Chapter 84 – We had our first fight…


I had a fight with his highness… I felt stupid for baking sweets for him this morning, for thinking about him and ignoring the people around me because I wanted to see him.

He felt different than normal. He was probably busy and frustrated about something, and then I brought up a complicated topic and he ended up asking me, ‘When did you even start caring about things that didn’t make you money…?’

That was so… Horrible. I couldn’t get it. His highness isn’t the type of person to say this kind of thing… Could it have been a joke? He did seem to regret it immediately after saying it, so maybe it was…

But it was so hard to take it in properly… It was hard to hold back the tears… And he didn’t even come after me once I left… Did he refuse to chase me because I couldn’t take a joke? Will he start hating me because I’m an excessively stiff woman that can’t laugh when he is trying to be funny…?

My tears refused to stop flowing… Will he forgive me if I apologize? I like his highness… I don’t want to be seen as troublesome by him… I don’t know what to do… It hurts…

“Yuli?” I suddenly heard lady Liren’s voice, “What’s wrong, Yuli!? Who made you cry!? Auntie will turn them into an ice sculpture!” she then hugged me and said, “Let’s talk in a place where you can relax, okay?”

After that, lady Liren quickly held me in a princess carry, then took me to one of her majesty’s private rooms. In it there were me, his majesty, her majesty and lady Liren.

After I explained the story to them, lady Liren said, “So it’s Roo’s fault…” she was emanating a murderous aura.

“Perhaps it would be fine if that child died once.” Her majesty mercilessly commented.

“M-maybe something was afflicting Rudnick too!?” His majesty, who was going more and more pale with each passing second, said.

“Whose side are you on!?” Both lady Liren and her majesty said in unison.

“No, he was busy, it couldn’t be helped… I shouldn’t have cried from just one question made by his highness…” I told them.

But even though I said that, my tears were still flowing… I’m really the worst, aren’t I? To cry like this just because his highness didn’t react nicely to my visit…

Lady Liren and her majesty gently rubbed my back as I cried.

“It’s his fault for saying it in the way he did!” Lady Liren exclaimed, “Hey, king! Don’t your child know the meaning of the word ‘delicacy’!?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll boil Rudnick alive for you, okay? Or maybe I’ll tie him to a horse and put the horse to gallop.” Her majesty gently told me some really scary words…

“No, I… I’ll be fine.” I told her majesty.

“She hates him so much that she doesn’t even want to see his face!” Her majesty exclaimed. I don’t think we’re being able to communicate properly here…

“Well, I’ve never met a man so merciless that he won’t even chase after his crying fiancee!” His majesty started laughing out loud after saying that.

My tears, that had just stopped falling, started coming out again when he made this comment… Is his highness so busy that he can’t even come comfort me…?

“How stupid can you be, you damn king!?” Lady Liren exclaimed.

“Seems like Rudnick’s lack of delicacy was inherited from you…” Her majesty said that, then she grabbed his majesty’s lips, “Since those superfluous things seem to be getting in the way, I think I’ll ask a maid to bring me a needle and some thread, so that I can sew this shut.”

His majesty was clearly panicking at this point. He desperately shook his head, begging for mercy.

“Oh, you don’t want me to sew your lips shut? Then… Go sit on the corner and reflect on your actions.” Her majesty ordered.

His majesty immediately obeyed and went to the corner… Her majesty can be quite scary at times.

“By the way, since it’s that pushover Rudnick we’re talking about, he might have been stopped on his tracks by Roland, you know?” Her majesty suddenly said that.

It’s possible… If his highness told my brother about what happened, then…

I hurriedly stood up, “I’ll go see if his highness is safe!” then ran out of the room.

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