I’m Scattering IQ to the Protagonist

Chapter 166


The first picture was already electrifying. The things they saw after that made everyone’s mind in a daze.


There were pictures of Liu Jinjin writing her vicious diary at home, her taking a pen to scribble on the photos on the wall to vent her anger, and a series of pictures of her going out to stalk a young man, as well as the disgusting plans she made that would make one’s hair stand on end. In the game, she deliberately got close to her half-brother, and there was even the screenshot of her purposely seducing the other party in the game chat…


When those photos were shown one by one, several videos followed, all of which showed Liu Jinjin’s dirty heart under her angelic face. Everyone simply did not know what expression to put on.


After all the evidence was presented, everyone’s attention immediately stayed on Liu Jinjin, who stood in the center. Although that person’s appearance was very different from the reality, they still remembered that someone had called her by her real name just now, yet she did not object.


When they thought of how the girl, who usually looked weak, gentle and pleasant, had such a dark and terrifying heart, they felt the goosebumps emerging all over their bodies. That woman was absolutely frightening!


However, at that time, the ones, who received the most shock, were obviously those three people standing in the crowd circle. Needless to say, Liu Jinjin, as the person involved, even Flashy Song and Ruthless Water looked like they had been struck by lightning.


When they found out that the person standing beside them turned out to be such a vicious and ruthless person, they recalled about how they wanted to protect and defend her very justly and sternly in the beginning. The two of them felt like they had to swallow something back.


Why didn’t they uncover the true face of that woman at all before?


Why did they insist on staying when A Stream of Water asked them to leave just now?


Why on earth is that?!


At that time, Flashy Song and Ruthless Water only felt like those pictures were continuous loud and powerful slaps on their faces, mercilessly and cruelly. Yet, they had no way to cover their faces, because the people holding the pictures were themselves!


If it were not for their ignorance, if they were not bedazzled by beauty and did not believe the one-sided words of that vicious woman, if they did not call so many people over because of their impulsiveness, if they did not insist on staying, they would never have ended up in such a ridiculous situation!


Therefore, in the final analysis, it was their own fault, and they were desperately slapping themselves in the face. That was indeed the legendary slap in their own faces!


Of course, due to Su Yu’s presence, it was obviously impossible for those people to continue slapping themselves. After all, Su Yu was going to slap those people in the face himself.


“Are you all satisfied with what you’ve seen?” In the emptiness, Su Yu opened his mouth with a chuckle, “Now, do you know why I immediately blacklisted her?”


His graceful sentence showed that he was in a completely different happy mood from most of the people present at the moment. The face slap was about to start, so how could he not be happy?


“How did you…” Liu Jinjin finally recovered from the shock and panic just now, almost blurting out what she should not have said. However, she quickly stopped herself, and put on a look of being wronged at a very swift speed, while also deliberately pretending to be strong. She clenched her fists and said in a trembling voice, “A Stream of Water, I’m not sure why you want to display the pictures of this person with the same name and surname as me, but I don’t know this person at all. How can you slander me like this, and for what? Also, although this person’s name is indeed the same as my real name, you shouldn’t illegally obtain the privacy of the other party just to frame me. It’s against the law for you to do so!”


Although she said so, Liu Jinjin’s heart was already on the verge of breakdown. At that time, the same question was floating back and forth in her mind: How did Liu Feng obtain these things?


It was obviously her home, her room, so why Liu Feng was able to take such photos!


There were also videos of her stalking him, but how did he managed to get it?!


At that moment, the fear in her heart was filling up more than other emotions. The fear that she was completely living under other’s surveillance, that she had nowhere to hide no matter what she did, made her hair stand on end. Her whole body was shivering with chills!


And when that emotion was forcibly suppressed by herself, she could not feel any relief at all, because the current situation was a huge blow to her!


The gentle, kind, innocent and lovely image she created before were all ruined!


Her ugly and dirty heart was exposed to everyone’s eyes like that, so she could not even find a place to hide.




She absolutely could not admit that. Otherwise, everything she planned before would be ruined!


However, the truth was right in front of her eyes. Even if Liu Jinjin wanted to refute, she had no way to start, so after thinking about it, the only thing she could do was to firmly deny it. Yes, as long as she did not admit it, Liu Feng would never do anything to her!


As if grasping her last straw, Liu Jinjin’s attitude was extremely firm, making what she said seemingly true instead, “You are a lunatic. In order to frame me, you even dared to do such a thing!”


After finishing, Liu Jinjin even turned her head aggrievedly to look at Flashy Song, who had been taking several steps away from her silently, and said in a slightly wailing voice, “Brother Flashy, he is really a lunatic, he is deliberately framing me!”


As a result, as soon as her words reached him, Su Yu laughed in a low voice on the opposite side. His voice got louder and louder, almost laughing so hard that he could not straighten up his body.


Liu Jinjin’s face was about to twitch all over. Her eyes were full of tears, but when she heard Su Yu laughing like that, she felt a little overwhelmed, so she could only speak sharply, “You lunatic, what are you laughing at!”


Su Yu wiped the corners of his eyes, and forced himself to stop, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was just thinking about how great your acting was that it had already deeply moved me. You may continue, while I can watch two more shows.”


After his speech, he glanced at Flashy Song with a half-smile, “Maybe your acting skills are really good enough to make some idiots continue being dumb?”


The words made Liu Jinjin choke back her tears, and a few veins had popped out on Flashy Song’s forehead, “A Stream of Water, don’t go overboard!”


“Am I? You’re trying to make me laugh on purpose,” Su Yu could not help chuckling again, “Don’t you think the one’s who’re really going overboard should be the ones in the chats trying to hunt me down without distinguishing between right and wrong, as well as the big fools that bring their whole gang to come here and embarrass themselves?”


After speaking, Su Yu glanced around, and said in a loud voice like it was through a loud speaker, “Everyone from the Flashy family, have you ever realized that your boss is such a big fool before?”


The expressions of the surrounding audience were subtle. How should they answer that question?


However, there were still people who were very courageous. Standing behind Su Yu, Little elegant Girl weakly raised her hand and said, “Great God, why are your words not blocked when you say swear words?”


“…” Although that question was seriously off-topic, it seemed to be in his aid? Su Yu lightly cleared his throat, and said sternly, “Maybe it’s because even the system thinks that Flashy Song is a big fool?”


Everyone thought for a moment, then nodded deeply, “Makes sense.”


Everyone: “…” We don’t even know what expressions to put on!


Being scolded as a big fool in public, and being teased like that, the veins on Flashy Song’s forehead grew more and thicker. However, what he said was the truth, so he could not even object. He could only transfer his anger to the culprit who caused all that.


“Splendid Piece of Paper, you don’t have to act anymore. I was deceived by you before and it was indeed due to my blindness, but do you think I will trust you at this point?” Flashy Song looked at Liu Jinjin coldly, and the words he said were very ruthless.


Liu Jinjin was hurt by those words and took two steps back, almost unable to stand still, “Brother Flashy…”


“Don’t call me that, disgusting!” Flashy Song turned his head directly, unwilling to look at Liu Jinjin again, as if the person was a stain he could never erase. But, it was indeed the case.


That time, Liu Jinjin really cried due to sadness. Although she had deliberately approached Liu Feng and said some flirty words before, her heart was always on Flashy Song’s side, and she never had the slightest falsehood with him. She even thought about meeting and getting in touch with him further after she was done with Liu Feng’s matter.


However, now, the person she treated sincerely called her “disgusting” in such a hateful tone. With such a cold gaze, it seemed that her heart was being stepped on the ground and crushed.


Su Yu saw Liu Jinjin’s reaction in his eyes, but he sneered in his heart. While posing as the victim, she used similar or even more vicious methods to deal with other innocent people. Such a person was not worthy of sympathy at all.


In the original plot, the original character had a deep affection for Liu Jinjin, but he finally found out that all of that was just her vicious scheme, and the person he engraved in his heart was actually his half-sister. Compared with the current Liu Jinjin, he had to suffer a thousand times worse.


Su Yu sneered in his heart, but he said with a half-smile on his face, “Liu Jinjin, is there anything else you want to say? I really like to see you dying and struggling. Do you want to say something to make me happy?”


Those words were no difference from slapping Liu Jinjin’s face hard, making her feel that what she just did was a joke. Alas, she could not hide her vicious and jealous gazes and finally stared straight at Su Yu, as if she was looking at her enemy.


Su Yu looked back at Liu Jinjin very calmly, and said with contempt, “Although your appearance now is almost exposed, in order to satisfy you, I still plan to answer your dying struggle just now.”


As he said that, Su Yu released another enlarged picture, which clearly recorded Liu Jinjin’s real identity when she registered an account in the game, as well as the corresponding game ID and game nickname.


“Ahhh! I hate you!” Her last quibble was also ruthlessly exposed. Liu Jinjin finally gave a loud and uncontrollable scream as she knelt down covering her face.


The blind Flashy Song did not want to say anything at that time, but he still did not want to lower his arrogant head. After all, he was also the one who was deceived. The one who did the wrong thing was Liu Jinjin.


After thinking about it, Flashy Song raised his chin slightly and said, “I won’t ask any further about this matter again. And, I will take these people away with me.”


He implied that he would not care about her matters after knowing Liu Jinjin’s true face and Su Yu could do whatever he wanted.


Hearing that Liu Jinjin immediately burst into tears, choked up and said, “Brother… Flashy, how could you… treat me like this, I really… like you…”


Flashy Song’s brows were tightly frowned, “A vicious woman like you doesn’t deserve to like me.”


Such heartless words made Liu Jinjin fall to the ground, even making her forget to cry for a moment, “Flashy Song, how can you say that! Even if I did something wrong, I have always been sincere to you! I have given you advice and helped you recruit people into the gang. Have you forgotten all of these?! I really like you, how can you treat me like this?!”


However, in the face of Liu Jinjin’s complaint, Flashy Song just frowned more disgustedly, turned around and left without saying a word.


Su Yu was on cloud nine to watch the excitement, and when he saw that Flashy Song was about to leave, he said dissatisfiedly, “Did I allow you to leave?”


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