Chapter 93 – Our Future Children


Today, lady Vanette had taken shelter on her majesty’s room. It was a bit unusual to be hiding here, but as me, Mathilda and her majesty were having a tea party in this room, there was no problem.

Though I think lady Vanette’s schedule was actually to have a date with Michael, but… Well, she must have felt like she was in danger, so she decided to hide instead.

“You know, Mathilda often hid from the prime minister in this very room.” Her majesty giggled.

Mathilda just stared off into the distance instead of answering the comment.

But since we were in the middle of gossiping, I figured I’d ask, “By the way, I heard some rumors that the prime minister even punched his majesty before… Is that true?”

“Oh, right! There was that one time where the prime minister thought that my husband was hitting on Mathilda, so he punched him… Of course, it was a misunderstanding, but it was still quite the sight.” Her majesty giggled once again as she explained it.

Meanwhile, Mathilda just heaved a sigh at it, “And that’s why Rudnick shouldn’t make fun of Michael…” She commented. Though I have a hard time imagining his highness making fun of Michael.

At this point, lady Vanette decided to ask, “So, what can I even do about Michael?” Mathilda stopped staring at the window and turned her attention back to the conversation once she heard those words, “If there is anything that I can do, please tell me.”

Mathilda grumbled something, but I couldn’t quite hear it, so I decided to ask too, “I’d like to know too. How did Mathilda handle the prime minister?”

And to that question, her majesty started laughing out loud… Why is it funny? Did she have a particularly unusual method?

“About that… I just gave up.” Mathilda answered.

“Gave up?” Me and lady Vanette asked in unison.

“Yes, I gave up. I gave everything I had up. My goals, my plans… I decided it was better to put all that aside and just get married instead.” Mathilda explained.

And to that, her majesty started laughing even more.

“You may feel like giving up on trying and choosing marriage might not have been the best choice, but it was the only way that I could be sure that my husband wouldn’t bother anyone else!” Mathilda exclaimed, but her majesty showed no signs of stopping her cackles… The must be pretty good friends to be able to interact like that.

“But well… Because of that, Mathilda became Rudnick’s nanny.” In-between her laughs, her majesty told us this. Mathilda stared angrily at her majesty, but she ignored it and said, “Do you want to see the albums of when your partners were young by the way?”

Before we could answer, her majesty got up, went to the back of her room, then came back bringing a bunch of albums with her.

She then started showing photos of the times where Mathilda hugged both of the boys, or when a small version of his highness and of Michael were angry at Mathilda in an extremely cute way…

Lady Vanette was also quite fascinated by the pictures. Her eyes were shining… “You really do love children, don’t you, lady Vanette?” I asked her.

“Well, they’re so pure and cute…” She replied.

I can’t say I disagree with her, though I think that, even when young, his highness already looked a bit dignified… But maybe I’m just seeing that because I really love him.

“Way too cute…” Lady Vanette commented as she carefully looked through the pictures… Being able to spend time like this together with her majesty, lady Vanette and Mathilda is quite wonderful.

And then, her majesty commented, “Rudnick was quite cute back then, wasn’t he?”

“His highness is still cute.” I instantly replied… Ah! That was an automatic response… This is so embarrassing…

“Oh my, you truly love him a lot, don’t you?” Her majesty giggled as she said that.

“Though you also think that that child is cute, don’t you, your majesty?” Mathilda grinned as she said that.

“Hey, Mathilda!” Her majesty exclaimed.

“You two are quite good friends, aren’t you?” I commented.

Then, Mathilda smiled at me and asked, “You jealous?”

“Very much so.” I replied honestly.

“Even though you have my stupid disciple and lady Vanette by your side?” Mathilda asked me.

Well, I do think of Banache and of lady Vanette as my best friends.

“If you really want to grow closer to them though, why not ask one of them to be the nanny of your children? You all should be getting married and pregnant soon anyways.” Mathilda told me.

That was quite the idea…

“How wonderful! I definitely think this would be great for you, Yulias!” Her majesty exclaimed, to which I nodded.

At that point, lady Vanette intervened, “Young lady, they’re tricking you.”

“Eh?” I replied.

“They’re not trying to get us closer to one another, those two snakes just want to have grandchildren already.” Lady Vanette explained.

Both her majesty and Mathilda averted their eyes from us… They really were deceiving me!

“We were so close…” Her majesty clicked her tongue… How dangerous!

“In all honesty though, this is the best way to get Michael to calm down.” Mathilda gazed directly into lady Vanette’s eyes as she said that. Just like a beast staring at her prey…

“This stare is just like Michael’s…” Lady Vanette murmured.

“Well, we are mother and child.” Mathilda giggled.

… I think she might not be on lady Vanette’s side after all.

“Also, weren’t you totally entranced by the photos of Michael’s childhood? Wouldn’t you love to have a child of your own that is as cute as Michael, lady Vanette!? You might love children in general, but you’ll soon understand that there is no child cuter than one’s own!” Mathilda then exclaimed.

Lady Vanette shook her head while tightly hugging the album.

“Don’t you want to be called ‘mama’ by a super cute child?” Mathilda asked her, “And don’t you want to have your child happily grow up together with the young lady’s? So that you can have a bond as lovely as mine and her majesty’s?”

Mathilda’s words were quite convincing… However, Lady Vanette was asking me for help with her eyes, but… Could I even beat those two?

Besides, would we have any chance of winning if Mathilda decided to write a prophetic book about us? Shouldn’t we just give up?

But well… If I forsake lady Vanette now, then I’ll have no allies left in this battle, so, “Mathilda, we’ll take your words into account.” I told her.

“I’ll expect good news.” Mathilda grinned as she said that.

I was about to make a reply, but we were interrupted by knocks on the door.

“Who is it?” As her majesty asked that, lady Vanette hid under the table… I don’t think a dragon should be hiding under the table and… Well, we don’t even know if it’s Michael yet.

“I’ll go check.” Mathilda said, then naturally moved to the door… As expected of her majesty’s former maid.

“Who is it?” Mathilda asked again.

“It’s Rudnick.” We heard from behind the door… Guess he mustn’t have heard it the first time.

… Lady Vanette instantly got out from below the table now.

“Please come in.” As her majesty said that, Mathilda opened the door and… Michael came inside. Rudnick was a bit behind him.

An unladylike scream came from lady Vanette…

“So you were here after all!” Michael exclaimed and immediately hugged lady Vanette, “We were going on a date, right!?”

“Well, yes…” Lady Vanette replied.

“Then why are you running away!?” Michael asked.

“T-too much skinship!” Lady Vanette exclaimed with a beet red face.

“But how will you get used to it if we don’t have a lot of skinship?” Michael asked.

Lady Vanette stared at me with pleading eyes.

However, before I could say something to help, his highness took hold of my arm… Eh? “You’re going on a date with me.” He said.

“Eh…!?” Was all I could say.

Without waiting for my answer, his highness looked towards her majesty and said, “Sorry to disturb the tea party, but please allow me to take Yulias.” Then he bowed towards her.

Both Mathilda and her majesty smiled at us and said, “Enjoy your date!”

Those two really aren’t on our side after all…

Before I could react, his highness was already dragging me outside the room… Wait, this is bad! “Your highness, my schedule today is for a tea party with her majesty!” I exclaimed. We can’t simply undo something we already scheduled with royalty!

“No worries, I got permission.” His highness stated… Well, he is royalty too, I suppose.

“I guess that’s alright…” I replied.

At that point, his highness stopped moving and asked, “Do you hate being alone with me?”

“Not at all!” I instantly replied.

“Then let me monopolize you for a while.” As he said that, he took me to the top of the castle. I was wondering what were we doing inside the castle grounds on a date, but… Even though there was a very strong wind here, we also had a beautiful view of the entire city from this location.

And then, his highness hugged me and whispered in my ears, “No one ever comes here, so now I can monopolize you to my heart’s content.”

“Ah, this is true…” I replied with a smile on my face.

“Yeah, because everyone comes talk to you if we take a walk around the city, and in our houses and offices there will always be someone to interrupt, so… We need a secluded place so that I can monopolize you.” His highness said.

That is indeed a wonderful reason to come here… I put my hand on his highness back and said, “And it’s only your highness that can monopolize me.”

Though I also want to monopolize him, for he is very busy and attracts a lot of attention no matter where we go, so… I also had been longing for some private time for just the two of us.

“I don’t know when will be the next time we’ll be able to be alone together, so let me enjoy this a bit.” As his highness said that, he kissed me, and happiness washed over me.

However, as soon as our lips parted, when we were looking at each other’s eyes… Lady’s Vanette scream resounded from below, “Touching is forbidden!”

“I hate this restriction!” Michael exclaimed in return.

Our happy expressions were changed to troubled ones as we looked down below, “What is he doing…?” His highness asked.

“… The ways to express affection are different for each person.” I vaguely replied.

And as soon as I said that, lady Vanette flew towards us and hugged me.

“Lady Vanette, this is my precious time with Yulias, so please go back to Michael.” His highness stated. Lady Vanette looked at him with teary eyes in response, “It’s our extremely precious time alone, lady Vanette…” His highness said once more, without giving in.

“Don’t be like that! He’s your brother, so do something about it!” Lady Vanette exclaimed.

“We might be able to help you… For the right price.” I stated.

Lady Vanette stared into my eyes, “I’ll bless your children, give you the candy recipe or whatever, so do something!”

That was more than I expected, but I’m not complaining, “Your highness, don’t forget what you heard just now.” I’m not letting her take this one back.

Besides, Mathilda said that the only solution was to get married anyways, so we should probably just go for that. It would not only be good for lady Vanette, but also for me and his highness, as we might be able to get more time alone.

“Alright, then I’ll work on developing a strategy to manage Michael, so please be patient today and enjoy the date with him.” I told lady Vanette.

“I want help right now! Not later!” Lady Vanette exclaimed.

“I know, but I can’t come up with something immediately, so I’ll need some time to make a plan.” I told her.

“Yeah, we sadly have no time to find a way to help you today, lady Vanette.” His highness commented.

However, before we could finish convincing her, Michael reached our location and exclaimed, “Young lady, that’s sly! Return Grandma to me!”

He was totally out of breath, so he must have run here without taking a single break.

Well, I did promise to help her, so I should at least try something before the marriage plan, “Michael, lady Vanette is a very shy person, so you should do no more than holding hands while you’re in public. You can try having more skinship when alone, but lady Vanette will just run away if you try pushing her too hard!” I told him.

“Eh?” He seemed to be confused, but…

I just pointed towards lady Vanette, who was still hugging me, “If you spend too much time chasing lady Vanette, you’ll end up losing all the time available for your date before doing anything meaningful together.”

Michael was shocked and remained frozen in place for a few seconds after I said that, but… Eventually, he offered lady Vanette his hand, “I don’t like the idea of being unable to date Grandma, so I’ll put up with it for now… But you can’t let go of it, okay!?”

Lady Vanette carefully stretched her hand towards Michael’s, and slowly held it… Michael got visibly happy from seeing this interaction start from lady Vanette.

Then, I clung to his highness’ arm as we saw the two of them go back while holding hands.

“Now, we need to hold a strategy meeting.” I told his highness after they left.

“In the middle of our date!?” He exclaimed.

I smiled at his shocked reaction, then told him, “Yes. We shall now make the plan that will let those two get married as quickly as possible.”

“It’s really sad to have our date turn into a meeting to solve other people’s love lives…” His highness pouted.

“But you see, as lady Vanette loves children, she can be our nanny, so it will be troublesome if she doesn’t marry Michael soon. After all, it will be no good if her children and ours aren’t around the same age, right? And as it is about time for the two of us to get married too…” As I explained my plan to his highness, he got redder and redder. By the end of it, he had covered his mouth with his hand, “So, would you like to have a strategy meeting with me?”

“U… Understood.” He replied.

And like this, we started the plan to marry Michael and lady Vanette.


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