Chapter 80 – What is this crazy intuition!?


Michael’s behavior was weird. Why is he staring so intently towards lady Vanette? Could he have fallen in love at first sight? It would be a bad idea to say that she is the old lady he knew in that case…

But just as I had this thought, Michael suddenly grabbed lady Vanette’s hand and moved his face really close to hers, “E-eh!?” Lady Vanette exclaimed.

“Grandma?” Michael asked.

Both me and lady Vanette gasped at this comment.

“H-how did you find out?” Lady Vanette asked him back.

“Your eyes are the same as hers. I always liked Grandma’s eyes.” Michael explained… What’s up with this crazy intuition of his!?

While lady Vanette was beet red, Michael was smiling from ear to ear… What do we do now?

“Okay, Ma, that’s enough. My daughter is really shy, so please let go of her hand.” Lady Liren came to the rescue!

However, Michael shook his head and said, “We’ve often held hands though?”

Wait… This is bad. He is still seeing her as ‘Grandma’ instead of as ‘lady Vanette’. How can we get him to be aware of her as a woman in those circumstances!?

“And I always tell you to not do it!” Lady Vanette unsuccessfully tried to shake Michael’s hand off as she exclaimed that, but he was just happily smiling at her, clearly having no intention of letting go.

At this moment, his highness came to my side and asked, “What’s happening here?”

“Lady Vanette often came to the orphanage to sell medicine while using the appearance of an old woman that lived in a small nearby house.” I explained.

His highness nodded to my comment, then said, “I see, so, since lady Vanette took the form of an old woman, I guess we can assume her precious person is an old man?”

Your highness, I’d appreciate if you never tried meddling in other people’s love again.

Michael, who was eagerly shaking his hands with lady Vanette’s until just now, froze after hearing those words from his highness… But then, after a second like that, Michael asked, “Who is Grandma’s special person?” he was still smiling, but… His smile was a bit scary.

“T-that’s none of your concern!” Lady Vanette replied.

She really can’t be honest about her feelings, can she…?

However, Michael’s smile just got bigger when he heard that, “I want to know who is the one that will make Grandma happy… Tell me.” He said this calmly, but I could feel the murderous intent leaking out from him.

Lady Vanette was panicking a bit too much right now though, so she didn’t seem to notice the meaning behind Michael’s words, “A-anyways, please let go of my hand!” She asked again.

“After I hear who is Grandma’s special person.” Michael replied.

This stalemate is troublesome… Should I do something about it?

While I wondered that, lady Liren took action and forcefully pried his hand away from lady Vanette’s, then hid lady Vanette behind her, “Ma, I’ve just been reunited with my daughter, and I want to enjoy my time with her, so give her back.

“Also, you seem to really like my child, Ma, but are you prepared for it?”

“Prepared?” Michael asked.

“Prepared to get involved with dragons.” Lady Liren said.

Michael opened his eyes wide for a second, but then he replied, “I don’t know if I’m prepared for that, but I’m prepared to take care of Grandma.”

I was the ones to open my eyes wide now… His words felt just like a proposal.

Lady Liren just tilted her head at his comment though, “To take care?” She asked.

“Grandma has given me lots of sweets and medicine, so I want to be by her side until she dies! I think I have the right to know who she likes!” Michael exclaimed.

“But Ma, that was just because you thought she was an old woman that could die at any moment, right? It’s different now that you know she’s a dragon, isn’t it?” Lady Liren replied.

“Well, yes, but… Even now that I know that she is a dragon and that she won’t die so easily, I still want to take care of her.” Michael said.

“You can’t do it!” Lady Vanette exclaimed in frustration.

“I can’t?” He asked her.

“Michael, a dragon lives for a very long time. You’d need to live hundreds of years if you wished to take care of her.” His highness intervened.

However, Michael just smiled at that comment, “Well, I don’t know about hundreds of years, but I do have banshee blood in me, so I’m fairly sure I’ll live for quite some time.” Michael replied.

“Ah…” Both me and his highness said in unison.

I had completely forgotten, but that is true… His mom still looks quite young and beautiful even now, after all.

“Well, I’m glad you found someone else you like, Michael. I’ll support you in this endeavor, brother.” His highness slapped Michael’s back as he said that. It’s the first time I heard him refer to Michael as ‘brother’, so I guess his highness is really serious about it.

But… This is no good! Michael is still just looking at lady Vanette as a grandma he wants to care for! We can’t let it go on like that!

I exchanged glances with lady Liren and lady Vanette, and they both seemed to share my feelings.

How to make Michael look at lady Vanette in a romantic light…? This is hard…

“Anyways, I understand your resolution, but it’s a bit too early to allow you to make this kind of decision, so we’ll come again at another time, bye!” Lady Liren hurriedly grabbed mine and lady Vanette’s arm and stormed out of the room.

This was a… Tactical retreat? I guess it might be for the best. We need to rethink our strategy for this…

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