。ピンクのツナギだ。可愛いだろう?Ojou-sama full of motivation, wearing the work clothes I gave as a present previously. It is a pink jumpsuit(ツナギ). Its cute right? (TLN: google says it is a jumpsuit but I want to question that and think it is actually overalls…)


「ほほーう、砂と石の庭かい!それは面白いデースネー」 “Ho hoーu, a garden of sand and stone huh! That is amusing isーn’t itー(デースネー)” (TLN: You see more of bob-jiisan’s weird accent it seems. Just think all of the ーs are him dragging the sound longer I guess. I’m moving them around to make it seem right in english)


「ボブじいさん、また語尾がおかしいわよ。無理に敬語を使わなくていいって言っているじゃない」 “Bob-jiisan, the sentence ending was weird. You do not have to use honorific language by force.”


「オーゥ、しつれーいしましーたねー」 “Oーu, exーcuseー meー”


そう、僕はこの国の出身じゃないから、言葉があまり上手くないみたいなんだ。 Yes, because I am not from this country, it seems my speech is not very skillful.

それで庭師の仕事がなかなか見つからなかったところを拾って下さったのが、エーデルワイス伯爵とお嬢様さ!That is why finding a place looking for a gardener to pick up was difficult, Edelweiss Earl and Ojou-sama!

幼いお嬢様がこのおじさん面白いから雇ってあげて!と言ってくださったから僕はここにいられるんだ。The very young Ojou-sama hired because this ojisan is funny(interesting)! Because I was kindly told I could stay here.

ハハッまったくお嬢様には頭があがらないよ! Ha Hah really(mattaku) there is no equal to Ojou-sama!


「それで、砂と石の庭っていうのはどんな庭なんだい?また夢にみたのかな?」 “So, what kind of garden is called a garden of sand and stone? Have you seen it in a dream again?”


「そうなの。夢では確か、カレサーンスイって言ってたわそこに、この前東の国から届いたモミジを植えるのよ」 “Thats right. Certainly in the dream, it is called karesaーnsui(traditional dry landscape garden), transplant the earlier momiji(maple) that arrived from the eastern region.”


お嬢様がデザイン画をみせてくれる。 Ojou-sama presented the design sketch.

うーん、相変わらず抽象的で難しいデザインだね! Uーn, as usual it is an abstract and complicated design.

でもこういうのは雰囲気が大切だからね!大丈夫さ!ハハッ!But for this the ambiance is important for such things right? ! Aright! Ha hah!


「この砂は白かーい?石はその辺にある石でいいのかなーあ?」 “This sand is white huーh? I wonーder if the stone nearby is a sufficient stone?”


「グレーか白の砂がいいわね〜石はとりあえずその辺にあるやつで代用して、徐々に集めていこうと思うの」 “I prefer gray or white sand〜 the nearby stones in the meantime can be a substitute, gradually collecting them I suppose.”


「わかったよ〜」 “I understand〜”


そのあと、お嬢様とカレサーンスイの庭作りを始めた。After that, I began making the garden of karesaーnsui with Ojou-sama.


「そうよーそこから線を沢山ひゅーーっと引いてね。あっ踏んだらダメよっ」 “Thats rightー from there draw lotsーー of lines. Ah, don’t step on it.”


カレサーンスイは難しいね! Karesaーnsui is difficult!

お嬢様も線を引くのを頑張ってるけど、お嬢様が転ぶと折角平らにならした砂がぐしゃぐしゃになるからやめて欲しいね!Ojou-sama is also doing her best to draw a line however, I want you to stop because the crumpled sand would be especially flattened.



結局、カレサーンスイが出来上がったのは、作り始めてから一週間も経った頃だった。Eventually, the karesaーnsui was completed, it was approximately one week since I started constructing it.

砂の上に線を描くのが難しかったね!It was difficult to draw the lines over the sand!

途中、お嬢様が棒を束ねたみたいな道具を発明してくれなかったら挫折してたところだよ!ハハッ! Mid way, if Ojou-sama did not invent clever tools like bundled sticks I was about to be discouraged! Ha hah!



「素晴らしいわね!これがワビサビね!」 “Wonderful isn’t it! This is wabisabi huh!” (TLN: From the dictionary….  Wabisabi- aesthetic sense in japanese art emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement)


「ワビサビってなーんですかーぁ」 “Whaーt isー wabisabi?”


「ワビサビは……なんかいい感じってことよ!」 “Wabisabi is…… It is something like good feelings!”


「ふーーーん。そうデースカァー」 “Fuーーーn. Is thaーt sooー.”


素晴らしいですかねー?僕には寂れた感じにしかみえなーいけどね!ハハッ!Wonderful isn’t itー? I can only see a sense of elegant simplicity! Ha Hah! (TLN: the same character for elegant simplicity can also be used for the word desolate or tranquility so he could also be saying sense of desolation or tranquility.)

まあ、お嬢様が喜ぶならいいよねっハハッ! Maa, if Ojou-sama is pleased then it is fine ha hah!


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