Of Course, I Will Charge You The Consolation Fees!

Chapter 4

74 Reassuring Person, Miger’s Point Of View


Author’s note: Since the last episode was short, I’m posting another episode today.


My dear lady looks really happy these days.

The reason is simple. Her engagement to my sworn brother, Rud, is going well.

They became close to each other during the trip to the neighboring kingdom.

I thought she would be more shocked, but it doesn’t seem like it. Rather, she has become cuter, and Rud has become more interesting; their happiness kind of rubs off on me.

Even now, the young lady is still the most important. Rud is just as important.


“I see. So the young lady didn’t choose young master Mi, huh?”

“It can’t be helped. He’s my sworn younger brother after all.”


The one who is listening to me now is a grandma who is dropping medicine at the nursing home.

I think she’s over 80 years old.

She has white hair and a wrinkled face.

Her stature is short and crooked. All the kids call her a witch …. I guess I was the one who started that nickname.

She’s like a counselor to me since I started studying at the nursing home.


“The young lady is a poor judge of character.”

“No. On the contrary. I think I would’ve liked him if I were a woman. Rather, I think I would be happy if it wasn’t him. But I’m glad it was him. I’m sure he would make her happy, more than I ever could.”


Grandma gently strokes my head.


“You’re a good man, young master Mi. Be confident! Here, have some sweets.”


With that said, she handed me a mountain of sweets. I wondered where she got them from.


“I can’t eat this much.”

“You love sweets, don’t you young master? If you can’t finish them, why don’t you share them with the kids?”

“If you’re 20 years younger, I’d make a pass at you, grandma.”


She blushed a little at my comment.


“Stop fooling around, you cheeky brat!”


Please stop feigning shyness by throwing sweets at me.

But thanks to grandma, I was fine.

I should do my best so that my favorite people can get along well with each other forever.


“Grandma, listen.”

“Hmph. I’m busy.”

“I’ll help if you’re busy.”

“… Well, I’m not that busy.”


Although I’m not sure whether grandma’s reaction is sincere or not, it’s kind of cute and somehow makes me feel secure.




After all that, the kids swarmed and grabbed the sweets. When I realized, what remained were only the sweets in my hands that were thrown at me earlier.

I was shocked because I love the sweets grandma makes. But since she was looking at the kids with a loving and happy expression, I let it go. I put candy in my mouth.


“Grandma, make sweets just for me next time!”


Grandma scowled, and then laughed.

Even so, I’m pretty sure she will come with more sweets next time, just like grandparents who want to see their grandchildren’s elated expressions.




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