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The one-on-one match ended in Angie’s victory


I wonder if I’ll be next.


But there is no reason for me to challenge the contest.


Yes. I have noticed it.



That is to say there isn’t a defeat if there is no match……!



However Angie’s eyes at the end is a concern.


I wonder have I done something to be stared at so much?


The same reincarnated person companion, I suppose it feels like we could get along.


But let’s invite her to next time’s tea.




When I left the assembly hall resting on the terrace, three people, his highness and the others came.



“You were here?”



“Yes. I was resting. Everyone many thanks for good work. Here some tea.”



I took out some cups made from thinly cut wood, and poured barley tea from the water bottle I had brought.



This was an item developed for the use in Picnics.


It is scary bringing tea cups to a picnic every time because it might crack. This one is lighter.



However, we can not bring such crude vessels for his highness to drink from. It was the first time seeing the eyes of the maids rejecting me that day.



His highness and Remias’ eyes in wonder at the cups taken out.



“This is…… wood?”



“It is wonderful and thin right? In addition it is easy to hold and its light!”



“Tea cups are inconvenient to carry around right? Therefore wouldn’t this be better?”



Ahー, the barley tea permeates <span style=”color: #3366ff;” title=”(?) wa at the end of a sentence is used to add emphasis to a phrase. I couldn’t think of a way so show that in english.”>waー</span>.


I refilled another cup for George who drained the barley tea all at once.


“That green cylinder, what is it?”



“It isー a water bottle. Are you acquainted with bamboo? A plant of the east……”



“Ahhh. Isn’t it the plant in the rock garden of Cosette’s house?”



“It is that? ! That green……!”



The water bottle is made from bamboo. After remembering bamboo from the AodaーKefumi case, I asked Otou-sama to find it for me. The growth of bamboo in this world is staggeringly fast, now the area of bamboo forest is growing out in our garden. Thanks to that it we have all you can dig bamboo shoots.



“Since the bamboo is divided into sections inside, it is just right for a water bottle. Moreover it is light and durable!”



I pour George a another helping.



“Wonderful……! I wish to incorporate it into the kingdom troops”



“That is true huh! I want one too.”



“Ah, me as wellー.”



“It is fine〜 As the bamboo can grow limitlessly, conversely I’d like you to take them.”


That’s right. As the bamboo is rapidly multiplying, our house’s garden is being encroached by the bamboo forest, Bob-jiisan is working hard excavating the vast bamboo shoot every year.


Jii-san personally digs the bamboo shoots, the bamboo shoot holiday with pleasure. However, spring of this year he ended up really hurting his waist taking on the bamboo shoot holiday. ***(recheck)




“Anyways, how was the judging of the single combat match?”






After I agreed to make bamboo water bottles for everyone, I asked what I was on my mind.


However, for some reason his highness is making a tired face breathing a sigh.



“Angie-jou what was it, for some reason she continuously stared at my face the whole time, it was scary……”



“It was amazing at the time with his highness huh. At first I thought the pores could be seen couldn’t it, but it became normal straight away.”



“I thought whether a hole would open as well,”



While Angie was dancing, it seems that she gazed fixed on his highness.


That would be tiring wouldn’t it……

鼻毛でも出てたとか?Did something like nose hair come out?


I can not imagine his highness’ nose hair.


I wonder if a maid or something would handle it if it did come out.



Unintentionally I stared at his highness’ nostrils.


Hmmm. It has not come out.



“Co, Cosette, don’t stare like that so closely.”



“Oh, excuse the discourtesy. Please be assured! Nose hair has not come out!”



“Thank you……”



For some reason his highness dropped his shoulders rather disappointedly.



“Cosette, I don’t think it is good for a woman to say such things as nose hair.”



George quipped.


Is that so. Certainly a young lady should not utter such things as nose hair huh.



“…… Nose…… hair?”






I thought about it at the same time with George, I couldn’t come up with a good way of phrasing it.





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TL: Hmmm…. I think its kinda obvious(/not important) who is talking based on the wording and their personalities…. Though who is saying what probably isnt important…. if needed I can note some of them.


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