Chapter 76 – Get Your Equipment Ready Early


According to Liren, the place where her daughter lives is generally known, but it is not a place I’m familiar with.


“Then I’ll help you find it!”


“Really? I’m happy!”


Liren was very pleased, but his Highness was dissatisfied with her.


“His Highness?”


“I don’t want Yuri to be stolen from me.”


Liren giggles.

Is it jealousy?

I’m a little happy.


“Don’t look at me with that expression! I’ll lend Haith to you instead of Yuri!”


Haith and his Highness, who are always close to Liren, both have disagreeing expressions right now.


“Liren, I don’t think that’s the case.”


In response to Haith’s words, Liren pouted.

I think she’s really cute when she’s pouting.

Returning to her story, Liren says her daughter lives in a mine on the border between Palacio and Laofan.

The area was given to Palacio as a proof of friendship by Laofan, and it is an undeveloped place with only forests.

I also didn’t know there was a mine there.


“I couldn’t get in touch with her after she told me that she made a nest further inside the abandoned mines.”


“Abandoned mines?”


To be clear, I didn’t even know that there was an abandoned mine in such a place

For me, who thought I knew all the places that would benefit my country, this is a great surprise.


“Yulia, are you okay? Your complexion isn’t very good.”


His Highness worriedly looked at my face.


“I’ve never noticed a treasure trove of mines… It’s regrettable.”


“I feel worried and hurt.”


I ignored His Highness’s annoyed voice and smiled at Liren.


“Do you know why the mine was abandoned?”


“It’s because of my daughter. It seems that she threatened the miners who worked in the mine because she hated human beings. Because of that, it seems that the mountain was abandoned. Moreover, it seems Laofan thought the Palacio country that has the divine protection of dragons would be delighted to have the place with a troublesome dragon. They gave the location alongside the whole region as a proof of friendship. My daughter’s alias is the Man Eating Dragon! Isn’t it funny?”


Am I the only one that thinks this story isn’t laughable at all?

If you look at it, His Highness’s complexion is also getting worse, so there is no doubt that it is a funny story.


“You have nothing to worry, we will protect Yuri.”


Such reassuring words.


“Say, isn’t it unacceptable for his Highness to protect Yuri?”


“Roo has my blessing and shouldn’t die if my daughter attacks her.”


I understood that if I was attacked, I would die immediately.


“I’ll be okay, so please just protect Yulia.”


My love gets stronger for His Highness who bows seriously to the two dragons.


“Please protect her, huh. It seems Rudnick too understood what love is.”


While Haith nodded gently with a smile, His Highness emphasized while wrinkling his eyebrows and squeezing his fist.


“It’s obvious that she’ll charge a huge amount of compensation for just one wound, even if we’re protecting her. I don’t think Yulius will die for free, but rather than the matter of life or death, the amount of consolation money is scary. That’s why I definitely want you to protect her!”


I would like to be forgiven for clicking my tongue at His Highness’s not very good words.


“Roo, you’re being rude to Yuri.”


His Highness grabbed Liren’s shoulders to try to persuade her better.


“Yulius is different from the other humans. I don’t know any other human beings who are this reassuring to have on my side, but I also don’t know of anything else that’s scarier than her if she’s my enemy!”


Isn’t that too much of an exaggeration?


“Rudnick, understand that if you talk like this it would be natural to be hated by her.”


Haith grabbed His Highness’s shoulder and shook him in a hurry and took him away from Liren in a hurry while telling him as such.


“I’m sorry. I lost my composure.”


“If you’re going to apologize, apologize to her. Aren’t you a couple?”


His Highness looked at my direction with Haith’s words, but from his usual behavior, it is clear that it can’t be helped.


“It’s okay, because I always talk about claiming compensation.”


“I’m surprised you’re aware of it.”


I want to praise myself for putting up with the feeling of wanting to click my tongue.


“Anyway, the first thing to do is to go to my daughter. Could you give me a few days to prepare?”


Like that, I got two days to start preparing.



The destination is a mine in the depths of a deep forest.

We brought as few people as possible with us.

Only the two dragons, me, and His Highness.

My escorts, Rucharu and Bariga, knelt down on the ground and asked to come with us.

Even though they would normally excuse themselves when I’m with His Highness, it seems they thought it was dangerous this time.

In truth the forest is deep, and I shouldn’t go to the mines where a man-eating dragon resides without guards, so when they heard about it, they neatly knelt down on the ground.

After that, it was decided that Miger would come with us.

The reason for it is that the land is the territory of the prime minister, and his son, Miger, has played in the forest before during his childhood and can guide us around.


“It looks interesting.”


I decided to pretend not to see the two escorts staring at the laughing Miger as if they were looking at something unbelievable.

The clothes we were wearing were designed for mountain climbing.

It was exciting to wear something new.

We were wearing sturdy high laced boots and carrying light luggage.

When I was thinking that I was all-prepared, Miger said to me.


“I’ll be in trouble if someone gets injured or sick, so it’s a good idea to ask grandma to prepare us medicine.”


The grandmother Miger is talking about is a medicine-selling grandmother who comes to orphanages.

All the medicines she brings are of high quality.

There was a time I wanted to buy her medicine in bulk, but she refused because she makes the medicine herself and can’t mass produce them.

And when I was small, because the sweets she made were too tasty, I got really happy that I couldn’t help it when she came to sell medicine.

She came to sell her medicine with Miger, they talked a lot and were rather close.

Rather, they are still close.

Miger felt that he could go looking for a dragon with confidence if he had her medicine.

Practical medicine is more reassuring than amulets.

I went together with Miger to the house of the grandmother that was on the outskirts of the town.


Grandmother’s house is a small house with herbs planted like weeds in the garden, and there is a small window next to the entrance door where you can buy medicine from.

Although it doesn’t happen often, it is said that if you ask her, she does medical examinations like a doctor.

Grandmother has been old since I was little, so I can’t help but wish she lives longer everytime I visit her.


“Grandma, are you home?”


Miger opened the door of the grandmother’s house and went inside without hesitation.


“Don’t come inside all of a sudden! I was surprised and thought that my heart would stop!”


I was relieved by the cheerful voice of the grandmother, and I followed Miger.


“Oh, you came together with the young lady today?”


She told us to come over with her wrinkled and smiling face and guided us to the back.


“What’s your reason for coming over today?”


Grandmother brewed herbal tea for us.


“I’m going on a trip to see a dragon, so I asked the young lady to get grandma’s medicine.”


“Dragon? That’s terrible! Was there a dragon around here?”


Grandmother looked at the map of neighboring countries in her room.


“Grandmother, it’s in the mountains around here in the depths of this forest.”


Miger approached the map and pointed his finger at it to tell her where it was.


“…There is a dragon in such a place? It can’t be helped, I’ll look for the medicine, so wait here.”


The grandmother put a basket of sweets in front of us and then went to the back.

When I picked up a cookie from the basket and carried it to my mouth, the crispy texture and the nice smell of herbs spread in my mouth and made me feel happy.




When I muttered involuntarily, Miger nodded happily.


“Truly, grandma’s sweets are delicious no matter how much you eat!”


“Grandmother’s sweets are so delicious that I inadvertently want to monopolize them.”


When I said that, Miger held the basket with the sweets in his arms.


“That’s no good! Grandma’s sweets are mine.”


Grandmother appeared from behind Miger, who was holding the basket like a small child, and hit Miger’s head.


“What are you doing! Give some to the young lady too!”


The grandmother hit his head, and the masochist Miger looked happy, but she didn’t seem to notice.


“I apologize for Miger. The medicine is ready.”


“Thank you.”


The grandmother patted my head roughly with a smile, then put the medicine she brought on the table and explained the medicine carefully one by one.


“There is a limit to the medicine… Just don’t overdo it!”


She’s really different from how she looks and is kind.


“Anyway, the dragon that lives around there. I’ve heard that it hates humans.”


“You know about it?”


Grandmother smiled bitterly.


“I am old and know about many things.”


“May I ask if you know what kind of dragon it is?”


Grandmother stroked her chin several times before she said.


“I’ve heard that it’s a dragon that controls the power of greenery. It can move the plants to catch people, or move trees in the forest to make people get lost I believe.”


Grandmother laughed at us who were listening closely to the information we heard for the first time.


“Miger and the young lady don’t change no matter how old they get. Was what I said that interesting?”


“Grandma’s stories are always interesting.”


“I also like grandmother’s stories!”


“… Thank you. But be careful! It is said that the country will be destroyed if you steal the dragon’s treasure.”


It’s okay because I wasn’t thinking of stealing it, but I nodded for the time being.


“I hope something remains.”


Grandmother muttered quietly.

Does that mean that the dragon could erase us without a trace?

It was a very disturbing thought, but grandmother must have thought like that because she didn’t know that there were two dragons accompanying us.

Thus we have obtained medicine like this.

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