Chapter 78 – In the Abandoned Mine…


The inside of the abandoned mine was complicated, so if we don’t put down marks, we’re likely to get lost.

We walk forward while putting cross marks on the walls.


“It’s dangerous to be seperated, so everyone should walk together.”


His Highness’s words are reasonable.


If you lose sight of others in a maze like this, you might panic.

I was a little scared and grabbed His Highness’s hand.



“I don’t want to get lost.”


His Highness silently stared at our hands for a while and then smiled.

I want you to stop because it makes me nervous.


“Oh, not fair! Miss, I don’t want to get lost either, so let’s hold hands!”


Miger put out his hand.


“You should quiet down and walk in front of us.”

“Not fair, not fair, not fair, not fair!”

“Shut up, it’s narrow, so walk ahead.”


His Highness moves forward while lightly kicking Miger who is pouting.

Please forgive me for laughing unintentionally.


After walking for a while, two dragons walking ahead of us stopped.


“What should we do?”

“This is the innermost part…”


Miger headed forward first for the two people who were talking to each other.

We also headed towards them after that.

There was a large space where a beautiful ore shines brilliantly.


“It’s pretty.”


I said involuntarily.


“Even if it’s a small dragon, it doesn’t seem like there are any dragons here?”


We searched around the place for a small dragon, but there doesn’t seem to be any dragons around.


“As I thought, she’s not here.”


Liren and Haith who came slowly from behind us sighed.


“Where could she be, are you sure she’s supposed to be here?”

“That’s right. I hope she’s not killed.”


Haith took a deep breath at Liren’s words.

I searched further for any clues.


“Liren, this wall has a scratch mark, do you think it’s a sign of a battle?”


When I said so, Haith approached and touched the scratch mark.

Then, the scratch glowed pale green.


“This is something that’s written in the dragons’ language.”

“What does it say?”


Haith read it and crushed a nearby rock with his bare hands.

I’m scared to hear what was written.


“Oh, it’s okay! It says that she fell in love with a person and left this cave.”


Haith crushed another rock in response to Liren’s words.


“It’s too early for that child to fall in love.”


Haith’s face was that of a father.


“Is Haith any different? She found someone like Haith for herself! It depends on what she fell in love with though.”


What does that mean?


“Don’t dragons pair up with each other?”


When I tilted my head and asked that, Liren showed a bitter smile.


“It’s not always the case, because we have the power to shapeshift.”


When I thought about how hard it’d be to find a creature that can change how it looks, I fell into despair.


“I wanted to show Yuri a treasure, but there seems to be nothing left. I’m sorry.”


I thought something was wrong with what Liren said.


“Isn’t this ore a treasure?”


I looked around.


“There are stones like this everywhere.”


It seems that humans and dragons have different values.


“Should we head back home?”


We couldn’t find any words to say to the sad Liren, and we steadily went home.

I will not give up.




After returning to the city, Liren and Haith stayed in the castle for a while.

I wanted to comfort her because she couldn’t find her daughter, so I ended up having to entertain her.

What surprised me was that Dad and Haith were drinking alcohol every night, talking about the pain of their daughters getting married off.


“He’s saying she’s getting married but we don’t even know if her love came to fruition, he just wants to drink alcohol.”


Liren is also amazed by him.


“May I ask you what kind of dragon your daughter is like?”


I and Liren have a tea party almost every day, and little by little I was getting information about Liren’s daughter.


“She’s a green dragon, she can grow plants and move them, isn’t it lovely?”

“Yes, it is.”

“I thought it was too early for her to fall in love, so I was really surprised.”


Even I thought I wouldn’t fall in love with His Highness.

My change of heart was sudden.


“What is her name?”



It’s a little disappointing because it’s a name I haven’t heard of.


“How about her favorite food?”


“She loves this honey candy I make, and when she decided to live alone, I taught her how to make it… It’s nostalgic.”


Liren gracefully drank tea after being lost in thought for a while.


“The one she fell in love with isn’t a dragon, so I don’t think her love is going well.”


It must be my motherly instinct! That’s what Liren kept insisting.


“Because if it went well, I think she’d get in touch with me! Even if she didn’t contact Haith, she should tell me that she has a boyfriend now! Because that didn’t happen, I’m thinking it didn’t go well.”


Liren continued to eat cookies and drink tea.


“And if she fell in love with a dragon, she doesn’t have to leave the abandoned mine! If it was a dragon, she should report it to us! Because that didn’t happen, I don’t think she fell in love with a dragon.”

“So you’re saying she didn’t fall in love with a dragon and that it’s unlikely they are dating, then?”


I thought while drinking tea.

It’s a really hard problem.


“Well, she’ll get hurt soon.”


“Dragons have a long lifespan. Humans have a lifespan of less than 100 years at most.”


I involuntarily tilted my head.


“Wait. Did she fall in love with a human?”


This time, Liren tilted her head.


“Yes, because she wrote that she liked a ‘person’.”


Now that I think about it, that’s true.

If it’s a human, I can’t say it’s impossible for us to find them.

First of all, if we look for them, they will most likely be in the territory of His Excellency the Chancellor, who is Miger’s father.

Let’s ask him about women who have newly started living alone, centering on the abandoned mine.


“Liren, do you know if she has any characteristics that make her look like a dragon even if she looks like a human?”


Lee Ren thought with her arms crossed.


“No, she doesn’t have any.”


Please forgive me for being disappointed just because I hoped for something.


“But that child is not good at mimicry, so her scales remain behind her neck like bruises.”


If that is the case it may be possible to find her.


“Are you still trying to find her, Yuri?”

“Yes, of course.”


Liren said while staring at the cup of tea, looking lonely.


“It’s okay. She’ll at most have a one-sided love for 100 years. She should eventually contact us…”


I stood up while hitting the table.


“I won’t give up! I think of Liren and Haith as my family! That’s why Vanette is already like my sister! And I’ve never met her. Is me meeting her not allowed?”


Liren was surprised at my sudden actions.


“I will never give up.”


After I said so, Liren started to laugh.

Did I really say such strange things?


“Then, I wonder if I can leave it to Yuri-chan.”

“Please leave it to me! I will do my best so that I can have a good story.”


I clenched my fist on the spot and swore to Liren.




After that, I went to all the craftsmen by the workshop of my shop.


“The other day, I brought back a lot of ore. I want you to make necklaces and chokers with them.”


I heard that the ore in the back of the abandoned mine was not very valuable to the dragons, so I brought back a piece I could carry.

Haith was hitting a rock with complex emotions, so I got a good amount.

The two escorts, Miger, and His Highness also carried them, so I was able to bring back a large amount.


“Make them using small pieces so that it wouldn’t cost much.”


It is a tactic where you can sell necklaces and chokers cheaply and check the back of people’s necks.


“Can you draw the design by tomorrow? Excuse me for being unreasonable.”


When I apologized, the craftsmen laughed out loud and each brought a piece of paper with a design from their desks or bags.


“I have all the designs I want to suggest to the princess. I don’t need time until tomorrow.”


I was impressed and confirmed the design. After the design was decided, I asked them to start working immediately.

Thanks to the efforts of the craftsmen, the necklaces and chokers could be prepared in three days.

I made an unreasonable request, but they were okay with it.

Needless to say, I gave them a holiday and a bonus.

On the 4th day, the necklace and choker were sold at a bargain price in the territory of His Excellency, but the result was only sales.

Of course, I also collected information, but I could not get information on a woman with a bruise on her neck.

Besides, the abandoned mine she was nesting in was on the border with Laofan, so she may be in Laofan.

I immediately wrote to Mulan to look for a woman who had a bruise on her neck, but I still couldn’t find her.


“I’m also asking women that come to my shop, but they don’t know anything either.”


Miger is also actively looking for her, but it is hard to find her.

How can I find her?

I was holding my head.


“I’m sorry you couldn’t find her. Here, this candy should help with your fatigue.”


When I was lost in thought, Liren put a candy in my mouth.

It’s a really delicious candy.

A candy with a gentle and nostalgic taste that seems to contain honey as it is.


“Are you feeling better now?”

“Does this candy have medicine in it?”


Liren giggled.


“It doesn’t. Sweets are good for fatigue.”


Sweetness that melts fatigue.

If this could be commercialized…

However, honey is a valuable item, so it will be difficult to commercialize it.

With such a delicious candy, it may be possible to sell it as a luxury item with a brand value to the aristocrats.

I have started to escape from reality.

Currently, finding a green dragon is the most important thing, not product development.


“Yuri-chan is a really good girl.”


Liren made me hold something cold in my hand.

When I opened my hand, there was something like a stone that was light blue but shined in seven colors depending on the angle.


“That’s one of my scales. If you soak it in water, you can freeze it. I’ll give this to Yuri.”

“Why are you giving me such a precious thing?”


Liren smiled.


“Yurii has been telling me all the time. We’re a family, and that’s a great thing for us. It’s normal for us to be thought of as monsters. So Yuri, I was so happy that you thought of me as a family member and even searched for my daughter. ”


Tears overflowed from Liren’s eyes, and the tears turned into beautiful crystals and rolled on the floor.


“Yuri, we’ll eventually find Vanette, so don’t overdo it.”


Even if Liren said so, I can’t give up.

Because she’s Liren’s family.

There’s no way she’s not worried about her daughter.


“No, I’ll find Vanette. And then I’ll help her with her love! Love is wonderful. I finally learned about it. That’s why I want to support her.”



Me and Liren hugged each other for a while.

She was scared when His Highness came to see her after work, but I think it can’t be helped.

Besides, when I said that Liren’s tear crystals were very beautiful, she gave me all of them.

As I learned later, it seems that this crystal was the finest gem with a high rarity value under the name of the dragon’s tears.

I immediately processed it into earrings and necklaces, but Liren was embarrassed and asked me to stop.

It’s not harassment to like it and wear it every day.

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